Describe a Situation When You Had to Meet a Tight Deadline? (With 7 Sample Interview Answers)

Deadlines are very important to any company which is concerned about its growth which almost all the companies are. Every organisation wants to be the best version of itself. Deadlines play a major role in impacting a company’s profit curve. This is because time management is the leading factor that drives a company’s success. You will always be engaged with challenging goals which have to be completed within a deadline.

Any working culture will put you under a deadline and keep you under pressure to extract the best out of the workplace. However, this technique does not always prove to be effective because people who cannot handle the workload might just resign from the job.

Describe a Situation When You Had to Meet a Tight Deadline

7 sample interview questions on how you can meet a tough Deadline

Herein, we will provide you with several tips and tricks about how you can answer how you can meet a tough deadline at work. We have given a total of 10 sample answers for the same question, you will have to answer based on your current situation. Below are some of them, have a look:

Sample Answer 1- Leading team and committed towards deadline

There was a time when I was got the opportunity for developing a mobile game app. Our competitors were also working towards the same project and also they had a bigger crew member than us. But I was stubborn enough to develop the game before they do. We were highly lagging behind the other team members during the initial days of the development.

However, I had opted for agile project management and we were able to motivate more than 5 people to work for more than 70 plus hours every week. Although we were a smaller team, the zeal towards winning against a big rival team kept us striving hard towards achieving our goal. There was a very thin line of difference between both the teams, but our dedication and hard work made us complete the release of the app before the other team did.

Sample Answer 2 – When you are not much experienced becuase you are a fresher

As a fresher, I do not possess much experience about this, to be honest. However, I have a similar situation which had happened in school. So, we were a group of three people who were working on the same project on Economics. Two of us had completed our respective part of the project, however, the third member could not finish it due to unavoidable circumstances.

I decided to take responsibility for his part without getting panicked because after all, it was a teamwork-based project. There was a lot to finish in just two days and I spent almost sleepless night for two consecutive days because I wanted our project to be the best of all. I was able to finish the project the night before my presentation and it went very well, more than what was expected.

Sample Answer 3 – Lesson that you learnt after missing the deadline

I used to be under the sales department in my last job. Due to certain unavoidable personal life circumstances, I could not make it through the target and could contribute only 40% of the desired volume of sales for that particular month. After this had happened, I was a bit down with my enthusiasm and motivation. The clients could understand from the tone of my voice, which I had realised when it was quite late.

I was not at all enthusiastic about my products that I had been, I used to make almost the same amount of calls that I did before, yet I missed out on my goals tremendously. I knew I was responsible for what has been happening and did not receive any incentive for that month. This was the time when I learnt a valuable lesson. Personal life and professional life is the two sides of the same coin and you cannot compromise with any of them. If you are mentally unstable, you can’t just make any sale. This time I was very serious about what I was doing and could smoothly achieve my goals.

Sample Answer 4 – Experienced in meeting deadlines on a daily basis

I had been in this field for the past 4 years of my job and this was my daily job. I was working as a purchasing agent there and I was held responsible for making orders which constituted ordering the accurate amount of commodities and supplies from the dealers just before 5 pm every day. However, there was a problem with the orders that were placed wherein to make the right amount of supplies, I received orders from the customers, for the day ahead.

There were some of the buyers who very relaxed with their plan of action who used to deliver just at the nick of the time. I took a step forward to talk to the buyers and explained to them the rules, but when they again did the same mistake, I decided to talk to their managers instead. This was an effective measure and after that, they never lag behind time.

Sample Answer 5 – Never experienced any such problem because I am sorted

To be honest, I never had to face any such situation in any of my jobs so far because I am very sorted and have quite good planning skills. I remember, that while I was a student at school and colleges, I never wait for the exam to knock at the door and start the preparation. Instead, I found studying throughout the year was a more effective technique to release stress during exams.

So, unlike other students who had to study the entire night without sleeping, I used to lay in my bed relaxed. I used to just revise one last time before the examination. Every work calls for some deadlines and at times work might stress us out. But I can ensure you that I am ready to work hard and I believe that my time management and planning skills will push me ahead in my life.

Sample Answer 6 – Planning and management helps in meeting deadlines

I have worked as an editor for the past year and quite adept at meeting deadlines. Some people used to send their articles just in the nick of the time, which were sometimes just one day before the publication. So, there used to be a huge pressure buildup and I had to work the entire night to send these articles to publications the next day within the specified time limit.

It used to be very hard work but I never let that control my energy and dedication towards doing that, because this was the traditional way via which the news channels worked. One of the core reasons to join your publishing company is that herein also we have to meet tough deadlines but can be effectively done via management and planning skills.

Sample Answer 7 – Work tirelessly and you will have your deadlines met

I used to work as a pizza maker at Domino’s. I think it is quite expected of a pizza maker to be faster than a pizza making machine. At the present moment, you will see the restaurant being empty and within no time, the restaurant is no less than a fish market. People expect you to serve their orders within seconds of placing the order.

This was all about my last job and I loved that adrenaline rush in me to make the best pizzas and serving them on time because the customer is king. In the process, I learnt how to not waste your time relaxing and striving towards your goal and eventually achieving it. I can work very fast meeting all the deadliness and hopes to find a better space in this company too.


So, as you are almost over with the article, you must have gained quite a good idea on Describe a situation when you had to meet a tight deadline. We have included a basic and comprehensive list of questions that are highly based on the tips and tricks on which you can meet tough deadlines, which is more of a case study type content.

You have to make sure that you are citing the right description that is relevant to the current situation of your job, otherwise, your application might get cancelled. Hope that this article has helped you in your preparation and accurate framing of answers and please let us know of the suggestions and how you liked the content in the comments section below.

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