Top 21 STAR Interview Questions In 2024 [With Answers]

A star is a celestial body found in outer space and has the ability to emit…… Oh! wait, I am not here to teach you about the properties of stars as heavenly objects, but I am certainly here to guide you on one of the hot topics for interview preparations that are also known as an S. T. A. R.

What Do You Mean By STAR In The Context Of Interview Preparation?

First of all, let us start with the full form, S. T. A. R stands for:

S: Situation

T: Task

A: Action

R: Response

An interview is a set of complex inter-related interview questions that have the ability to test your behavior, personality, and approach, besides testing your core fundamental knowledge. The STAR method is a widely used and followed method that enables the candidates to answer all the behavior-related interview questions with greater precision and accuracy.

STAR Interview Questions

Explanation Of The Four Elements Of STAR Method

STAR is comprised of four elements, which define the overall structure and formation of an answer. These elements are described hereunder:

Name of the elementsExplanation
SituationThe event or bottleneck or situation, which has been imposed and created by the interviewer
TaskThis element defines, “What ought to be done?” In every situation, there is a graded or ideal response. This element requires you to state the requisite responsibilities to be performed in the situation.
Action This element defines, “What you did?” There is a possibility that you missed your mark and performed below expectations. You need to share or define the real execution in this element.
Response This element defines, “What was the ultimate outcome?” For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Not me, Einstien said this, and I am just reiterating. In this element, you are required to share what ultimately happened after you gave a performance in that particular situation.
Table explaining the elements of the STAR method

When Can You Use The STAR Method?

The STAR method is a wonderful way of answering all the behavioral or situation-based interview questions. It not only gives you a perfect structure but also helps you to maintain a smooth flow, throughout your verbal communication. It is not less than a mathematics formula and can be perfectly applied with practice and repeated application.

21 Best Interview Questions To Answer Using STAR Method

1. How Did You Handle The Situation When You Were Late In The Office and More Files Came On Your Desks?

Sample Answer

I faced a similar situation during my previous tenure while working as an accountant. It was quite late in the office, and I was pretty tired too. But, immediately five lengthy files came onto my desk and I was suddenly heavily occupied. Still, I showed utmost commitment and executed them with the highest standards.

2. Describe A Situation When You Were Overburdened With Work In Your Office.

Sample Answer

I remember such an instance when I was working as a Marketing Assistant with a reputed business organization. Since I was at the lowest level in the organization, I had to perform several business tasks in a single day and I was completely overburdened. But, in my opinion, work is worship and I completed all the tasks by working late till midnight.

3. How Did You Handle The Situation When You Entered Into A Conflict With Your Colleagues?

Sample Answer

Sir, altercations, and arguments with colleagues are common things and I never take it to the heart. I faced this situation when I was working as an Intern, with a manufacturing business organization. I had different plans to produce a product, but my colleagues rejected them instantly without even giving heed. This irked me a bit, and soon we were into conflicts. But, I was not wrong, as all I wanted was to help my company.

4. Tell Me About A TIme When You Had To Sacrifice Your Paid Leave and Went For Work.

Sample Answer

Sir, I am a committed and loyal person, who always places its business organization above everything else. It was a national festival in my country, and I was working with a multinational corporation. Until late evening in the previous day, it was all clear that I will be given a paid leave and I am not supposed to work. But, an urgent task suddenly popped up, and my leave was canceled. Yet, I went there with the same enthusiasm and performed religiously.

5. Describe A Situation When You Gave An Unprepared Presentation.

Sample Answer

Sir, being in the corporate world, everything moves in a fast-forward manner. And such situations are quite normal. I remember, how I gave a presentation on the topic of “revenue growth” without any presentation at all. Just 20 minutes before the start of the presentation, I was handed the presentation file, and I just went through it hastily. Yet, owing to my noteworthy presentation skills, I gave a presentation that was impressive.

6. Tell Me About A TIme When You Took A Leave Without Informing Your Senior.

Sample Answer

Sir, I faced such a situation, while working as an administrative officer. It was a really urgent personal matter, as my daughter was high on fever. I was terrified and worried, which prompted me to immediately leave the office, without informing anyone. I hope you can understand my position at that time. The very next day, I sincerely apologized to my senior.

7. Describe A Situation When You Completely Changed Your Approach At The Last Moment.

Sample Answer

Sir, business organizations operate in a dynamic environment, which constantly changes due to a variety of factors. In the same fashion, nothing is constant for the employees as well. I remember, when I changed an advertisement campaign completely because of a recent government restriction so that we remain compliant with the law.

8. Tell Me About A TIme When You Had To Change Your Priorities.

Sample Answer

Sir, it was during my previous tenure, when I made a plan to perform the tasks on the basis of their time consumption. That is performing lengthy tasks at first. But, all of a sudden I was given three new tasks, with an urgent priority. So, I changed my priorities and accommodated those new tasks. I performed them first and then moved on to my older routine.

9. How Did You Handle The Situation When You Were Required To Perform The Tasks Of Your Team Members?

Sample Answer

Sir, business organizations prefer to work in a team setup because of enhanced productivity. When any of the members of a team is absent, the work automatically gets distributed to all the remaining team members. I have been into such a situation many times, and have even performed tasks of three members all by myself.

10. Describe A Situation When You Did Not Meet Your Deadlines.

Sample Answer

Sir, every employee tries to work to the best of his or her abilities and meet the deadlines. Yet, there are a few exceptional circumstances that lead to the overall delay. I was stuck in a similar situation last year while working with my current organization. I was not able to meet my deadline, because I was terribly ill and felt sick at all times. It was a genuine reason and not an excuse, hence, my organization also supported me.

11. Tell Me About A TIme When You Confronted A Disgruntled Customer.

Sample Answer

Sir, customers are the kings and the very basic reason for the existence of business organizations. I have confronted disgruntled customers so many times, during my entire career. Every time I face such a situation, I always prefer to, first of all, use my active listening skills, and understand the root cause of the problem. Then try to eliminate it, using my critical thinking abilities and knowledge.

12. Describe A Situation When You Were Supposed To Perform A Challenging Task At A Very Short Deadline.

Sample Answer

Working in a fast-paced business environment is always challenging and sometimes poses some really hard issues in front of you. I remember, when I was working as a software engineer with my previous employer, I had to develop the user manual of a newly launched software, within 7 days, when the industry average was of 15 days. This was really challenging, yet I tried and was able to complete it 1 day before the deadline.

13. How Did You Handle The Situation When You Had To Work With Minimal Guidance and Supervision?

Sample Answer

Sr, there have been several such instances during my entire tenure working as a sales representative. Yet, I would like to share one specific event. It was in the early times of my career when I had to acquire a customer, by preparing an effective sales pitch. Since I was quite fresh back then, I knew nothing about the sales pitch. Yet, I accepted the challenge, and using the help of online resources, I prepared a speech, which was close to perfect.

14. Tell Me About A TIme When You Were Not Satisfied With Your Performance At The Workplace.

Sample Answer

There are various instances when a dedicated employee feels guilty and unsatisfied with his or her performance at the workplace. I have felt the same way, quite a few times in my career. During my previous tenure, while working on a project, I made a few decisions, which I thought could have been taken after some more research, investigation, and experimentation.

15. Describe A Situation When You Used At Least Two Of Your Interpersonal Skills Simultaneously.

Sample Answer

Interpersonal skills, such as empathy, effective communication, leadership, adaptability, etc, are used in combination with one another. I remember how during my previous tenure I was supposed to guide a batch of freshers, and I used empathy, communication, and leadership to effectively demonstrate the working of our company. I was able to produce some stellar performance and all the freshers were quite impressed.

16. Share A Situation When You Failed In Your Efforts At Your Workplace.

Sample Answer

Success is not a guarantee, and I completely understand this fact. While working during my previous tenure, I was deployed to execute a particular project related to marketing. I designed an effective marketing campaign, after identifying the needs and wants of the target group along with using some of the best social media techniques. However, still I failed miserably, and the entire expenditure went into the trash. We all learn from our mistakes, and I did the same with greater diligence.

17. Describe A Real Situation When You Had To Face Several Business Tasks.

Sample Answer

Sir, it is common for business organizations to assign multiple tasks that need to be executed in a single working day. During my previous tenure, while working as a finance manager, on a particular day, I had to prepare four balance sheets, audit at least ten accounts, and prepare three trial balances. This was really hectic and burdensome to do in a single day. Yet, being a committed employee, I never quit and performed all the tasks on the basis of my developed prioritization technique.

18. Tell Me About A TIme When You Multi-Tasked.

Sample Answer

Multi-tasking is a common requirement for business organizations nowadays, and I have faced such a situation multiple times in my career. In order to complete all my tasks in a time-bound manner, I always rank and prioritize them on the basis of their difficulty levels. The tasks which are tough to perform are always executed by me at the beginning of the shift, only to be followed by the tasks that are easy and not that tough.

19. Describe A Time When You Had To Perform A Task and You Knew Nothing About It.

Sample Answer

Working for a corporate is always exciting and thrilling as you tend to face multiple business challenges that are tricky to perform. During my previous tenure, I was asked to prepare a graphics design of an advertising placard, when I did not have that skill and had never performed anything like that in my entire career. Still, since I was looked upon with faith and trust, I accepted the challenge. I looked for a few informative online videos and learned the skill. Post this, I applied it and delivered an impressive design.

20. Share The Moments When You Worked Under Severe Stress and Handled It Effectively.

Sample Answer

Stress management is a common requirement of business organizations. Every employee ought to develop some effective strategies to fight stress and frustration. I faced a similar situation last year while working with my current organization. It was a lean period for us, and there was constant downsizing. Amidst all this, I had to work on several challenging tasks, some of which were literally out of my domain. I was really feeling stressed, but I handled it, as I had a superior concentration level and focus. Alongside this, I used to do deep-breathing exercises twice every day, which kept me calm and composed.

21. Tell Me About A TIme When You Were Heavily Criticised By Your Boss.

Sample Answer

Negative feedbacks and criticisms are common to face at workplaces. Some might take them in a negative way but in my opinion, only by acting upon criticisms and plugging out the loopholes and weaknesses present in your working, can an individual succeed. I faced such a situation during my internship days with a reputed business organization. I was heavily criticized for the way I had developed software, without properly understanding the client’s needs and requirements. I quickly realized my mistake, and not even a single day has passed since then, that I had not understood the client’s requirements in-depth.


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