What Are Your Salary Expectations? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

It will not be wrong to say that salary is a major factor that influences an individual to work for the organization and work hard. It is for this reason, common for interviewers to ask about the salary expectations of the candidates in the interview round itself.

It is advised from our side that the candidates share their expectations only after conducting thoughtful and serious research wherein they must focus on the salary received by similar professionals working in a similar industry. By extending any random or arbitrary salary figure, you would lose out your respect and would be termed as a less serious candidate.

What Are Your Salary

Three Tips To Effectively Answer This Question

1) You Can Give An Indefinite Response

When asked about your salary expectations you do not have to always share a salary bracket with your interviewer. Rather, you can respond in the following manner:

  • My expectations are identical to those working in a similar role
  • I am flexible and would be happy whatever the company extends me
  • I am eligible for getting salary which the normal market offers me
  • Anything as per my educational qualification and level of experience, etc.

By responding in such a manner, you would save yourself from the risk of extending an incorrect salary figure. Further, you would also increase your selection chances as you would most probably be on the same page as your employer.


There is a big drawback to following this method. This method restricts your ability to negotiate. Once you say, that you are flexible and would be happy/satisfied with whatever the company offers, you lose the right to negotiate. Starting conversations relating to the negotiation of salary post saying this, would seem that you are a confused individual and do not even value your own words.

2) Share A Well Researched Salary Bracket

The best way to answer this question would probably be to conduct efficient market research and obtain a reasonable salary figure. Post this, you are free to share this salary with your interviewer. It is always advisable to share a salary bracket instead of sharing an exact salary figure as this gives your more margin and liberty.


Sometimes it is tough to give a salary bracket. In case your salary bracket is too high or even too low from the median salary offered for a similar job profile, you might hurt your selection chances. If you are unable to conduct any meaningful research, follow the flexibility route and be willing to accept whatever the company offers.

3) Never Seem Adamant

If your salary offer is genuine and based on good research then there are high chances that you will get your expected salary with a variation of plus/minus 10%. In this era of strict competition and fewer jobs, you are advised to expect an offer even with a negative variation up to 20% of your expected salary. Hence, always mention in your answer, that you are flexible too and not at all adamant.

Ten Best Sample Answers To Study

Sample Answer One

Being an industry veteran with experience of more then 10 years, I believe, I am eligible to receive anything between $50,000 to $80,000 per month. However, I am not at all adamant and very adaptive to situations. I am open for variations too.

Sample Answer Two

Sir, I have done extensive research wherein I have noticed that the salary offered for a similar role to professionals working in a similar industry is anything between $80,000 to $100,000 per month. I am expecting the same salary with an acceptable variation of plus/minus 10%. However, I am really interested to work for this organization, hence I am flexible too.

Sample Answer Three

I believe the conversations regarding salary expectations are not worthy for an employee and an employee must be satisfied with whatever the company is offering. It must be noticed that every popular and successful organization knows the knack of satisfying its employees and offers an optimal salary, Hence, I am open and willing to accept whatever the company offers me.

Sample Answer Four (For Freshers)

Since I am a fresh college graduate and this is my first job application, I believe I am not in a position to negotiate or even share a figure related to my salary expectations. I am still in the learning mode and at very nascent stage in my career. I am pretty much attracted towards this organization and wish to work for it in whatever compensation and incentives this organization offers me.

Sample Answer Five

Sir, It would be pretty naive for me to give you a figure related to my salary expectations. I am comfortable working with the salary that the organization offers me. However, I am not underprepared and do have a salary bracket in my mind which is $50,000 to $65,000. Further, this is not a random figure but is based on good and extensive market research.

Sample Answer Six

I am open to accepting anything that a professional with my level of education, work experience, and skill set is offered. I do not have any salary bracket in my mind, rather, I am willing to evaluate and select the option that is offered to me by my organization. I am not at all adamant and want to work for this prestigious organization. Looking forward to kicking start.

Sample Answer Seven

Sir, I am well prepared for this question and do have a salary figure in my mind. I am expecting anything between $90,000 to $120,000 of monthly payments. This figure is based on diligent market research. However, I am still open to negotiation.

Sample Answer Eight

Working in this organization has been my dream since my college days. I feel proud to attend this interview process in the first place and want to say that I am flexible and open to accepting the median salary. This organization has a reputation to satisfy its employees adequately and I am looking forward to relying on this argument.

Sample Answer Nine

I am grateful for this question. Sir, I expect anything between $50,000 to $75,000 for the duties and tasks to be performed in this job. This salary bracket is based on my market research, my skill set, my educational background, and my work experience. Being a flexible and accommodating employee, I am willing to work for this company and would love to negotiate.

Sample Answer Ten

Sir, In order to answer this question, I would first like to state that, I am a cooperative, committed, and loyal person who seriously wants to work for this esteemed organization. Further, I have done my homework and market research based on which I would like to state $45,000 to $60,000 as my expected salary bracket. Being flexible, I am not at all adamant and very much open to negotiating.


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