Why Are You Interested In This Position? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

An interview is a set of several questions designed in a thoughtful manner so as to evaluate your personality, body language, and behavioral aspects. This is a common interview question and is asked in the interview process for various positions across the world. Hence, it is necessary and pivotal to prepare hard for this question in a serious manner. Referring to and studying the sample answers to this question is the best way to complete your preparation for this question. A well-structured and logical answer not only increases your selection chances but also gives you an edge over the other candidates.

Why Are You Interested In This Position

Three Tips To Efficiently Answer This Question

1) Focus On Perquisites

Salaries, perquisites, and other benefits such as insurance or maternity benefits always attract an individual towards a particular job. This is the primary reason where people tend to shift from their high-paying job to lower-paying jobs offering superior perquisites. If such additional benefits motivate you to join a position, you are free to extend a genuine response involving these items.

2) Duties Match Your Skills

It is a common habit of the interviewers to issue a job description beforehand. You are advised to go through that description thoroughly and seriously. Post a careful analysis, you will be in a position to know whether you have the capability, talent, and caliber to perform those duties. If yes, just respond in a similar tone.

3) Attraction Towards Company Rather Than Position

A superior job offered by an inconsequential company is dull in front of a simple job offered by a highly reputable and profitable company. Sometimes, it is the organization and its brand name that attracts you towards a position advertised instead of the duties to be performed in the position. Whatever the case may be, you are expected to give a genuine and honest reply. If you are more impressed by the organization instead of the position, there is no harm in sharing the same as long as you are honest and genuine.

Ten Best Sample Answers To Study

Sample Answer One

Being a career-oriented and motivated person who always wants to proceed further in life, I am always in search of good corporates that have the ability to grant me excellent growth opportunities. I believe, the investments made by this organization in its employees and the managerial positions offered are too much to ask for and this satisfies all my needs to the core. This prompts me to work for this prestigious organization.

Sample Answer Two

To be honest, not only the salary but also the incentives offered by the company are very lucrative and enticing. I have done extensive market research in regards to salaries offered by other companies working in a similar industry. I believe, you are far above your peers and value the talent of your employees by compensating them adequately. Further, I am in love with the infrastructure offered by the company.

Sample Answer Three

After going through the job description issued by the hiring manager, I believe the duties expected by the organization match my skillset in a complete manner. I have the ability to perform those duties with ease. This makes me a perfect match for this vacancy and improves my selection chances considerably. Further, around 75% of the duties are related to the tasks performed by me during my previous stint.

Sample Answer Four

I have always been a nomadic or gypsy kind of person who loves to travel at various locations not only for tourism but also for work. This position offers chances of completing long overseas projects as well as on-site projects. This motivates me to work in this position, as I believe such overseas tours not only adds value to your resume but also help you to garner huge work experience.

Sample Answer Five

The position offered by the company is senior to the position at which I was working in my previous stint. I believe, this position has the ability to offer me a higher salary as well as recognition from my peers. In addition to this, the tasks to be performed in this position would vastly improve my skill set and knowledge, which will ultimately help me in career advancement.

Sample Answer Six

This is a special job wherein I will be dealing with the general public. I have always been fond of communicating with people while performing my official duties. In addition to this, the infrastructure offered by the organization to its employees is commendable and I am deeply impressed with the level of technologies adopted by the company for this position. Modern technology will make me futuristic and would enhance my level of I.T expertise.

Sample Answer Seven

My primary reason for joining this position is the learning skills on offer. This is a wonderful job wherein I will be able to learn new skills, procedures and methods that would profoundly help me to enhance my knowledge base as well as interpersonal skills, both of which are mandatory to succeed in this world of cut throat competition.

Sample Answer Eight

I have gone through the modus operandi or procedures followed by the organization in order to complete the tasks to be performed under this position. In my humble opinion, those are quite unique and technologically advanced. Further, the work culture maintained by the company by implementing strict rules and punishments against harassment as well as ragging of employees entices me to work for this company.

Sample Answer Nine

Since the hiring is for a managerial position, this job has the ability to improve my leadership as well as communication skills which would help me immensely in advancing my career. Further, the organization itself is quite a big name in the market and holds maximum market share. Working for an organization like this would enhance the value of my resume manifolds and will make me eligible to fetch a higher salary after considerable work experience.

Sample Answer Ten

A perfect salary, flexible timings, and close proximity of the office to my house, along with skill-enhancing duties and tasks to be performed, make this position attractive and lucrative to me. Further, it has been mentioned in the job description itself, that I have the liberty to work from home as well. This further satisfies me and prompts me to apply for this position, which is versatile as well as flexible.


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