Top 21 Veterinary Technician Interview Questions In 2024 [With Answers]

We all love our pets. Their playful nature helps us to stay positive and energetic. Sometimes the bond developed is so deep and engaging that we try to keep them happy, hygienic and healthy. For this we need the services of a veterinary doctor who is an expert in the field of caring and treating illnesses sustained by our pets. A veterinary doctor is assisted by a technician who helps and assist the doctor in performing day to day activities and operations. Such technicians are well compensated and are provided lucrative benefits for the services provided by them.

Veterinary Technician Interview Questions

Best 21 Questions To Study

1) Why Street Dogs Do Not Feel Sick?

As we all know, street dogs, tend to drink dirty water, live in unhygienic conditions, and eat less frequent meals, they are supposed to get sick. But they just do not feel out of colors at any point in their life due to such a lack of basic amenities. You must be aware of the reason of the same.

Sample Answer

Street dogs live in conditions that are far too worst when compared to a household dog. They have to face harsh weather, eat leftover meals and sleep on hard surfaces. All such harsh conditions have the capacity to increase and raise their immunity levels to a great extent. Along with this, they just travel a lot and during this journey, they step their paws on several stones and hard objects. This helps them to enjoy the benefits of acupuncture, which is a proven medical therapy for humans as well as animals.

2) Name A Few Toxic Foods For Canines?

Being a veterinary technician, you are expected to have complete knowledge about the various foods that can be harmful and toxic for pet animals.

Sample Answer

Sir, there are various foods that contribute negatively to the health of such speechless animals, such as:

Name of foodsReason
Onion and garlicCan cause gastrointestinal problems in pets and can damage their red blood cells.
ChocolatesContains theobromine, which can lead to kidney failure.
AlcoholA strict no. Can cause nausea, intoxication, and damage to the central nervous system.

3) How Do You Handle Situations Of Emotional Exhaustion?

Compassion fatigue is a common problem affecting veterinary doctors and their technicians in large numbers. Long working hours with sick animals, can exhaust you mentally, physically as well as emotionally. You are expected to overcome all such issues during your tenure.

Sample Answer

To be honest, I completely understand the severity of the issue. Compassion fatigue is a common issue among vets and technicians. However, it is nothing but human emotion and like all the emotions this too can be regulated and controlled and one can overcome this shortcoming. I always maintain a positive and jolly atmosphere around me try to remain in constant touch with positive people. I have also joined a few online courses, preaching the power of positivity and the power of a strong human mind.

4) What Type Of Dog Virus Is Contagious? Explain Any One.

This question tests your grip on the core concepts of pet treatment and assistance.

Sample Answer

There is a virus with the name, Dog Parvo Virus. This is a highly contagious virus and attacks the intestinal system of canines as well as humans when transmitted. It could be transmitted through, stools, clothing, bowls, collars, and even equipment used by the infected dog. Some common symptoms found in a dog are Bloody diarrhea, Fever, and vomiting.

5) Name And Explain In Brief A Common Cat Illness?

This question tests your grip on the core concepts of pet treatment and assistance.

Sample Answer

Sir, there is a common virus that attacks cats of almost all ages, which is the Herpes Virus. It is also known as feline viral rhinotracheitis (FVR). This virus is not contagious and can happen only in cats both domestic as well as wild.

6) Which Is The Most Weird Pet You Have Ever Encountered?

This is a tricky question, though it may sound pretty simple and easy to answer. Being in a profession related to pets, you are expected to have a high level of sympathy and patronage towards pets of all kinds. You in no manner can criticize or disgust any particular animal. Hence always answer in a positive tone.

Sample Answer

Sir, In my humble opinion, there is nothing like a weird pet. Pet dogs, cats, rabbits, or maybe even a parrot, are speechless and too naive to be weird. There every activity is an act of innocence and they are ever-playful like a toddler. They spread immense positive energy and even have the ability to judge humans’ negative emotions. I simply, love pets and this is the primary reason for my joining this wonderful role.

7) How Do You Collect Blood, Urine, and Stool Samples Of Pet Animals?

It is a common requirement and almost all the employers expect you to perform the same.

Sample Answer

For Urine, I insert a needle into the bladder, that passes the abdominal wall. Post this, urine is extracted. For blood, simply a vein can be ruptured. And for stool, we give a zip lock bag to our clients, wherein they are told to bring fresh stool samples, not older than 4 to 6 hours, for evaluation purposes.

8) Is Your Position Inferior To A Full-Fledged Veterinary Doctor?

This is a tricky question. Answers to this question would help an interviewer to judge your commitment and loyalty towards your profession.

Sample Answer

I believe no. Every duty and task holds its own relevance and importance. Being a veterinary technician, I am a direct help to the doctor and I suppose, without us, doctors would not be able to perform and execute their duties in an efficient manner. Further, all the ancillary tasks are managed by us, which allows the doctors to lay focus and concentration on primary tasks. No job in this world is low, and mine has a huge relevance too.

9) How Do You Handle A Scared Animal?

Animals tend to get nervous and afraid, at even the sight of a clinic. Scared and anxious animals are a threat to medical staff as well as other customers. Technicians are required to calm them down and handle them properly.

Sample Answer

Any scared pet, if unattended, can become a serious threat by running amuck and biting anonymously. It is a common practice to hold such pets with care and tie them so that they are not able to move. Then owners can be brought to console and make them feel comfortable. If they are still feeling high adrenaline levels, a shot of anesthesia is preferred for the safety of everyone present in the clinic.

10) What Is The Scientific Name For Dog, Cat, and A Horse?

This question tests your factual knowledge.

Sample Answer

These are:

Name of the animalsScientific names
CatFelis Catus
DogCanis Familiaris
HorseEquus Caballus

11) What Motivates You To Work?

An answer to this question gives an insight into your mind.

Sample Answer

Being a middle-class person with high dreams and a desire to live an adorable lifestyle, I have an urge to earn money. I work so that I could give myself as well as my family a good standard of living with enough food to eat and adequate clothing to wear. This is my primary motivation. Further, I must not be treated or considered as a mercenary or a greedy person.

12) What Are The Various Warning Signs Of A Dog?

This question tests your knowledge and understanding of the core concepts of a technician involved in pet care.

Sample Answer

The dog is the most common pet and accounts for almost 60% of the total household pets. There are various signs, that a customer must notice to judge if their beloved pet is under the weather, such as:

  • An abrupt change in eating habits
  • Frequent passing of stools
  • Lower energy levels
  • Change in coat color, etc.

13) How Will You Handle A Vomiting Dog?

This question tests your knowledge of the practical working procedures.

Sample Answer

In such a case, I would advise my client to stop giving any food to the dog for the next 12 to 24 hours, depending on the frequency and duration of vomits. Further, water must be given at regular intervals. If there is diarrhea accompanying vomit, then I would advise the dog owner to pay a visit to the clinic immediately. If he or she confirms, I would note the appointment and inform the doctor.

14) What Is Canine Depression?

Just like humans, pets also, have emotions, which sometimes are too strong for them to control. This might lead them into depression and anxiety. Being a technician, you are expected to be aware of such states and moods of the pets.

Sample Answer

It refers to a situation in which a pet is simply upset and monotonous. It will not eat properly, walk properly, and would show lower energy levels accompanied by profound sadness and lethargy. It happens due to several reasons such as:

  • Shifting to a new home
  • Unpleasant weather
  • Passing away or serious illness of the owner
  • Depressed owner
  • Major renovations in the house, etc.

15) When Can You Start?

This is a common interview question, wherein you are expected to share your expected date of joining. This question in no way guarantees your selection, and hence you are advised to keep your emotions in control.

Sample Answer

  • If You Are Employed: Sir, I am currently working with ABC Veterinary Clinic and am yet to serve them a notice. I will give them the notice in a few days, as I am desperate for a job change. Post that, it would take around 12 days to get my relieving letter. Adding two days of the buffer. I confirm (____mention your date of joining_____) as my joining date.
  • If You Are Fresher/Unemployed: Since I have no prior commitments and no pending obligations to fulfill, I have the ability to join the organization immediately.

16) How Will You Give Bad News To A Customer?

The life of doctors are tough, no matter they treat humans or their pets. The level of emotions involved in cases of death, serious illness, or an incurable disease are almost similar. Being a veterinary technician you are expected to provide some negative news to your clients. Hence you are expected to be mentally strong and emotionally balanced.

Sample Answer

People simply love their pets. The bond is much stronger when they grow with them. Negative news in relation to pets tends to upset them a lot and might lead to depression-like situations. If I am supposed to give any such news to a customer of mine, I always first console him or her by saying that, death and life are in the hands of the almighty and we humans have absolutely no control over it. Your relation and karmic accounts with your beloved pet are settled and nothing is left to be executed. May your pet rest in peace.

17) Why Should We Hire You?

This is a common interview question in which you are expected to share some of the unique abilities that stand you out and gives you an edge over the rest of the candidates.

Sample Answer

Sir, being a hard-working, gritty, and quick learner individual, I have the ability to produce some high-quality pieces of work, due to a superior and adept grip on my core principles and subjects. Further, I am a physically fit and emotionally balanced individual, who always wants to contribute to my organization with a self-initiative attitude and mindset. Once hired, I can prove to be an asset to the company and help you achieve great heights.

18) Why You Left Your Last Job?

This is a tricky question, through which your interviewer judges your mindset and personality, in addition to your workplace ethics.

Sample Answer

To be frank, my last job was a mess and I was not able to create harmony and rapport with my boss. The primary reason for this was allocating tasks out of my job description and my knowledge. I was sometimes tasked to treat a sick dog or cat, without any supervision and guidance. This was too risky, as I am a technician and not a qualified veterinary doctor. When I used to refuse, there had to be a significant pay cut in my salary in addition to some serious scoldings. This prompted me to leave the job and move over.

19) Have You Applied With Our Rivals?

It is a common interview question and you are advised to reply in an honest way. Every interviewer knows that candidates apply to a large number of vacancies simultaneously in order to improve their chances of selection. Hence, say a no, only if you have genuinely not applied anywhere else.

Sample Answer

To be honest, Yes sir, I have applied with two other institutions as well. One is a small clinic near my place of residence, with a good and increasing customer base. The next one is a corporate, designed as a multi-service setup, offering a wide variety of medical services as well as catering to the food and grooming needs of the pets. Further, I am very much excited and enthusiastic to work at your place due to the presence of superior and modern technologies along with a lucrative salary.

20) What Are The Best Things Your Friends Say About You?

This is just another version of “What are your biggest strengths?”. Through this question, an interviewer wants to know your level of self-awareness. This question must be answered after conducting careful scrutiny of the self.

Sample Answer

I have several friends and everyone has a different opinion about me. But since you are asking about the best comments, I would certainly pick two. My best friend says that I am very sincere about my career and always find ways to improve myself in order to achieve career advancement. Next, I remember, once a classmate of mine told me, that, I am a calm and composed person who never loses my temper and always maintains my calm nature, no matter how tough the situations are.

21) Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

Be it a job related to any medical profession or any engineering profession, be it related to sales or accounting, it is a common and usual habit of the interviewers to ask this question at the fag end of an interview session. This requires you to ask a few questions from your interviewer related to the job description, duties to be performed, queries regarding the organization, etc. You can base your questions on the below-mentioned sample questions:

Sample Questions

  • What are the work timings of the job?
  • What is the organization’s policy in regards to overtime and extra working hours?
  • Is the medical gear provided by the company free of cost?
  • What are the various allowances extended by the organization to its employees?
  • Is there a service for on-site medical treatment of pets?
  • Does the company extends and covers its medical insurance facility to its family members?

Download the list of questions in .PDF format, to practice with them later, or to use them on your interview template (for Veterinary Technician interviews):

Veterinary Technician Questions


In this modern world, there has been a substantial increase in the adoption and buying rates of pets. Almost every household nowadays, owns a pet, most commonly, dogs and cats. With such a tremendous increase in pet care, there has also been a substantial demand for the services of a veterinary. If you have relevant skills and interests then opting for the role of a veterinary technician is a superb choice. If you like our articles then don’t forget to share them with your family and friends. Also, do let us know through the comments section below, how much you like our articles.


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