Top 21 Bike Courier Interview Questions In 2024 [With Answers]

We all are very familiar with the word courier since the majority of the people in today’s world shop online rather than walking on the streets and buying stuff. The Bike courier or bike messengers are those people who are hired to perform deliveries to the customer.

The customer would prefer a Bike courier to save the parcel which may have any gift, medicines, documents, etc from being damaged while it is on its way to be delivered.

The interviewer will be very careful while selecting any candidate. There comes a huge responsibility along with the job.

Some most common and frequently asked questions are listed down below.

The most important attributes of the candidate that the HR may focus on are-

  1. The candidate should be well versed with traffic rules, regulations, and road safety.
  2. The candidate should be enthusiastic and also should have good physical stamina.
  3. The communication skills should be polite and pleasant because it is very important to communicate with the customers.

The candidates with low Problem-solving skills, bad communication skills, and low energy have very less chances to be hired.

Bike Courier Interview Questions

Top 21 Bike Courier Interview Questions To Speed Up The Selection

1. Tell me something about yourself.

 Keep your introduction very brief and exact. Share your hobbies and interests too but it should not be lengthy.

Sample Answer

I am _____ residing in ______. I have completed my high schooling from ____

I have completed my graduation from __.

Right now I am doing my master’s from a distance so I want to work as well as complete my studies. Some of my hobbies and interests are playing football and listening to music. Thank you.

2. How do you make sure that the parcels will not be damaged on their way to being delivered?

With this question, the interviewer is checking the problem-solving skill of the candidate as well as the precautions taken.

Sample Answer 

To ensure that the parcels reach safely to the owner, I would be extra careful while I’m on the road. I would be responsible enough to not meet any accidents or to misplace any package.

I would check the packages before leaving the office.

3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

 Be frank with the answer.

Sample Answer 

Talking about my strengths I am a person who loves being punctual. I believe in hard work and being honest with my work and with the people around me. Talking about my weakness, I take time to adjust to new people and environment but I can assure you I will work on it with more honesty.

4. Why should we hire you for the job?

 Do not answer ” because I’m really in need of a job, or you need not explain about the financial issues”

Sample Answer 

The company offers services that somewhere align with my educational background. I can assure you that my passion for the work and my understanding of the job will for sure make me a good fit for this job.

5. How would you deal with the customers who may be rude to you?

The interviewer may be checking your problem-solving skill as well as a communication skill. It is a very common issue which many people in this job may face. One out of five customers may be rude at times due to various reasons.

Sample Answer 

I can understand that it is a very common issue of meeting up with rude customers at times but I believe the communication between us will play a key role. I would be polite and would ask him or her to explain the issue. Then I would make sure to solve it to the extent that I can. Sir, I believe politeness wins an aggressive argument. 

6. Do you have a driving license?

Sample Answer 

Yes, I do have a driving incense of my own and I am fully aware of how important it is to be carried while driving. 

7. How much experience do you have in this field?

Sample Answer 

 I am a fresher. I just completed my studies and now I completely feel the importance of being financially independent, that is the reason why I’m applying for this job

8. Let me give you a scenario, what would you do if you are getting late for delivery? Will you prefer breaking the traffic rules or will you choose to face the consequence after reaching late?

Sample Answer 

If I would face such an incident then no doubt I would follow the traffic rules. I would apologize to the customer and would try my best to convince but I won’t choose a faster delivery above the traffic rules.

9. While you are on your bike, what would be the first thing you would check?

Sample Answer 

The first thing that I would check as soon as I get on the bike would be my helmet and then my necessary documents including my license, etc.

10. Are you planning to do the job for a longer period or temporarily?

Sample Answer 

I would neither call it permanent nor temporary because I would be working for the company as long as I don’t feel the urge to resign due to some valid reason.

11. Why do we think we should hire you as a fresher?

Sample Answer 

As a fresher, I am flexible to any work environment and open to learning new things and applying them to my work.

12. Why did you choose our company to work for?

Sample Answer 

This company offers the learning, skills, and experiences that would be very helpful for me, and also I would be an asset to your company. As a fresher, I would be adaptive to any new learning and would adjust well to any new changes made. 

13. How well can you handle pressures?

Sample Answer 

No matter how stressful the situation gets I am sure that I would thrive to work under pressure. I would make sure to get the job done even if it seems quite difficult to have it done. I am sure of my mental strength that I would be able to be patient enough to convince my customer, to deal with delays in the delivery to some stressful situation.

14. If you are hired today, how long would you want to work with us?

Sample Answer 

I don’t see any specific answer to it. I would be more than happy to work with the company as long as we both are satisfied and happy with the performance.

15. How would you handle a situation where you get stuck in heavy traffic?

Sample Answer 

As said, Honesty is the best policy, if I get into such a situation I would prefer calling my customers and informing them about the delay due to traffic instead of having them wait and annoying them.

16. How many hours can you work?

Sample Answer 

I can work from 10 pm to 2 pm. This timing would be very appropriate for me.

17. What do you think of delivering the parcels on a rainy day or a cold day?

Sample Answer 

I think the weather should not affect my work life. I should be responsible enough to know my responsibilities no matter what the day looks like. The packages need to be delivered so I would prefer wearing appropriate clothes and getting on with my job. Wearing warmer clothes during the windy cold days would be helpful and wearing some waterproof jackets, boots, pants, raincoats, etc would be helpful during rainy days.

 18. Describe yourself in five words.

Sample Answer 

It’s quite tough to describe me in five words, but I will try to answer it. I would describe myself as Responsible, hardworking,  friendly,

Patient and energetic.

19. Do you have your bike?

Sample Answer 

Yes, I do own a bike of my own and that is an advantage to me. It is also one of the aspects for me to choose this company to work for. 

20. What do you think of working on weekends?

Sample Answer 

In my opinion, I would prefer to work on the weekends once or twice a month.  Alternate shifts would be very helpful instead of a continuous shift for the same person.

21. When would you join the job if you get selected today?

Sample Answer 

I am ready to join the company as soon as I can. I am completely okay with getting into the company immediately. 

The sooner the better. I would be very happy to join the company.

All the best for your interview. We wish you success and prosperity for your life ahead. 


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