21 Table Games Dealer Interview Questions in 2024 (with Answers)

Table Games Dealer Jobs is one of the interesting jobs for people who love these games. Table Game Dealers are supposed to operate the gaming tables at licensed halls. 

People interested in this field have to take a lot of training to be fit for this job. People planning to give interviews for the same are required to have excellent mathematical skills and confidence.  Being able to work at night and having good communication skills to be able to communicate effectively is also required.

The interview consists of a good number of questions and candidates are required to give detailed answers. They won’t appoint any random person as a games dealer. 


Top 21 Table Games Dealer Questions To Deal With Tough Interviewers

1. What makes you the right fit for this position?

Sample Answer

I believe that I am an appropriate choice for your casino dealer position because I possess the required skills. My four years of experience as a table dealer have helped me learn a set of valuable skills that are required in this profession. I would love to bring my best for your business and I think my experience would help me achieve the goals.

2. How did you learn about the openings?

Sample Answer

I learned about the openings from my friend, as I have been in this profession for quite some time now I have a lot of friends. 

We all discuss our career goals and all the opportunities that are there in the market for us to grow.

3. Describe your tactics for de-escalating a situation?

Sample Answer

I think customers are the primary element in every business and without them, the business cannot succeed. I believe happy customers are an asset to the business and always want to make things simple for them.

 In my previous role also, I have helped in de-escalating an angry customer. In such situations, they always try to remain calm and listen to my customer. When I talked to the customer, he told me that due to a price hike he was upset and was not willing to spend that much money. 

I politely told him the reason for the rise in prices and much to our surprise he spend the money.

4. What are the duties of a table games dealer?

Sample Answer

• Receiving and managing the Casino chips.

• Overseeing all the functions of gaming.

• Greeting the customers in a friendly manner.

• Distributing cash chips to the customers.

• Announcing the start of the round and taking bets.

5. How do you foster positive customer experiences while dealing cards?

Sample Answer

I think our attitude towards things matters and helps to set a positive environment. I believe, always having a smile on my face helps me foster positive customer experiences while dealing with the cards.

6. What qualities do you think are important to be a good games dealer?

Sample Answer

I believe it is not as easy a profession as it might seem to be. One must have excellent communication skills, good customer service skills for being able to deal with customers effectively. 

Having a good mental ability to perform mental calculations along with a polite and friendly attitude, is what is required for this position. A person having all these qualities is likely to succeed in this profession.

7. What is your long-term career plan?

Sample Answer

I am someone who tries to plan everything. My long-term career plans include being a Games Dealer in all the various forms of games. 

I also want to be excellent in my field of profession as I wish to be an asset for every firm or organization that I am working in.

8. What is the importance of time in your life?

Sample Answer

I am a person who does everything on time. I have a fixed schedule for everything and I work accordingly. I believe working systematically has always helped me. I am used to that and always recommend others to do so. 

9. What kind of events cause you stress on this job?

Sample Answer

I think working with negative clients causes a lot of stress. Although I love to work with customers there are times when the situation gets very stressed out due to the behavior of customers. 

10. Do you work well under pressure?

Sample Answer

Yes, I think I work great under pressure. Throughout my school life, I have worked hard and I think I work better under pressure. When I know something is due in time then, I automatically perform better.

11. Everyone has to bend or break rules sometimes, have you ever done that?

Sample Answer

No, I don’t think I have ever done that because I take my work very seriously. I don’t bend or break rules for anyone and this has been my work ethic.

12. Do you consider yourself a people person?

Sample Answer

Yes, I consider myself a people person. I love working and interacting with people and I think it comes in handy with this profession. 

Dealing with customers is the best thing for me in this profession and I am a people person because I like dealing with them.

13. Do you know about our casino?

Sample Answer

Yes, of course, I know about your Casino and anybody who keeps knowledge of Casinos would know yours. Your Casino is one of the famous ones out here as it is always full of people.

 It is simply the best Casino in our country as it is a high-end Casino that offers a customer an exceptional experience every time he/she visits.

14. What was the most positive aspect of your most recent position?

Sample Answer

Working in a Casino has been my passion for many years now. I believe talking to my customers is the most positive aspect of my previous job as it was exactly like this one. 

I think there is never a dull moment when you have many people around who are ready for a fun time. I like the environment out there and I also like the excitement of dealing with customers.

15. Why did you choose to become a table games dealer?

Sample Answer

I have always been interested in table games and I thought talking up as a profession would be a good option. Being a Table Games Dealer has helped me improve my skills and enhanced my knowledge of gaming.

 The simple reason for becoming a table games dealer is following my passion and I think I have been able to do that. Being one has helped me a lot in many ways and I believe I am in a good position.

16. Why should we hire you?

Sample Answer

You should hire me because I am one of the best people for this job. I am fulfilling all the requirements and as I have some prior experience in this field, I believe I am a perfect fit for this position.

17. How would others describe you?

Sample Answer

I think others would describe me as a calm and polite person. Very people call me a hardworking, smiling person with exceptional mental capabilities. 

Also, I don’t believe that others’ opinions about me matter anything to me but I think it does affect our opinion about ourselves and we should always try to fix the wrong ones.

18. What do you like most about being a table games dealer?

Sample Answer

I think dealing with customers is what excites me the most and that is what I like most about being a table games dealer.

19. What do you like least about being a table games dealer?

Sample Answer

I think doing night shifts is something I like the least about this profession. Initially, I used to find it very difficult but as time passed I adapted myself to it but I don’t think I have been able to do that completely. I still feel stressed and strained,  working late.

20. How do you deal with stress?

Sample Answer

Stress is a big problem that all of us deal with, sometimes or the other. I think a good way to handle stress is to keep a calm and positive mind. 

If my mind is at peace then we are more likely to handle situations in a good manner. I love to take out some time from my work for myself and that helps me.

 21. Describe the essence of hard work in your life?

Sample Answer

Hard work is important to everyone out there and I think we all should know its importance. To me, hard work is everything because I am from a financially humble background and my hard work has helped me in reaching this place. 

The reason why I can stand confidently and give an interview is my hard work. I have failed many times at a lot of things but I always stood up and worked even harder.


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