Youth Specialist Interview Questions & Answers

We have always heard that – “If our foundation will be stronger then the building will be high”. 

According to a census, 28% of India’s total population is youth, and approximately 41% of the population accounts for less than 18 years of age. So, it is needed to show them the right track for the well-being of the country.

Youth Specialist is a job that helps to improve the welfare of adolescents and young adults; in both social and psychological aspects.

One must be an undergraduate in education / sociology / childhood development for this job.

Youth Specialist Interview Questions

The Top 21 Interview Questions To Prepare Well

1. What do you know about the job of a youth specialist?

Sample answer

The job of a youth specialist is an amalgamation of motivational speaker, counselor, social worker, mentor, personal guide – which helps youth in both psychological and physiological development.

2. How does the youth specialist approach the youth?

Sample Answer

The traditional ways to approach youths are seminars and personal visits to various schools and colleges or coaching institutes for their guidance. But in modern days, the best way to reach them is through social media and webinars.

3. What are the challenges that a youth specialist may face in his job?

Sample Answer

Various challenges that youth specialists may face are like obstacles in conducting physical seminars- 

  • Due to the lack of awareness among the people, it may be possible that many people do not get connected with the program. 
  • Backward people think that youth specialists can influence their children and raise them against their families, so they try to stop them.
  • It may be difficult for the officials to reach remote areas where there is a lack of transport facilities.

4. What do you think about how these challenges can be Overcome?

Sample answer

 Youths spend most of their time on social media. I think, before conducting any camp/program, we should advertise it on social media and we may conduct some-level competitions like essay/drawing/slogan writing, etc. 

 Also, webinars are the best method. We can also start a T.V. Channel; focusing on youths’ lifestyle and its improvement and their personality development. It would help address a large number of the population at the same time.

5. What can be the role of youth specialists in healthcare issues?

Sample Answer

 Youth specialist works as a service provider and he is the solution to the problem that youth are facing.  In the healthcare field, their role is to organize online surveys, which will help in figuring out people’s knowledge regarding recent scenarios. 

Conducting camps of blood donation, physical check-ups, and all. The most important thing is that our body will be healthy only if our mind is. So one of the roles of youth specialists is to help people to cope with their mental stress.

6. Why is stress management essential and what are the ways which help a person with the psychological cope-up from the stress?

Sample Answer

“A stressed mind can never let the development of a person be healthy”. 

Stress can cause a low metabolism rate, which stops a person from doing efficient productive work. Hence, stress management is essential for the proper growth of the human body. 

 For management, I suggest finding out the origin of the stress and instead of focusing on the problem try to fetch out the solution for changing the mood. One may prefer a short nap and light relaxing music. This will help them a lot to cope with this stress.

7. What a youth specialist can do for migrated youths who have left their homes for jobs and education?

Sample Answer.

In such cases with the help of the team, youth specialists can provide the contact numbers of service providing people through YouTube channels, telegram, Instagram, and other online links – which can help the needy one for finding rental rooms, tiffin services, best coaching institutes in the unknown cities.

They may also help the migrated youth by providing them with the reference for part-time jobs as the financial crisis is the most common problem faced by the middle-class population.

8. How can a youth specialist figure out the issue of unemployment?

Sample Answer

If we talk about India, then the major issue among the youth is ‘Unemployment’. A youth specialist can’t vacant the seats for youth but as we have seen that many aspirants stay unaware when vacancies are out and forms are filled.

 Usually, it happens that the application deadline is over. So in such cases, youth specialists can do teamwork and make people connected online and provide details/updates of vacancies, posts, documents, eligibility criteria, etc. through YouTube videos and other social networking platforms.

By this youth get an alarm and they will not fail to apply.

9. What kind of favors for youth should be asked from the government?

Sample Answer

 I would like to ask for security for youths and the request for a helping hand from the government requesting for overcoming the unemployment issues soon.

10. What kind of activities should youth get indulged in?

Sample Answer

Heading towards natural stability youths are responsible for the protection of the Earth. They should be conscious and control the unfriendly activities practiced in nature. 

Youth must get engaged in various awareness programs, plantation programs, voting campaigns and should work on subsistence livelihoods. They should take the initiative of saving mother Earth.

11. Is there any message from your side for youths if hired?

Sample Answer

I would like to quote a statement “Aspire to Inspire before you Expire”. 

Life’s too short, we have to fulfill all dreams in this life only because no one is witnessing the six new lives after death and one can reach all the heights because SKY’S THE LIMIT.

12. What are your strengths?

Sample Answer

If I talk about my strengths then, the ability to do hard work and the flexibility through which I can get connected to everyone easily.

Also, my beliefs and my faiths are my strength. In addition to the statement, my courage is the reason that I could reach this platform today.

13. A person has to carry huge workloads in this job. How will you deal with that?

Sample Answer

Sir, I am well aware that this job is full of responsibilities. I am sure that I am perfectly made for this job. The work which a person enjoys can never be hectic to him. 

If we love to do something then we will never consider it as a burden on us. So, there is no margin for this question.

14. Can we say that, for youth specialists, only mental preparedness is required?

Sample Answer

I believe that mental preparedness plays an important role but physical preparedness can’t be neglected. 

  For example – we regularly add many things to our to-do list but what happens? We skip a few of them. This is just because our body is not ready to do it. That’s why I will say that both are required. None can be disregarded.

15. What things will you learn from this job?

Sample Answer

I am going to learn a lot of things. I feel this job will help me to grow. Interacting with different people- always led to the exchange of thoughts and those will make my life better. It will enhance my knowledge too.

16. What if someone misbehaves and refuses to cooperate?

Sample Answer

It is not always possible that the person in front of us has the same taste as us.

In such cases, we have to work patiently. I will try to understand the reason for such behavior and will try to switch the mood from serious to funny. This will help a lot.

17. Will you take a risk if you are asked to visit a place with super risk to get infected from COVID?

Sample Answer

Without any, if and but I will go there with all the precautions. This will be my little contribution to the country and also a proud moment.

18. What if you are rejected for this job then what will you do?

Sample Answer

If it happens, then I will work hard to overcome them and I will apply again with the best version of me.

19. Whom you’ll credit for your communication skills?

Sample Answer

Experience and flexibility of interaction is the reason for my communication skills.

20. What will be your reaction to a drug addict?

Sample Answer

I will try to understand him and instead of judging him, I’ll make sure that I become that friendly so that he can share everything freely. And I’ll try to help him out of that addiction.

21. If your client (a depressed youth) murders someone then how will you respond to this?

Sample Answer

I will prefer his mental treatment first. Murder is a crime he should get punished but after is proper treatment.


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