How To Get A Job At STARBUCKS? (With 2024 Relevant Examples)

Coffee or Caffeine, what is the first thing or shop that comes to your mind? Undoubtedly, it should be STARBUCKS. It is one of the most renowned coffee shops throughout any country and one of the most sought-after shops. You will find almost all the kind of caffeine drinks in there. No other shops will provide you with much wider choices, neither Dunkin nor Cafe Coffee Day. There are thousands of people who are aspiring to be employees at Starbucks. The company truly cares for its employees and they provide several attractive perks for them too. Though it is not very easy to get a job there, it’s also not impossible to get in.


Starbucks Application

So, for the application process, there will be a whole lot of process that you will need to undergo before the selection. We have provided a list of such guidelines which will help you in going through the right part of preparation. Below, are some of them:

1) Apply for your desired post

Research on their profile to get job information and openings about any post. As soon as you find a suitable job for yourself, you can just click on their Apply Now button on the job listing page and then the website will redirect your Starbucks website. You can apply to multiple jobs at a time that you find is best suited for you. Once you submit your application and Starbucks receives it, they will send you a confirmation notification via your email.

However, it will depend upon the position that you have applied for when they are going to approach you. Their rule is that they will reach out to a candidate only when there is a job vacancy and will only reach out if you are a strong match for the position. If the company does not find you to be a suitable candidate for the specified position, then they will not interview you and you will be receiving an email about the same.

2) Tips and Tricks for your recommendation letter and resume

Resume in any case plays the key role for your selection in any job and when it comes to Starbucks, they are very particular about it and wants to see a set of skills that perfectly matches the position you have applied for. Keep your resume brief, yet comprehensive with all the relevant information related to the job position.

The company will be interested to know your job experience which could be as long as 10 years experience, but they should all be relevant to the job applied for. Also, in the cover letter, you should include all the benefits that been received by the previous organisations through your contribution. For instance, it would be a crucial piece of information that you had increased the sales of the previous company or the way you had improved customer satisfaction if you are applying for a retail job at Starbucks.

Make sure that you have cross-checked all the documents before sending them to the main party and also, make sure that you have included all the relevant information which claims that you are suitable for the job. Provide keywords in your very eye-catching resume, but ensure that they are not recurring in nature. You can put them in the job experience section or the skills and motive section.

3) Take lessons from a Starbucks recruiter

To get a crystal clear idea about the job position and skills, it would be a smart idea if you can get hold of a recruiter who has been experienced as an employee at Starbucks. It is recommended that you should always know about the mission and morals of the company. Its mission is to guide, inspire and nourish the inner spirit of the employees. Starbucks is not just only about coffee.

The environment at Starbucks will allow you to work in a friendly atmosphere. Glassdoor says, when you start working here, you will not feel like an employee, rather you will be working as a part of the Starbucks family striving towards mutual goals and success. We will dedicatedly work towards serving the best-branded coffee, have the best aesthetic environment and fulfil customer satisfaction. These will vary eye-catching points to be mentioned.

You should also be well aware of the news that is revolving around Starbucks. You should be able to convince the recruiter about your interests regarding the current affairs of the company which shall impress the recruiters about your application.

4) Go through some Starbucks interview questions

It depends upon the post you are applying for that what kind of question are you going to be asked. You can be asked when was the last time that you received customer appreciation in other companies? Here is a list of sample questions that are probable to be asked:

  1. When was the last time that you put in an extra effrot to please your customer?
  2. Can you recall when you came up with an innovative idea at your last organisation?
  3. What do you think was the biggest challenge you faced at your former workplace?
  4. Describe a situation you carried out a role of leadership.
  5. How comfortable can you be withyour workload?
  6. Can you handle a rude customer? How?
  7. Which shift do you prefer?

Starbucks is a company that has a high concern for moral values and they would also question you about your morality to test if you a good fit for the culture. You can be asked a simple question in a different way such as “Why should we hire you at Starbucks?” or “What will be your response if a co-worker is not ready to co-operate?

5) Field assessments

So, this is more of an assessment of your skills. This is a part of the Starbucks interview process and it is done to check your practical field skills. This is the first step towards the completion of the online application which is followed by an interview process and further followed by field assessment tests, an analysis of a Profit and Loss statement and a set of 100+ questions that will analyse how can you handle any situation. The Virtual Job Tryout at Starbucks is a list of situations that are put before you in the job may be a store or a marketing manager and it is completely done in an online mode which will help them in determining your ways of action.

Answers to 3 probable tricky questions

1. Can you handle a customer who claims to have recieved a wrong drink?

Answer. Since Starbucks is filled with customers, this problem is quite expected to arise at some point in time. And this will test your ability to manage a situation like this. Start your answer as ” If a customer claims to have received the wrong drink, then it is important to know what did they ordered. If the drink has been misplaced, then it is my responsibility to check on it and provide the right drink immediately. If the problem comes out to be something related to a particular part of the beverage such as the number of ingredients or the temperature, then I would like to fix that part and provide their satisfying drink.”

2. What would you do if a customer is dissatisfied with their order, but didn’t approach an employee?

Answer. Many people are concerned about the quality of the beverage they are paying for and will approach the employees if something is unsatisfying with the drink, many people just won’t react. The hiring manager is trying to see if you would take an initiative to control the situation or not. Go like this: “If I see any customer who is unhappy with their drink but is unable to approach, then I would take an initiative to go to that customer and ask for the problem. Once I am aware of the issue, I would straightway ask for its correction and serve the drink to their satisfaction.”

3. Which Starbucks drink do you like the most?

Answer. This a question that will indirectly test you about your knowledge of the products. Hiring managers will be interested in candidates who are well aware of the ingredients and the variety of products that are of their choice. You can also be asked a similar question in a different approach say ” Why do you prefer this drink?”. The answer should be the same but has a different ring to it. You should answer as: “During summers, vanilla sweet cream cold brew is what I would love to enjoy. However, if it is a winter month, then the white chocolate mocha with a whip will be the most comforting one.”


Here in this article, you will find a comprehensive idea of How can you get a job at Starbucks. So, we have mostly all the common situations that you can be put to during the interview that you can refer to while you are framing your answers. Also, keep in mind all the necessities while answering the questions because otherwise, it might lead to disqualification of your selection if you do not answer accordingly, because this job does not only require communication but requires to provide quality products. Also, you can feel free to let us know, how helpful this content has been to your career and do not hesitate to give any suggestions or ask questions in case you are having any doubts regarding this topic. Please let us know in the comments down below.

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