Top 21 Bartender Interview Questions In 2024 [With Answers]

Humans tend to get bored and in order to rejuvenate or refresh themselves, they visit their nearest bars, not only to have a nice glass of drink but also to feel the atmosphere and soak in all the positive vibrations. These bars need the services of a bartender, whose primary responsibility is to serve beverages as demanded and as per the expectations of the customers. Being a skillful and highly paid job, it is one of the most sought-after professions and a small number of vacancies attract a huge crowd or number of applications.

Bartender Interview Questions

Best 21 Interview Questions To Study

1) What Do You Understand By Martini Drinks?

This question tests your knowledge about the various in-vogue beverages that you are supposed to create during your tenure as a bartender.

Sample Answer

Sir, Martini drinks are cocktails, that are made using Gin and Vermouth. It is a mixed alcoholic beverage, which is garnished with lemon and olive. There are basically two types of martini drinks that are pretty famous and most demanded, which are:

  • Dry Martini: In order to prepare this, 2 tablespoons of dry vermouth and 6 tablespoons of gin or vodka are mixed. Post this, we add filtered olive juice to it.
  • Cosmopolitan Martini: In order to prepare this, 1/2 tablespoons of Orange liquor is mixed with 1/2 tablespoons of vodka. Post this, 1/2 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice is added. If a customer demands, a splash of cranberry juice is also added.

2) How Will You Handle A Situation In Which Alcohol Is Requested By An Underage Person?

This question tests your knowledge about the various practical working procedures.

Sample Answer

Sir, Underage kids below the age of 18 are clearly visible and recognizable from their attitude, voice, and features. I have a knack for judging people’s age and if I ever encounter such a situation, I would first demand a personal identification card either in digital form or physically. Only when I am satisfied that the age is over 18, I would serve him or her the drink requested. Otherwise, I would politely refuse and ask him to wait for his turn.

3) Are You Aware Of Guinness?

This question tests your factual knowledge about the various alcoholic brands.

Sample Answer

Yes, sir, I am aware of the same. Guinness is an alcoholic beverage brand, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. It is an Irish dry stout, and one of the most successful brands, having worldwide recognition. The beer of this brand has a relatively low alcoholic content as compared to others and is suitable for light occasions.

4) What Is Your Favorite Drink?

This question tests your knowledge about the various drinks available in the bars.

Sample Answer

Being a drink lover person, I love almost all mixed alcoholic beverages. But, since you have asked me to pick one, I would choose an Irish car bomb, because I am a big fan of Irish whiskey and Irish cream.

5) Will You Ever Provide Any Drink For Free To Your Relative/Close-Ones?

This question tests your integrity, honesty and loyalty towards the organization.

Sample Answer

Sir, I am a loyal and committed person who has always been loyal to my employers. I would never indulge myself in any such practices. I am here to contribute to my employer, with my skills, labor, and knowledge and not here to run my organization into a loss. Be assured, that I am not interested in such unethical practices and you would never hear a similar complaint in my regards.

6) How Good Is Your Calculation?

Being a bartender, you are also supposed to accept cash receipts from the customers at the counter. This requires you to be more calculative and able to perform the basic mathematical operations pretty quickly, in order to save the valuable time of the customers.

Sample Answer

Sir, I have always been a person with exceptional mathematical skills. You can peruse my resume and check over the grades, that I secured in Mathematics in my college as well as high school. I assure you that, I am able to perform mathematical calculations fairly quickly with high precision and effectiveness.

7) Are You An Introvert?

This question tests your communication skills as well as mindset towards meeting new people, belonging to various communities and castes.

Sample Answer

Not at all, sir. I am an extrovert person, who precisely knows how to handle a customer and when to start a conversation with our esteemed customers. I don’t have a habit of poking people in between their moments. I understand that a bartender has to meet a lot of new people daily, and I am ready to impress all of them with my beverage-making skills and effective speech.

8) Explain Wheat Ales?

This question tests your knowledge about the various forms of beverages.

Sample Answer

Bars and breweries are in existence since time immemorial and I sometimes wonder, how evolved the industry has become. Wheat ales are heavier than normal ales and are a bit less transparent. These are made from wheat to beers. There can be various varieties and versions of this drink which will depend on a customer’s tastes, preferences, and style.

9) What Is Your Biggest Strength?

This is a common interview question, asked in various interview sessions held all over the world. A perfect answer to this question requires you to self introspect yourself and then prepare at least two strengths relevant to the job description.

Sample Answer

My ability to remain calm and composed in even the most challenging times is my biggest strength. This gives me the capacity to make informed and judicious decisions in such challenging circumstances. Also, I am better placed in a decision-making process due to my ability to hold my nerves.

10) Name At Least Four Drinks Made By Vodka?

This question tests your knowledge about the various practical working procedures and various types of beverages.

Sample Answer

Sir, we can make a lot of drinks using vodka. I would name the 4 most demanded drinks:

  • Great Bloody Mary (tomato juice + lime + vodka + green olives)
  • Ice cold vodka martini (vermouth + vodka + crushed ice)
  • Caipirinha (fruit + sugar + liquor)
  • White Russian (vodka + kahlua + cream)

11) Why You Left Your Last Job?

This is a personality evaluating question that judges your attitude and mindset towards various organizations.

Sample Answer

Sir, the primary reason for my resigning from my last job, was the proximity of the bar from my house. It took me almost two hours daily to commute just one side. This means a traveling time of four hours every single day along with a 9-hour shift. This used to exhaust me completely and used to strain my every bit of energy. Plus, I was also not able to give due time to my family, which made me a bit frustrated. Hence, I decided to move over and luckily I found a vacancy at your institution.

12) What Advice Will You Extend To Any Of Your Colleague Stealing Things?

Stealing, pilferage, and robbery is a common issue at places involving customers and the general public. Hence, always answer this positively, as an interviewer wants to see your mindset towards such unethical practice.

Sample Answer

Sir, In my humble opinion, stealing is one of the biggest crimes and must be prohibited at any cost and point in time. If I ever encounter such a situation, I would extend a word of caution, that, I have seen you stealing that particular item, please don’t indulge yourself in such practices as these can be harmful to you as well as your family. If he or she still continues doing so, I would immediately call my manager and if he or she is not present, I would call the police and report the matter.

13) What If We Ask You To Work Extra Hours In Peak Times?

It is common for bars, to experience a huge footfall and entertain a large influx of customers. This may require employees to stay back and entertain the guests and customers. Hence, answer this question positively.

Sample Answer

It is absolutely fine and normal sir. I am ready to work extra hours in order to serve the customers of the company with all my passion, grit, and labor. I would never decline such an opportunity and would always be available to work extra, provided my capacity is not limited by any act of god or any unexpected circumstance.

14) What Will You Do When Closing Cash Balance Does Not Match The Sales Made?

Bartenders are supposed to collect cash and put it in the drawer after each subsequent sale. The closing cash balances sometimes just don’t match at the end of the day due to a variety of reasons. A response to this question would show how responsible and loyal you are.

Sample Answer

It happens sometimes. The reason is not always robbery or pilferage. It happened with me once, during my previous tenure, when there was a mismatch of $68. Upon my own investigation, I realized that I forgot to take payments from a group of 4 elderly men enjoying a Dry martini each worth $17. Since it was negligence and mistake on my part I accepted it and footed the shortage out of my own pocket. Since then I have become really cautious and cross-check the cash balance after every sale.

15) How Important Is Customer Satisfaction?

In a business like a bar which more or less pertains to the food industry, customer satisfaction holds quite a significant relevance. Hence, answer this question in a way that shows the importance of customers.

Sample Answer

Customers are the heart and soul of any business. No business can thrive or sustain itself without their presence and that too in large numbers. I believe, in a profession like mine, customers are the king, and they have every right to serve a drink as per their taste, preference, and priorities. Some customers like it hard and some soft, some like lime and some olives. Every choice and demand must be respected by a bartender and he or she must try to match the expectations as well as the taste.

16) Why Should We Hire You?

This is a common interview question, wherein interviewers wants to know your own perception towards yourself.

Sample Answer

Sir, being a committed, hard-working and quick learner, I can prove to be an asset to the organization. I have knowledge of at least 65 different beverages and cocktails, with extensive knowledge of all sorts of additions and mixes. In addition to this, I have a polite and friendly attitude, which further makes me a perfect match for this job. I am really, looking forward to kick-starting with this esteemed organization.

17) How Will You Handle Brawl Like Situations In The Bar?

Bar brawls are pretty common in nature. This question tests your awareness and working procedures in such tough situations.

Sample Answer

In bars, we are supposed to serve various types of beverages including alcoholic beverages. This might lead to losing self-control for some of the customers and they may engage themselves in a fight over petty/trivial matters. If I ever encounter such a situation, I would immediately call upon the bouncers of the bar to inter-mediate. If such customers, crosses their limits and try to retaliate, then I would immediately inform my manager as well as police in exceptional circumstances.

18) How Will You Handle A Disgruntled Customer?

Bars are a place for the general public to come and have a drink and spend some nice moments. Since humans have a wide variety of emotions, it is common for a particular customer to get dissatisfied and become angry, even over petty issues. Hence, you are expected to alertly handle such tricky situations.

Sample Answer

I completely understand the relevance of this question, There are simply many reasons for a customer to get angry ranging from cleanliness to a drink not as per his or her expectations. I am a master beverage maker and have the ability to create some palatable drinks as per the taste and preferences of the customer. Still, if I ever encounter such a situation, I would patiently listen to the issues first and then try to provide the best resolution possible. Usually, a customer is satisfied, but if there are still some complaints, I would refer the case to my manager.

19) Why You Chose Us?

This is a common interview question wherein interviewers want to check whether or not you are serious and committed for this organization.

Sample Answer

Being an esteemed organization with branches spread in the entire north of the country, it is a pioneer and leader in the field with more than 50,000 loyal customers, the number of which is ever increasing. Such is the level of services offered, that this organization gets 4.8 out of 5 in Google reviews. I definitely, want to be a part of the organization and become a member of the workforce. Further, the work timings, proximity of the bar to my home, and lucrative incentives, further entice me to join this wonderful and successful organization.

20) Are You Able To Work Under Stress?

Bars are a place for jubilation and are visited by all the people, irrespective of religion, gender, caste, or creed. Hence, these places experience a heavy footfall which increases its peak during festivals and weekends. Every employer expects their employees to work hard under stressful conditions. Hence, answer it positively.

Sample Answer

Yes sir, absolutely. I have the ability and skills to work under stress efficiently. I can handle a huge number of clients every day with ease. I always prepare myself for situations in which we experience a huge footfall. I am an expert in my primary trade and can work pretty fast with high efficiency. Hence, I consider myself apt to handle a high number of clients simultaneously.

21) Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

Be it the position of a bartender, a financial accountant, or maybe the CEO of the company, every interview session tends to get conclude by this question. It is a pretty common question and you will find it in almost all the interview sessions towards its fag end. This question requires you to ask a few questions from your employer in relation to your job profile and organization.

Sample Questions

  • What employee benefits are extended by the organization to its employees?
  • What is the company’s policy in relation to overtime and overtime allowance?
  • What are the work timings for this job?
  • Will you provide transport facilities in the night shifts?
  • What health benefits are offered by the organization?
  • Is there a provision of any restroom at the bar itself?

Download the list of questions in .PDF format, to practice with them later, or to use them on your interview template (if you want to crack Interview):

Bartender Interview Questions


The role of a bartender may seem fancy and exciting prima facie, but in reality, it is a tough job that is hectic as well as demanding. You must possess adorable communication skills as well as skillful beverage-making skills, to be successful in this profession. Since the vacancies are limited, you are advised to prepare and work hard for this job. If you like our articles then don’t forget to share them with your family and friends. Also, do let us know through the comments section below, how much you like our articles.


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