Top 21 Paraprofessional Interview Questions in 2024 [with Answers]

Paraprofessionals or paraeducators are assistants of teachers that help them in dealing with the students of the classroom. The work-life of the paraprofessional is not limited as they help THE student affected with ASD. To qualify as a paraprofessional, people need to have good knowledge, education, and experience in the field. 

In the paraprofessional interview, the candidate is supposed to answer the question based on their educational field and past experiences. The interviewer would analyze the skills of the candidate to know the capacity of a candidate for getting the position as a paraprofessional. 

Every candidate needs to prepare properly before sitting for an interview. The candidate must prepare themselves with good communication and understanding skills to answer the questions without any communication gaps.

Paraprofessional Interview Questions

Top 21 Paraprofessional Interview Questions To Prepare Well

1. What is your intention behind becoming a paraprofessional?

Sample Answer

My intention behind becoming a paraprofessional is to be with children. I am quite affectionate towards children and I love to spend time with them. By joining this position as a paraprofessional I would be able to guide the children in a better manner. I would get an opportunity to help the children get their foundation stronger with the help of this position.

2. What skills of yours make you fit for this paraprofessional position?

Sample Answer

I have good knowledge about almost all the subjects that are covered in the classroom. My communication and teamwork skills would help you focus on my work life in a better way.

3. According to you, how a paraprofessional should be? Sample Answer

For me, a paraprofessional should be a person who has good patience to handle things. I believe, work-life is filled with good experiences and challenges. Everyone should be lucky enough to deal with minor or major conflicts working as a paraprofessional. 

A paraprofessional should have a good ability to work as an assistant to licensed teachers. The most important quality that every paraprofessional should have is good understanding skills. A good listener with great academic knowledge would be a nice paraprofessional that I believe.

4. Explain some of the basic classroom issues that a paraprofessional may face.

Sample Answer

According to me, the most common issue that every paraprofessional may face is dealing with different types of children. Not everyone is going to be of similar personalities or features. Therefore, the paraprofessional should have a good understanding of the nature of children before helping them in various aspects. 

There may be some children with different health issues. The paraprofessional should keep a good track of all the information about the children for understanding them in a better way.

5. What techniques would you use if you find a chidren is not able to understand the subject?

Sample Answer

I believe that it’s very common for all the children to not understand any part of a specific subject in just one go. If such a situation comes in my life, then I would try to make the children understands the subject in their language. 

If I would not be able to communicate with them in their language, then I would try to make them understand the topic or subject with the help of different types of videos. If everything fails, then I think doing a skit would help them catch the topic or subject faster.

6. How much ranking would you like to give yourself as a paraprofessional depending on your experiences?

Sample Answer

I would give myself 10 out of 10. All the time, I have always tried to perform well in my field. I have worked on myself daily for making myself better in my professional life.

7. How would you deal with any disagreements with the licensed teachers?

Sample Answer

First of all, I would always try to respect the licensed teachers under whom I would be working. Secondly, I would make sure there is no communication gap between both of us. If everything goes well, I don’t think there will be any argument. 

If arguments happen, then I would try to keep my part and would listen to the words of the licensed teacher. If her point would be stronger and correct, then I would like to go with her point of view.

8. Why do you prefer becoming a paraprofessional?

Sample Answer

Education is the most important factor that people should include in their life. Working as a paraprofessional would allow me to educate children and this is my main motive.

9. Is there any nature of yours that may affect your work life?

Sample Answer

Right now, I can’t see any major personality or nature issues in myself that may cause an issue in my work life.

10. Who do you take as an inspiration in your life?

Sample Answer

My mother is the one person that would always hold a special position in my personal and professional life. I have seen my mother teaching me and my siblings. She made me believe in myself which paved my way towards success.

11. What is the one thing that can motivate the children in the classroom?

Sample Answer

According to me, the one thing to build confidence in children is “Praises or rewards”.

12. Would you be able to deal with children with an extreme level of anger issues?

Sample Answer

I would be able to deal with children with any human nature or feelings. According to me, anger is also a human feeling that could be controlled and reduced with proper guidance.

13. What is all work you were assigned in your past work life as a paraprofessional?

I was working with a team of 5 members in which I was in the position of a paraprofessional. I was dealing with the preparation of the lesson plan and teaching the structure of the subjects. I prepared the lesson plans keeping the suggestion of the team members in my mind. 

I was also asked to prepare the monthly test questions for the students to recognize their talents and skills.

Sample Answer

14. Who do you think deserves more respect, a teacher or a paraprofessional?

Sample Answer

 I can’t say who deserves more respect as it depends on the working mechanism of individuals. The position of a person is just the way by which they can show their capability with hard work and dedication.

15. What are your weaknesses and strengths?

Sample Answer

My strength is my knowledge which I use as the strongest weapon for overcoming any challenges in my life. My weakness is my humble nature as sometimes, I need to be very strict in some situations.

16. Becoming a paraprofessional is a huge responsibility. Do you think you would be able to continue doing your responsibilities without complaints?

Sample Answer

I take responsibility as a duty that comes with liability. Therefore, if I am assigned some type of duty, then I don’t think I should complain. Rather, I would like to take it with that spirit without complaining about the load on me.

17. What Additional steps could be taken for making the education field more improved?

Sample Answer

There are many modern techniques are helping children understand the subjects or topics in a better manner. If I am asked for a suggestion, then I would like to include external activities in the classroom. This would help the student to stay updated with the growing modern world.

18. How would you react to a situation where a student doesn’t like your way of handling children?

Sample Answer

I don’t think any student would ever complain about me for my teaching skills or behavior. If a student sees any behavioral or teaching issues in me, then I would try to change it in a positive way to make the child feel comfortable.

19. Why do you prefer this location for joining as a paraprofessional?

Sample Answer

I live with my parents who are quite old and I need to be there for them. Besides, this location is a good place for me as I know this place for a long time now. For me, security and safety mean a lot as I am a woman. Therefore, I would prefer this location as this location would be a safer option for me.

20. What affects the performance of the paraprofessional?   

Sample Answer

The performance of the paraprofessionals can get affected by various aspects. Some of the aspects and factors that would affect the performance paraprofessionals are health issues, and management of work. I believe, if someone is capable of dealing with the workload and different classroom issues, then it would not be a problem for them. 

Everyone can maintain their performance as a paraprofessional by increasing their patience, communication skills, and wisdom.

21. What do you think which environment is the most suitable one for supporting the paraprofessionals?

Sample Answer

According to me, the most comfortable work environment for a paraprofessional would be to work with friendly staff. Most of the time paraprofessionals face difficulties in working in a team due to unfriendly members present in the team. The licensed teacher without ego would be more welcoming for the paraprofessional. 

As some people may not give equal respect to the paraprofessional due to lack of knowledge or conscience. A work environment without discrimination and biased opinions would be more comfortable for me to work in.

Download the list of questions in .PDF format, to practice with them later, or to use them on your interview template (For Paraprofessional interview):

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