Top 21 Camp Counselor Interview Questions in 2024 [With Answers]

Camp counselors guide and ensure the safety of the people who are part of the camp as they engage in camping activities. They assist in the process of planning for the activities which will be part of the camp, and they receive special training to fully support the camp members and lead them as they participate in camp events. These camps are organized for children for their entertainment and for teaching them some new skills.

In this article, we will discuss the top 21 questions that are commonly asked in a camp counsellor interview.

Camp Counselor Interview Questions

Top 21 Camp Counselor Interview Questions

Question 1. List some duties of a Camp Counsellor?

Answer: “A camp counsellor

  • Plans, Leads, Implements camp programs for children
  • Organizes camping activities
  • Provides high-quality educational and recreational opportunities and enjoyable experiences for the participants of the camp
  • Ensures the safety and cleanliness of the site of the camp
  • Keeps the record of daily attendance of all the participants
  • Mediates camp disputes
  • Follows all the safety guidelines associated with the camp
  • Knows all the emergency procedures associated with the camp
  • Maintains a schedule for the participants of the camp
  • Creates lesson plans for teaching new skills
  • Supervises the participants of the camp”

Question 2. What are the skills required by a Camp Counselor?

Answer: “According to me, a camp counselor must have excellent leadership skills as they supervise children. He should be patient and have alertness and stamina to face emergency situations. He should also possess communications skills and organization skills as they are really essential for being able to perform a variety of tasks at the campsite in various climates with various camp members. Apart from all these skills, he should have a caring personality as he is responsible for taking care of all the students at the campsite.”  

Question 3. According to you, what is it like to be a camp counselor?

Answer: “In my opinion, it is one of the most rewarding decisions that I have made in my life. You get to visit so many new places that bring you closer to nature and you get to learn so much by spending time with different students each having a different perspective on life. With that, you get time to explore yourself from within such as what are your limits, how you can step out of your comfort zone, how you react to stress, what are the better ways to deal with that stress, etc.”

Question 4. What qualifications do you have that make you suitable for this position?

Answer: “I have first aid training certification to be able to respond to minor injuries or illnesses. I have a high school diploma certification. I also have relevant education and experience in camp, youth programs, recreational activities, working with children and other students. Apart from all of it, I have lifeguard certification with oxygen administration certification as I am really passionate about this field.

Question 5. If a student is testing your patience, how would you react?

Answer: “I am pretty patient, so I prefer not to react at the moment. I try to take a step back and figure out what exactly the situation is. As camp counselors, our first thought should be to solve the situation peacefully, so I would ask the student why is he acting the way he is. If the student still keeps misbehaving, then I would ask my fellow camp counselor to assist me in the situation to bring the situation under control.”

Question 6. What do the participants learn from the camp?

Answer: “The participants learn a lot from camp like

  • How to work in a team
  • Gain self-confidence
  • Develop their own leadership skills
  • How to be responsible for themselves and for others
  • How to utilize resources effectively and efficiently
  • They also learn networking by meeting new people and making new friends”

Question 7. What would you do if a parent was angry with you for the way you handled a situation with their children?

Answer: “I would listen to the point of view and the criticism of the parent patiently, and apologies to them. I would also ask them what would they do if they were in my position to see how they want their child to be treated, and I would ensure that I would do my best to handle the situation next time. I would ask my fellow counselor to assist me to explain the situation more clearly if they still are unable to understand the situation.”

Question 8. What makes a good leader and a role model?

Answer: “I know that I make a good leader as I know that I will have an impact on a child’s life. I am aware that a camp can either change their life by teaching them relevant skills or make no change. I will always want what is best for a child and that is what makes me a good role model for them.”

Question 9. What age groups do you have experience working with?

Answer: “I have worked with age groups between 9-11 and 15-17 in my pervious camps.”

Question 10. Do you enjoy being around children?

Answer: “Absolutely, I love being active with children as they have so much to teach you through their different way of thinking and living life. it is great to know that they are looking up to you in this camp. I love organizing team games for them, my most favorite part is to see the sporting spirit in them.”

Question 11. How would you handle conflicts between participants of the camp?

Answer: “I would listen to both the parties and try to negotiate with them. If the conflict is minor, I would take it out and if it seems to be out of control, I would immediately separate the campers to avoid the further argument that can make the situation worse.”  

Question 12. What are the three greatest strengths you bring to this position?

Answer: “First of all, I want to say that I am thrilled to be part of this interview. My three strengths are my skills, my passion, and my enthusiasm. I am excited to be a role model and a leader for the kids.”

Question 13. Can you keep personal electronics aside for the duration of the camp?

Answer: “Yes, absolutely. I am ready to devote my full attention to the children and this job. Camp is my number one priority. My complete focus is on children and making sure that they are fully engaged in the camp activities.”

Question 14. How do you keep the kids under control?

Answer: “To keep the children under control, I make sure the schedule and the activities plan are in place, and each kid is able to participate fully in the camp. I also introduce some rewards for the good behavior of the kids. The children should have fun after all.”

Question 15. Did you go camping when you were young?

Answer: “No, being a kid in that generation, I never got an opportunity to be a part of a camp.”

Question 16. You have one free hour with your campers before dinner. What do you do to keep them entertained?

Answer: “I would arrange a networking session in which they can get together and know their fellow campers and would arrange some music session to keep them entertained.”

Question 17. What age group do you like to work with best?

Answer: “I love working with teenagers. They are always excited to try new things they are unfamiliar with and they love making new friends. They communicate their needs and wants clearly, which I think is great. It is inspiring to be around them. And I also have some experience working with this age group and I love teaching them new skills.”

Question 18. Do you have any questions for us?

Answer: When an employer asks this question, always be ready to answer this question with a follow-up question. This will make it look like you are actually interested in that job.”

Question 19. Are you a team player?

Answer: “yes, I am very much a team player and I have had opportunities in my work to develop my skills as a team player. It is really important for a camp counselor to possess team management skills and be a team player.”

Question 20. When did you realize you wanted to be a counselor?

Answer: “When I started working at the camp as a volunteer, I knew I wanted to work my way up to eventually becoming a camp counselor.”

Question 21. How do you handle a medical emergency situation?

Answer: “I am first aid certified and hence I am fully capable of handling medical emergencies. If the case is extreme, I call for professional medical assistance. A nurse also accompanies the camp to keep the situation under control. I always provide first aid personally to the affected person with injuries.”

Download the list of questions in .PDF format, to practice with them later, or to use them on your interview template (if you want to crack Interview):

Camp Counselor Interview Questions


These were the top 21 questions that are commonly asked in a camp counselor interview. However, hiring managers expect camp counselors to have some educational background or experience in camp counseling which makes them select the best candidate out of the pool of candidates. They might also ask some in-depth behavioral-based questions to ensure that you are capable of managing the challenges that might arise in the position. So, be prepared for it to ace your interview. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Comment below what you liked about this article don’t forget to share.

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