Why Do You Want to Become a Nurse? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

Nursing a patient is considered to be one of the most divine jobs anyone could do. You have to nurse your patients not as a nurse but as a trustable friend who is patient, humorous and is dedicated towards her work. This is one of the most reading jobs which does not only satisfy you will money, but also you get to receive showers of blessings on yourself.

However, as demanding as the job might seem, you have to go through a really hard process of the interview where you receive twisted questions. But, we are here to provide you with a list of such interview questions that will ease your interview process a little bit.

Why Do You Want to Become a Nurse

Is Nursing your niche?

We have selected a set of questions that will help you out with your preparation. Below is the list of questions:

1.What made you choose Nursing as a career option?

Answer. This is not exactly a communicative question. However, you should be prepared for this question before you attend the interview. This is a very common question that is asked in almost every job interview you apply for. The hiring panel wants to evaluate you based on your answer about how deserving you are for the post as compared to the others.

You can be quite personal while answering this, but do not go into deeper details of it, otherwise, it might turn the interview into a boring conversation that you do not want.

Tip: My mother and grandmothers , all have been in this field and I would also like to be a part of it as it gives inner peace to help somebody who is in need.

2. Do you think Nursing is a rewarding job?

Answer. This is a universal truth that when you join a renowned job in a reputed organisation, you tend to enjoy all the privileges related to that such as a decent salary, your bungalow, retirement benefits, maternity leaves, free medical facilities and so on. But when you are in an interview process, you should not just say all the things that benefit you, rather you have to cite everything that will satisfy their need and convince them that you are the perfect candidate for the job.

Tip: I have been helping people and animals since my childhood and I have found that it is extremely rewarding, not in terms of any tangible asset but the blessings that shower upon you after you help someone is extremely satisfying.

3. Can you deal with a patient who is not satisfied with your care?

Answer. This is a very interactive question. The hiring panel is evaluating how you can overcome a difficult situation. You have to be very creative and convincing about your answer. Rewind to your past and recall what all incidents have made you fall prey to a difficult situation something related to the question itself and try stating it creatively. This will give the interviewers a clear idea of how you will be able to cope with a similar situation in future if anything occurs as such.

Tip: All people are different and not everybody will like a similar kind of care. So, I would find another way which might suit his/her needs or else, will find any other alternate way in consultation with other nurses and doctors.

4. What do you think about your greatest skill as a nurse?

Answer. You will always wait for this question to come your way. This is the perfect question where you can bring your strengths into the spotlight and showcase them in a unique way that will make you stand out from all other participants. Prepare yourself with this question in advance and frame valid answers to lock your seat.

Tip: I feel I have very good communication skills. On top of that, I do not only advice people at a stretch, but also keep enough patience to hear out the patients problems and solve them accordingly.

5. Will you be able to handle the workload?

Answer. Nursing might look very easy job, well it is not as easy as it seems. At times, it can be a highly stressful one. This is because, when there are times of emergency, nurses might have to stay up 24 hours to 48 hours at a highly challenging stretch. Hence, the recruiter will be interested to know if you can handle the workload properly.

Tip: I think a to-do list works well. If I am sorted about what are the task that I have to carry out all throughout the day, then it is easiers to allot stipulated time limits to each and every task and at the end of the day, all the work will be completed effectively.

6. Are you cooperative enough to work with other nurses and doctors?

Answer. Nurses have to be very communicative throughout their work hours. They have to assist the doctors in operation, interact with other nurses, friends and relatives and most importantly, the patients. So, it is quite expected that your answer has to be yes in any case. After this, your storyline will impact your selection process. Be innovative in framing your answer.

Tip: I think I am very cooperative and loves to work in team. Also, I believe that, whenever any problem crops up, togertherness always help us overcome such a situation and make us stronger together.

7. What is the most difficult part about being a nurse?

Answer. This is a very twisted question. Do not get manipulated by this question because the hiring manager is not expecting you to tell how much you hate early morning shifts and then the long hours of assistance to the doctors almost bring down your sodium and potassium levels. They don’t care about your problems, they just want to hire someone who can work their sweat out.

Tip: I think seeing some one in need and not being able to help them is the hardest partfor a nurse to accept that. Sometimes you feel helpless that despite being a nurse you do not have anything esle to caress them.

8. Why should we hire you as a nurse?

Answer. This is the greatest opportunity one can ask for to present themselves as the best deserving candidates before the hiring manager. You just have to answer in a way that will convince them that you are here to benefit the organisation with your services and not just obtain benefits from the organisation. Answer in a way that will help you stand out from others.

Tip: I have been experienced in this field for the past 5 years and just love every inch of it. I am very passionate about this work and strive towards working about it.

9. Describe yourself in brief?

Answer. This question will provide them with a basis of judgement for the interview panel. Answer this question seriously and mindfully as this will say a lot about your personality. Do not cite your entire life story, nobody wants that. Just specify those details about yourself that are relevant to the nursing job. They will be interested in knowing whether you math up to their expectations.

Tip: Cite about your educational qualifications, job experiences, skills and everything related to the job.

10. What motive drove you towards working here?

Answer. Please do not be impulsive and specify about the money in the first place. Recruiters have been in this field and they know that money is the biggest drive for applications in their organisation. Try and convince the hiring team that you are here for serving people and benefit the organisation which will indicate your passion for the job.

Tip: Technology is emerging every now and then and that makes me excited to work with those updated technologies and serving people. Also, this hospital has been recognised as the top rated hosptal for the past seven years.


This content is specifically based on what you can do with your career if you want to pursue a career in Nursing. So, herein we have provided a comprehensive list of sample interview questions on Why do you want to become a nurse. If you are choosing to be a nurse, then you must be very much interested in serving people for their mental and physical wellbeing. Please suggest us if you have any in the comments down below.

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