How To Write A Nursing Resume Objective? (With 2024 Relevant Examples)

The respect and honor that medical professionals garner from all over the world are unmatchable and unparalleled. These professionals are considered as next to god as they have the sole responsibility of curing a person suffering from pain and illnesses. The demand for nurses is huge and they get a high salary along with some lucrative incentives and benefits. This is the primary reason why even a single job opening for this profession commands a huge number of applications from all eligible candidates. Hence, a person willing to become a nurse, must put his or her best foot forward and undertake some sincere efforts.

How To Write A Nursing Resume Objective

What Exactly Is A Resume Objective?

A resume is a document that is divided into several parts and sections containing and displaying relevant information about a candidate and his or her educational qualifications, that would enable an interviewer to understand and analyze the skills, talents, abilities, and qualifications of a candidate. A resume objective is a part of the resume and is displayed at the top.

A resume objective is a critical statement that helps an interviewer to understand the type and nature of the job or industry you are interested in. It shows the following elements:

  1. The type of job you are interested in and wants to be a part of
  2. The nature of industry you want to work in
  3. Two to three of your most dominating and closely related skills and abilities
  4. Your highest educational qualification
  5. Your work experience along with the name of your latest employer
  6. Your goals, aspirations and objectives that you want to achieve in your professional tenure

Step By Step Guide To Write An Exceptional Resume Objective

Writing a resume objective that is exceptional and fulfills all the criteria or covers all the bases, not only impresses an interviewer but also boosts the selection chances of a candidate. Here is a list of steps, that a person must follow so as to write an impressive and impactful resume objective:

Step I: Mention Your Career Goals

The primary purpose of a resume objective is to understand the goals and objectives that you want to accomplish in your professional career. This would be your opening statement of a resume objective as it helps an interviewer to analyze whether or not your goals and objectives align and corresponds with the working culture of the organization.

Step II: Mention At Least Two To Three Of Your Skills

After sharing your life goals and aspirations with your interviewer, it is high time that you shared at least two to three skills with your interviewer that are closely related to you and you possess an expert understanding of the same. For example, You might be an expert in communication skills and have the ability to take special care of elderly patients.

Step III: Mention The Reason That Prompted You To Become A Nurse

Almost all medical professionals are attracted to their profession for some reason or the other. It could be respect, compassion, money-earning opportunities, or simply an active interest in biology and human anatomy. Whatever the case may be, you are expected to share a genuine reason with your employer which enticed and attracted you towards nursing as a profession. For example, I opted this wonderful profession as it gives me an opportunity to serve humanity and help people who are in pain and suffering.

Step IV: How Can You Help The Organization?

Every employee that is hired and employed by an organization adds value to their workplace. The best way to close your resume objective is by mentioning the manner in which you could prove to be an exceptional candidate for this job profile and would be able to serve the organization with your skills, labor, and perseverance. For example, Hiring me could be the best choice for an organization as I have effective prioritization techniques and proficient time management skills enabling me to execute my duties and tasks in a time-bound manner.

Five Sample Resume Objectives For Nursing

Sample I

Being a hardworking, skillful, and richly experienced nurse, I wish to work at reputed medical institutions with the designation of a senior nurse. I have a work experience of 5 years wherein I have executed nursing duties for ABC Group of Hospitals. I have excellent communication skills and have the ability to perform almost all the nursing operations from phlebotomy to monitoring the various parameters of a patient. I am a punctual and disciplined nursing professional, eager to join and contribute with my skills, knowledge, and perseverance.

Sample II

I am a registered nurse with an experience of 4 years of regular employment at the reputed XYZ Hospital. I have come a far way from the beginning and in this journey, I have developed a knack for solving problems and making quick decisions at the time of distress. I am an expert in performing almost all nursing operations, with phlebotomy being my greatest skill. I hope and aspire to join as a nurse at any reputed medical institution, and help the organization with my vast knowledge, skills, and labor.

Sample III (For Freshers)

I am a fresh graduate from the reputed XYZ School of Nursing with an internship experience of 6 months with a reputed medical institution. I aspire to become a full-time nurse at any esteemed medical institution so that I can serve my patients and help them in their times of distress and suffering. I have proven academic records with excellence in phlebotomy and critical patients treatment. Given an opportunity, I can prove my mettle and serve the medical organization with my enthusiasm, perseverance, and passion.

Sample IV

I am a veteran licensed nurse with a collective nursing experience of 10 years wherein I have worked at numerous medical institutions and centers. I am an expert in patients’ periodic assessment and specializes in the recovery of critical patients. I have leadership qualities with quick-thinking skills and I am looking for a senior managerial position at a registered medical institution. Hiring me can help an organization to avail of the services of an experienced medical professional who has served and experienced almost all types of medical emergencies and critical situations.

Sample V

With a rich history of serving more than 1,000 patients at more than 8 hospitals and medical institutions, I aspire to hold a managerial position at any reputed and registered medical institution. I have expert knowledge in the fields of assessments, phlebotomy, and medical emergencies. My attraction towards humanity and biology as a whole enticed me towards this profession and I hope to serve the patients till the end of my career. Medical institutions looking forward to kicking start with an experienced nurse who is an expert in the field, can hire me.


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