Get a Job with No Experience in 2024 – Valuable Guide for Everyone

Every year lakhs of career aspirants pass out taking their graduation degree in their hand. Being a fresher and having no job experience doesn’t always work in their favour. This is the most common problem faced by many aspirants.

The answer to this question is ‘Yes, many big companies look for experience in a candidate while hiring but there are also many businesses and companies that will value you for your skills even if you are a fresher.

Get a Job with No

Tips to Get Job With no Experience

1. Improve or gain skills

Your skills other than your academic achievements are the most important aspect that will help you get a job. Focus on career-oriented skills like data science, designing, coding, data structures, Book keeping, etc. Taking a verified and recognized course to learn these skills can be a good investment. Having those certificates can increase the weight of your CV/Resume. Also try to work on your time management skills and organizational skills. You can try to work for someone for no money or little money to learn to apply those skills.

2. Work on your network

Networking is another best way to get a job in any industry. It is the most efficient way to grab a job in corporate world. Referrals can help to get into good companies and sometimes one that you dreamt of. When you are recommended by someone the trust score is more than usual and the risk of hiring decreases automatically. So, try to work on networking.

You can get in touch with your old friends, classmates or colleagues who have already got a job. Don’t ask it from a position of weakness because sometimes some companies give you bonuses and credits if you refer a candidate for the company. So, you might be giving your friend a chance to earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars. You can also try to network through platforms like Linkedin.

3. Find your Pros

Don’t try to cover the fact that you don’t have any job experience rather, focus on showcasing your skills or qualities that will work in favour of the company you are applying. You can try to tell them about some freelance projects you have worked on (if any) that required the skill they are looking for. You should mention any of your college project or research that will enhance your impression of knowledge capabilities.

4. Focus on your Soft skills

Soft skills like communication skills, interpersonal skills, presentation skills, professionalism, etc  are one of the key factors that will help you get a job even if you have no experience. Some jobs focus less on your academical or professional skills but they need you to present yourself efficiently. These can be fields related to Mass media or Public relations. Having good soft skills with good professional skills will always help you to have an edge over others even in fields related to other industries.

5. Prepare an impressive CV/Resume

Recreate your CV/Resume for every job you interview for. Think of courses you took or internship and volunteering you did that will highlight your qualities needed for the job. Try to highlight your leadership skills, problem solving skills and team spirit. If you have any appreciation letter form your principal or from someone you interned for it will always help you make a impressive CV/Resume.

6. Focus on companies that are not hiring

Try to avoid high competition grounds. In other words try to focus on companies that are not hiring. Send emails to such companies with your resume and your skills mentioned. Try to explain how you can help the company to grow and help in its upscaling. You don’t know which company will start hiring and your early reach can help you eliminate the competition.

7. Keep applying for interviews

Keep reaching to companies and organization through different mediums like emails, linkedin, etc. Stay up to date about the industrial requirements of any job and check if any big companies are hiring. Even if you don’t have an experience never back out from trying if experience is not an eligibility criterion for an interview.

8. Try to work as an intern or volunteer

This is the trick used by many aspirants while looking for a job. Many companies won’t hire you as an employee but there are high chances that they can hire a fully graduated person as an intern. Internships give you an experience of professional culture in any field. So doing those will always be good for you. Volunteering highlights your passion towards a field. So having those experience can help you grab a job easily.


Many students remain stagnant during their entire academic period. Even after knowing the competition in the corporate world, they resist from participating in any extra curriculars. However these extra currriculars are the one that will help you grab a job in future. Those are the proof of your activeness and team spirit. So, do not take your academic period for granted. Try to improve your skills. Never back out from chance to use your leadership and be a part of a team. Try to grab as many internship you can and be socially active.

These are the things that will make you stand out from the even if you don’t have any job experience. Working on different projects can help in improving your technical and practical knowledge about a field. So, look out for opportunities to excel.

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