I Hate My Boss- What Should I Do? (Our Step by Step Guide)

No matter how good your job is or even if you have your dream job, if you have an unpleasant boss then your productivity starts fading and your creativity starts spiraling down. This situation may not seem to be an issue for few but can get worse for many.

Bad manager or boss comes under the top three reasons for employee changing their job. Being vocal is always an option to deal with this situation. This makes it even harder to deal with. You will find many people handling the situation aggressively but unnecessary aggression is always bad.

I Hate My Boss What Should I Do

How to Deal With This Problem?

1. Search the roots

The unpleasant behavior of your boss is not always the testimony of his/her being a bad person. It could be due work load, hierarchical pressure, etc. Knowing the actual reason before judging the situation or your boss could be wrong. So, try to communicate with other employees or ex-employees and get to the roots of the problem.  You cannot tag him/her with a bad boss title for some momentary episodes of lashing out. Sometimes you can look it as a push towards positive side. Remember that your tolerance is one of the important factor of your professionalism.

2. See if compromise works

Sometimes the problem is within yourself. Check if its your work quality that is the reason for your boss issues. Check whether your boss behaves the same way with other employees. If not, then try to search for what you can improve in yourself. It can be your time management issues, organizational issue, research quality, etc. This is the first step towards having an overall approach towards the problem. Try to adjust as per the situation and look if it works. Sometimes its worth compromising for.

3. Calculate the damage

Sometimes you can’t take severe steps like reporting to HR or leaving the job just due to one small back lash from your boss. If you can handle the stress easily than try to stand tall. Sometimes even your paycheck amount counts for analyzing the severity of situation. Like you can’t think of leaving a job with $1,00,000 package just because of a small setback. However, if the work place environment is too toxic and having an unnecessary and excruciating toll on your mental health then its better to consider other options.

Make a list of all the positive points and negative points of the work. Try to be as unbiased as possible.

4. Get ready to talk

This should be your last button to click after trying every other possible way to deal with this problem. Sometimes communication is the key to everything. You can directly confront your boss about your issues. Try to be as professional and gentle as possible. However, this is a very slippery way to go for but if your boss’ unprofessionalism doesn’t overshadow his judgement and work behavior then it can be the best way to resolve all your issues.

5. Start your job search

This is the option that many employees choose to deal with this issue. Mostly the employees that are under appreciated that they deserve. Yes, you should think of jumping to other job if you are not comfortable with your office management. However, this cannot be an option who are fresher in the industry and have very less experience. For the people like this, its better to be patient and make the most of the opportunity given to them Once they have enough experience, they can consider this option.

6. Never badmouth your boss

With job searching comes the interview rounds and you will be definitely asked about your previous or current job environment. Bad mouthing your previous or current employer is never an option during your interview. It will just highlight your unprofessionalism and intolerance. So, try to focus on the positive side of your work while answering the questions.


It is not always about changing the job whenever you face any issue. This is where your problem solving skills comes into action. Try to make good out of everything situation, don’t let the external toxicity affect your productivity. Try to look out for the positive side in every situation. Even if you decide to leave the job, try to leave with dignity. Try to make your amends because sometimes you are even asked for a recommendation letter for your next job. Research well about the managerial status of the job you opt for.

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