What Gets You Up in the Morning? (With 8 Sample Interview Answers)

As you rush along your life hustling and working , there comes a point when you will be exhausted due all the work load and pressure. Many people think of giving up at this stage of life. So, working for a job or having a job doesn’t just mean completing the assigned tasks and grabbing your paychecks at the end of the month. Its about being motivated and productive.

This is where your motivation comes into picture and also the inspiration for answering the questioned mentioned above. May it be corporate, healthcare or any other field having a source of motivation and inspiration is very important. ‘What gets you up in the morning?’ this question is asked to judge the personality of the candidate.

What Gets You Up in the Morning

Tips to Answer Getting You Up in the Morning Question

1. Be detailed

Being detailed in your answer highlights your clarity of thoughts and puts a good impression. Many people try to share a story to make it impactful. You could share story about your any childhood memory or any other personal moments that inspire you to get up and go to job. Don’t make it all about the story. Remember story is just a part of your story

2. Be honest

Many people try to make up fake incidents and get caught in the process of expanding their thoughts. This is really embarrassing and unprofessional. So don’t try to lie but don’t just deny from answering it. You could take a while to think and mention at least any stuff that is relevant.

3. Think about personal & professional motivation

Just sharing your professional motivation is not enough. This question is to judge your overall personality and has a vast scope. So, just being restricted to motivation to work you can also mention some other motivation that push you even on personal level. Try to brainstorm about this before going to the interview.

4. Clear your thoughts about life goals

Having a proper idea about your life goals and objectives helps to answer this question fluently. Many people get hindered from their life goals while answering this questions. You cannot mention that something motivates you to do a particular job when that job is completely off tracked from your goals.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

1. Don’t be too vague

This is the most common mistake done by many candidates. Being too vague is never a good option. You can’t just tell that ambition to become successful as your motivation. It’s better to be as specific as possible. Also answering with too many cliché lines and not being able to expand over it is not good.

2. Don’t be too immature

Answer to this question checks your sensitivity, maturity and positivity. Don’t ruin your impression by answer it with any toxic or immature points. Show them that you are seeking to excel everytime and that you love to learn new things.

3. Don’t refer your current job as the only motivation.

Manny people refer their current job as the only motivation while answering this question. Just think, if your current job means so much for you than how can you think of changing you job. I won’t say not to love your job but don’t mention it as your only motivation.

Sample Answers for Early Waking Up Question

Sample 1

The feeling of bringing a change in this advertising industry is something that gets me p in the morning. It even becomes harder to sleep when I think about the endless possibilities or exploring new things in this industry. It would be a pleasure to work with your company high is one of the leading player in the field and is filled with most innovative minds of the industry.

Sample 2

I never had any problem in getting up and going to life because of my attitude towards life. The urge to spend my energy and time for creating something good for others is my source of motivation. Expecting your life to be helpful for others is something that gives me pleasure.

Sample 3

My children are the reason that I get up every morning and head to work. I want them to have the best possible life that they can and study at the best university as I didn’t get a chance to do that. Every time I feel demotivated and exhausted, thinking about them pushes me to work even harder and give best possible results.

Sample 4

The ability of bringing some change in someone’s life is something that pushes me further in life. Being a social worker, having a chance to be selfless and inspiration is really a privilege and doing justice to having that privilege is something that gets me up in the morning.

Sample 5

I am basically unemployed since last six months. My job search and a hope that tomorrow won’t be same or tomorrow would come bearing a good news, that’s something that gets me up in the morning. Knowing that hard work is always paid off is my daily motivation. So, keeping my morale up and working hard to grab every opportunity that I can is my aim.

Sample 6

My curiosity to learn new things gets me up in the morning. Since childhood, every time I saw any cricket player statistics on T.V. , it made me wonder how it is calculated. Its data that helps businesses grow. Its data that helps to make better decisions and being a data analyst is something that I always wanted to be.

Sample 7

We always talk about pollution in our environment but there are really few that actually work towards reducing it. I always cared about sustainable development and green house effect. Looking for any opportunity to work for this field is something that gets me up in the morning. It’s the primary reason that I applied for your company. Your recent solar project made me want to be part of it and inspired me a lot.

Sample 8

The happiness that I get when I work with my wonderful team is my daily motivation to go to work. My team is the place where I learn something new everyday and exchange ideas to get a=the best possible outcome. A team spirit has become the part of my body and I read that you company values every team player. So, I thought it would be the best place to excel.


The answer to this question should reflect your sensitivity, maturity, professionalism and optimism. Never try to be negative while answering this question. Prepare for this question separately before going to the interview. Not being prepared for this question can get you blindsided and highlight you bad organization of thoughts and ideas. Try to answer something unique and impressing but don’t push yourself too hard for explaining the details excessively that it starts to feel monotonous.

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