What Do You Enjoy Most or Least About Teamwork? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

Business organizations strive for every effort using which they can bring positivity in the work environment and enhance the productivity as well as efficiency of the employees. Teamwork is a part of this innovation and is used widely across various industries of varying sizes and cultures due to its proven benefits and assistance. This qualifies this subject as the favorite interview question of the interviewer wherein a candidate is asked and analyzed about his or her perception, ideology, and comfort while working in a team setting.

Considering the cut-throat competition and a high level of skills, it is necessary that a candidate prepares for every interview question sincerely. Reading more and more sample answers would not only enhance the stretch of your imagination but would also give you confidence during an interview session.

What Do You Enjoy Most or Least About Teamwork

Explanation Of This Interview Question

This is a common interview question and appears in almost all the interview sessions held across the world. But, what does this question exactly means to say? If one will read this question with a broader mind, one will find out that, this question gives you two options on the subject of teamwork. The first one being, you are in favor of teamwork, and the second one being, you are simply against it. You are not allowed to take both the stands, as the question specifically uses the word ‘or’. Hence, this is not an advantage and disadvantage kind of question, rather this is a tactical question, wherein you have to take a stand and have to explain it with reasonable logic and adequate rationales.

Tips For Effectively Answering This Interview Question

1) Be Logical

Whatever side you are, whether you enjoy working in a team setting or hate working with several people together, just share a genuine response, which is supported with a logical and well-structured rationale. In case you are not able to explain your viewpoint, this simply translates into an ineffective and unimpressive answer which would force your interview to tag you as an underprepared candidate.

2) Take Your Stand

It is quite possible that the candidates might think that, working in a team setting is the preferred and safer way to answer this question. However, this is not true. The interviewer is specifically giving you an option, to choose either side of the coin. If you do not like working in teamwork and prefer working in a solitary setting, then take your stand and explain your answer with a valid reason.

Ten Best Sample Answers To Consider

Sample Answer One

Sir, I am a huge fan of working in a teamwork setting, as I believe, it has the capability to promote and enhance the productivity levels of an employee. The best part about working in a team setting is that it enables instant doubt and apprehension solving help. In case a particular team member is stuck at a particular work-related issue, one can always approach other team members for help and guidance. This not only increases the efficiency of an employee but also increases accuracy and precision.

Sample Answer Two

There is no shortcoming in a teamwork setting and personally, I prefer working in a team setup. The best thing that I enjoy while working in a team setting is that it motivates and encourages the team members by creating a conducive working environment to achieve the goals and objectives of the business organization in a time-bound manner so that the organization is able to prosper and we all are able to earn our promotions.

Sample Answer Three

Teamwork is great in the sense that it ensures that the employees are on the right path and track. The best thing, in my opinion, about a team setting is that it enables all the team members to communicate with each other and share their ideas, beliefs, and working procedures. This helps in innovation and consistent improvement of business processes. There have been numerous instances wherein a team has evolved and innovated an updated and faster method to work upon a particular task leading to efficiency.

Sample Answer Four

Sir, I am completely against this concept and I believe, teamwork lays little to no significance upon the productivity levels of an employee. Rather, it has immense capability to depleting it. The worst part about teamwork is that you simply can not concentrate and focus on your tasks, as your team members would stimulate you and would even prompt you to engage with them in making useless gossips and blarney. This would reduce your efficiency and there are high chances that you would not be able to execute your tasks and duties in a time-bound manner.

Sample Answer Five

Sir, I prefer and enjoy working in a team setting, as it enables the team members to form a close bond with each other and generate a sense of belongingness. There is no harm in finding friends at your workplace with whom you can share everything from professional to personal. Hence, I simply love this aspect of teamwork and I feel this would help me in becoming a better employee.

Sample Answer Six

Sir, the best part about working in team settings is that it helps an employee to get instant doubt clearing sessions. Whatever it is, be it a professional issue or any problem in executing a task, a team setting has a solution for your problems and worries. You can simply approach your team member for solutions and guidance.

Sample Answer Seven

Sir, In my humble opinion, teamwork is an absolutely pathetic concept, which contributes nothing to employee productivity and puts additional pressure upon an employee. The worst thing about teamwork is that, you are made to work in a team of three to five members and in case even a single one of them is absent due to some emergency, the tasks assigned to the absentee would be distributed among the rest of the team members, putting an immense additional workload upon them. They would now be required to complete their original tasks and also the additional tasks, which severely affects the productivity and efficiency of the employees, along with posing serious health issues.

Sample Answer Eight

Sir, I am not a fan of teamwork and I simply do no enjoy working in it. The primary reason being, teamwork is the major cause and the starting point for all the petty office politics that affect your mental wellbeing considerably. It could deplete your confidence levels to new lows every day and you might feel lost and wandering at a workplace. Persons with such an attitude can not achieve their targets or execute tasks. Hence, I always prefer working in solitary, and in case issues arise, there are your immediate seniors to help you out.

Sample Answer Nine

Be it any confusion or be it an obstacle, working in a team setting, allows you to have an insight into that particular problem from a variety of angles and views. This helps you to stretch your imagination considerably and enables you to execute your tasks and duties with greater precision and accuracy.

Sample Answer Ten

Sir, teamwork is not the preferred way of working for me as I prefer to work in a solitary setting. The primary reason for not liking the team setting is that it leads to a lot of gossiping and loss of concentration, which affects the performance of an employee at the workplace. Further, working in a teamsetting makes you dependent upon your other team members for even small issues and problems, affecting your decision-making ability considerably.


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