Top 21 Vet School Interview Questions In 2024 [With Answers]

It is true that animals are speechless and have a lesser intellectual ability than humans. But, they are a creation of God, and much like us, most of them do have emotions and feelings. They also fall sick, feel uncomfortable, and feel the need to have a proper diagnosis. A veterinarian is a medical professional who diagnoses and treats animals, most commonly pet cats and dogs. There are various employment opportunities for a vet in places like national parks, animal zoos, sanctuaries, or simply a vet hospital.

In order to become a vet doctor, a candidate needs to apply at any established educational institution that offers a degree course in it. Most of the vet schools conduct an interview of the interested students, on the basis of which they get admission into the college. This interview process is quite challenging and may seem tough for unprepared candidates. Thus, it is necessary to have sincere preparation, preferably by reading a lot of frequently asked interview questions.

Vet School Interview Questions

21 Best Interview Questions To Study

1. Tell Me Something About Yourself.

This is the first question which marks the beginning of an interview session. Through this question, an interviewer broadly requires you to share your:

  • Name
  • Your Educational qualifications
  • Your work experience (if any) and
  • Your Extra-curricular activities

This question marks the end of your estranged relationship with your interviewer and gives you an opportunity to settle in. It is necessary that you give a complete and engaging introduction of yourself, as we all know, “well begun is half done”.

2. Do You Study All The Time? If Not, How Will You Spend Your Leisure TIme On The Campus?

This is a personality evaluating interview question. It is true that students get plenty of spare time while studying in colleges. This question requires you to state the manner or the way in which you are willing to spend your leisure time. You can certainly state, that you will hang out with your friends, explore nearby market places, or simply grab some food from the college canteen. Try not to be a nerd, and do not say that you will revise your class notes, or maybe study for some other exams.

3. What Do You Aspire and Where Do You See Yourself In The Next Ten Years?

This question checks how serious you are about your career and whether or not you have made any future plans. As an ideal response to this question, just state what you want to be, supposing you get successful in life. For example, you might state that you will start your vet practice, or maybe become a senior doctor at any vet hospital.

4. We See Animals Been Slaughtered Every Now And Then For Food and Other Purposes. Are You Comfortable With This Situation?

This is a question that touches on an ethical problem. Since you are young and would most probably become the future of the nation, you will be asked all such types of questions that are related to any social dilemma. The best way to answer such questions is by stating your true opinion, with proper reasoning and justifications. There will always be possibilities that your opinion might differ from or align with the general perception, but you must go ahead and present a true case.

5. Name Any Three Popular and Widely Used Animal Medicines.

Medicines are an important part of the career of vet doctors, and there are high chances that you will be asked the names of some popular vet medicines available in the market. Some common medicines are, Synthroid, Crestor, Nexium, Ventolin HFA, etc.

6. Leadership Is A Must Have Trait In Doctors. Describe About A Time When You Showed Leadership?

“Leadership” is the most important characteristic that every successful doctor possesses. This is because you got to believe in your skills and abilities in order to give proper treatment to your patients. As an ideal response to this question, you must demonstrate any real-life incident in which you showed leadership. These incidents could be related to your school (preferred), neighborhood, or maybe to your workplace.

7. Why You Chose This Profession?

This is a general question, which requires you to state the reasons for your choice of becoming a vet doctor. Some valid and acceptable reasons are:

  • You love animals, and since they are speechless, you want to help them out
  • You have always kept pets at your home, since your childhood, and you have developed a special bonding with them
  • You experienced that animal treatments are quite expensive and you want to bring a change

8. You Will Soon Become A Practicing Vet Doctor. How Will You Handle A Disgruntled Customer?

This question checks your ability to solve problems and judges your conversational skills. The best way to answer this question is by stating the importance of active listening skills and creative thinking. Always tell your interviewer that you will, first of all, understand the problem of the customer in a comprehensive manner and then, would extend solutions, using your critical thinking, that is based on reason and logic.

9. Assuming That You Have Become A Vet Doctor and Have Been Employed In A Laboratory, Which Conducts Clinical Trials. You Have To Perform Several Trials On About 20,000 Rats. How Will You Handle This Situation?

This is a tricky interview question, which relates to the most common ethical dilemma, Clinical trials on animals. You can certainly expect that you will face a few questions on this aspect. There are several schools of thought on clinical trials, some state it is disgusting and unethical, while for some it is justified, as it helps in the betterment of human society and is necessary for human survival. Share your own genuine opinion and don’t forget to justify it with a valid reason and logic.

10. A Vet Doctor Is Inferior To Any Human Doctor. Comment On This Statement.

This is a statement base interview question, in which you are required to express your views on a particular statement. In the instant case, the statement presented to you degrades and criticizes your own profession. As an ideal response, you are advised to defend your profession and state valid reasons, wherein you convince your interviewer that your profession is at par or better than the human doctors.

11. If You Were Made The President, What Animal Related Policy You Would Introduce and Why?

This is a personality evaluating interview question, which checks your level of intelligence as well as assesses your overall inclination towards animals and the problems faced by them. There are various animal-related issues, which are faced the world over, such as slaughtering, urbanization, destruction of natural habitats, depleting forest cover, etc. Prefer to choose any hot problem related to animals and frame an answer accordingly.

12. Vet Is An Expensive Course. How Financially Capable Are You?

There is nothing technical in this interview question, yet a bad response might affect your admission chances. As an ideal response, always state that you are financially capable of fulfilling all the financial commitments. You might tell that you have taken a loan from any financial institution or have your own/parent’s savings, which can be used to fund your education-related expenditures.

13. Describe Your Best and Worst Teacher.

We all study from various teachers in our academic life. Some are simply adorable for us and some simply don’t meet our expectation levels. This question checks on what basis do you classify and segregate teachers. Always frame a structured answer and justify it with a valid reason.

14. We Always Teach “Quality” In Operations To Our Students. Do You Have Any Idea of The Term “Quality”?

This is a word-based interview question wherein you are required to interpret the term “quality”. There could be several interpretations of this term. For some, it might be meeting the standards, and for some, it could be performing above excellence. Whatever it is, just share your own version with the interviewer. Further, it is always advised that you state an original answer and ignore the generic ones.

15. Describe Yourself In One Word.

This is a tricky interview question, which requires you to summarize your entire personality into a single word. It is recommended that the word you choose must be student-friendly, and must depict your compatibility for the vet school. Some good words can be, hardworking, committed, loyal, dedicated, etc. Further, after quoting the single word, you are also expected to justify your selection.

16. We Have Adopted A Deep and Detailed Curriculum For This Course. How Do You Manage Your Education Related Stress?

Education is a gift and must not be understood as an activity that is stressful or is burdensome. However, ironically, there are many students who have easy access to their education, and simply take it for granted. Post this, the curriculum seems boring and examinations are synonymous with a burden. Hence, an interviewer asks this question, so as to understand the techniques that you will adopt to manage your education-related stress.

17. We Receive So Many Applications From Interested Students. What Is Your Alternate Plan, In case You Miss Out This Year?

This question checks how serious you are about the college as well as the vet course. As an ideal response, you must state that; “You have prepared well enough for the interview, and owing to the good records, you are certain that you will make it through. However, in case you are not able to, you will certainly try out again in the next admission process. You will analyze your performance and would seriously work upon your problem areas”.

18. If You Were An Animal, What Will You Be?

This is a personality evaluating interview question, the relevance of which increases manifolds in this particular interview session. In response to this question just state any positive animal, such as honey bee, elephant, dog, dolphin, etc., and state their’s natural instincts and attributes that you like in particular.

19. Why You Chose Our School?

This is a common interview question, which tests your level of commitment as well as seriousness towards the school. The best way to attempt this question is by preparing notes from the official website of the school. Note down all the relevant findings, such as achievements of the school, ranking, placement prospects, quality of education, etc. Post this, just couple it up with your personal interests in the college, and frame a structured answer.

20. We Assign Ad-hoc Several Assignments To Our Students. Will You Be Able To Finish Them Before Deadline?

Every established college offers a variety of assignments and homework to its students that needs to be submitted before a pre-determined deadline. This is possible only when you have a developed prioritization strategy. As an ideal response to this interview question, you must state your strategy of arranging the different tasks. For example, you might arrange your tasks on the basis of difficulty level or on the basis of time consumption, with the most difficult or most time-consuming task being performed at first.

21. Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

Be it an interview session for employment or for getting admission into your favorite college, every interview ends with this particular question. This is the last question that is asked by an interviewer. Through this question, an interviewer gives you an opportunity to ask a few relevant counter-questions from him or her, in regards to the college, its faculty members, the academic records, ragging policies, etc. It is recommended that you attempt this question as skipping this question might prove fatal to your selection chances.

Model Questions

  • What are the various practical training and development programs offered by the school to its students?
  • Please share a list of all the anti-ragging policies adopted by the college.
  • What are the various scholarship opportunities offered by the college to its students?


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