If You Were An Animal, What Would You Be? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

An interview is a set of complex questions designed in a special way so as to elicit responses from you that will define your personality, mindset, and behavioral aspects along with judging your grip on your core profile and subjects. There will always be a few tricky questions that will help an interviewer to judge your thinking and intelligence. This is one of the questions which is more evolved and modern from the basic strength/weakness or why should we hire you, questions. This involves greater planning and serious preparation to boost your chances of selection.

If You Were An Animal What Would You Be

Four Tips To Answer This Question Effectively

1) You Are Not Always A Dog

For almost 90% of the candidates sitting and attending the interview process, the first choice animal for this question is a dog. It is true that a dog is a loyal and committed animal and the most favored pet all over the globe, but you just can’t choose what everyone is choosing. By doing this you will lose your edge over the other candidates, and your selection would be mostly based on other questions or maybe your education.

2) Best Animals Other Than Dog

If not a dog, what other animals can we choose from? This is a common question in a reader’s mind after reading our first point. There are a variety of animals that can be chosen for this answer, Here is a list of some special creatures with their special abilities:

Name of the animalsSpecial abilities
DolphinsIntelligent, Quick learner, and Team worker
LionDedicated and fearless
EagleCommitted, perseverance and visionary
Honey BeesMost hardworking, always busy, and the highest level of perseverance
ElephantLoyal, Great memory, and dedicated

3) Be Reasoned and Logical

Merely replying that Dog is my favorite animal, so I want to be like it or Cat is a pet of mine, since my childhood, so I want to be like it, would not come in handy. What the interviewers are looking for is a reasonably well-explained answer, wherein you elaborate the qualities of the animal you are choosing and align them with your personal interests and preferences.

4) Animals To Avoid

There are tens of thousands of animals in this world, surviving and flourishing. You on a personal level might like a hundred of them, but not every animal has the ability to qualify for this answer. Some animal which must be avoided at all costs are:

Name of the animalsReason to avoid
Snakes of any variety, color, or sizeThese creatures are mostly associated with betrayal, cheating, and violence. Hence, avoid them as there are fewer positive qualities and more negative attributes of this animal.
FoxThey are mostly associated with being cunning, mean, and diplomatic. You will not be able to justify your selection, and might end up your answer poorly.
CrocodileYou must have heard about crocodile tears. These animals are violent, aggressive, and deceptive. Choosing this animal might mean, that you want to cheat or deceive your peers or your employer organization. Hence, avoid at all costs.
CowYou might wonder why this animal is on the prohibited list. The simple reason is, a cow, is just too generous or naive with little to no intelligence or wisdom of any sort. Choosing this might give an impression that you wish to become a lethargic and non-productive person, without even trying to achieve things that are tough and hard. No offenses to cows, they are the primary reason for our existence and well-being.

Ten Best Answers To Read

Sample Answer One

In many religions, it has been stated that human life is achieved or bestowed upon only a few selected souls. Otherwise, we all live and born as animals. If I ever get a chance, I will love to become a dolphin as it closely resembles my nature. I am also, an intelligent and playful person who loves to communicate with other people. Dolphins have a special ability to work efficiently in a team setting and I think, If I become one, I would be a great team worker.

Sample Answer Two

Being a target-oriented, committed and devoted individual, I would love to transform myself into the bald eagle. These eagles have the ability to be vigilant and attentive almost all the time with a sharp eye focusing only and only on the target or goal to be achieved. One can adopt so many things from this lovely creature, along with being fearless, tenacious and quality to create high visions.

Sample Answer Three

If I ever get a chance, I would love to be a lion, the king of the jungle. If you have ever observed, a lion can do almost anything to pursue its prey. Its dedication and perseverance are commendable. If we deploy the same level of sincerity, focus, and concentration in our work, I feel, we too can achieve great heights and one day might become a senior manager or maybe the CEO of the company.

Sample Answer Four

If I ever get a chance, I will be a dolphin. Because dolphins are chatty animals besides being intelligent and skillful. They always possess a charming attitude with friendly nature and the ability to move or go on with a team. In addition to this, they are quick learners and can perform daunting tasks if trained well. I believe, dolphins are the animals close to my heart and I wish, I become one.

Sample Answer Five

As busy as a honey bee. The best thing about honey bees is the level of dedication, perseverance, and ability to stay focused and committed to the repetitive work almost 24 hours and 365 days of the year. If humans, ever adopt the qualities of a honey bee, there is nothing that humans can’t achieve in his or her life. There is everything for a hard-working person in this world, and arguably, honey bees are the most hard-working creature to have ever lived in my knowledge. So, being a career-oriented person, I want to be a honey bee.

Sample Answer Six

If I ever get a chance to become an animal, I would request god to make an elephant. I have always been amazed by the size, benevolence, kindness, and loyalty of the big and heavy animal. Elephants are enormously detail-oriented and have the ability to pay attention to even the most trivial tasks without getting affected by their weight or mammoth size. In addition to this, their ability to remember things is a big plus point for me to choose this animal.

Sample Answer Seven

You must have seen an Arabian horse, with long hair on its neck and a long tail. I wish to be the same. Not only they are strong and have enormous power, but they are self-dependent and have the ability to work independently with minimum but proper guidance and training. These horses possess commendable focus and determination that help them to serve their owners with utmost satisfaction and loyalty.

Sample Answer Eight

I will pray god, to make me a giraffe. Being a simple animal with a long neck these creatures have the ability to see far away things, with ease and comfort. They are gentle and nonaggressive and suit my personality and style completely. Like a giraffe, I would love to see what lies ahead of me, which no one else can see. This would give me a competitive advantage and I will be able to make significant progress in my career.

Sample Answer Nine

If I ever get a chance, I will love to become a goat. The word GOAT is synonymous with ‘sky is the limit’ and is a title conferred upon an individual who is highly dedicated and committed to its work. In addition to this, a goat is highly resilient and has a unique ability to thrive in most nonconducive situations besides being non-aggressive. Hence, I would love to be a goat.

Sample Answer Ten

I would love to become a moose because it is an animal that shows great maturity and strength and always remains true to itself. It has an ability to adapt pretty quickly and gets itself adjusted to its new surroundings or maybe changing circumstances. A non-complaining, adorable creature, who always stands on his own decisions.


There are numerous animals living, surviving, and flourishing in the palms and laps of our beloved mother earth. All of them are special in a unique way, no matter what human perceptions are. This question requires you to choose an animal with more positive qualities and abilities. A serious preparation accompanied by reading several sample answers can help you to ace this question. If you like our articles then don’t forget to share them with your family and friends. Also, do let us know through the comments section below, how much you like our articles.


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