Tell Me About Yourself Interview Question? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

When you appear for an interview you and your interviewer maintains a mysterious relationship wherein your interviewer has nothing of you, other then your resume in black and white. In order to know who you are, your perception towards situations and your ability to express yourself, it is common for interviewers to ask this question in the very beginning of an interview session.

Tell Me About Yourself Interview Question 1

Four Tips For Answering This Question

1) Don’t Under Estimate This Question

We all know our name, then why do we need to prepare for this question specifically? It is a common question of the candidates when they are told to prepare their introduction. But it is not about your name or educational qualifications,. it is about the way or manner you express it. Interviewers want to check your confidence level, body language and communication skills while you are responding to this question. Hence, be serious and prepare wisely.

2) Follow The Sequence

The introduction part of a candidate consists of several elements, as mentioned below:

  • Name: The starting or initiation of any candidate’s introduction is by responding with his or her name.
  • City: After the name, you are supposed to share the name of the city/town/state to which you belong.
  • Education: Tell your educational achievements starting from your school to the highest qualification.
  • Work Experience: Tell the name of the institute for which you have worked, in the recent past, or are currently working.
  • Extra-Curricular Activities: Only study and no play, makes a boy dull and boring. You must have heard or read this quote in various forms at so many different places. No company wants to hire dull candidates, rather they want all-rounders who have excelled in both studies as well as extracurricular activities. Hence, always mention your best such activity at the end of your answer.

It must be ensured, that the sequence is followed religiously so that everything sounds interesting and an interviewer is able to grasp everything easily. In the element related to education, you must start from your school education and then proceed to college education in chronological order.

3) Be Creative

Your name, educational qualifications, certifications, and a list of extracurricular activities are already in the resume, which is right in front of the eyes of your interviewer. But still, you are asked this question, and that too in the very beginning. The primary reason is, an interviewer wants to know about:

  • Your attitude
  • Your ability to express
  • Your personality
  • Your perception about yourself (self boasting will not help you)

Hence, be creative and master your introduction part by making a lovely and thoughtful answer.

4) First Chance To Impress

This is the probably the first question that an interviewer asks from you. We all know,

Well begun is half done or

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Hence, you are required to prepare this question in a very serious way and must craft a beautiful introduction for yourself, that enables a listener to have a complete, but brief, insight about you and your personality. This is your first chance to impress your interviewer and this opportunity must not be wasted at any cost.

Ten Best Sample Answers To Study

Sample Answer One

I am ABC, based in XYZ city. I have come to this town to attend the interview process. I completed my schooling at XYZ School and owing to some good performances I was able to secure a seat in the prominent AAA College of Education. I was a serious college student and excelled in my college studies with high grades, which helped me to secure a position of a junior manager at DDD Corporations Inc. I have also played sports at various levels during my college time.

Sample Answer Two

I am ABC from XYZ city and have completed my schooling at XYZ School. Being a serious and hard-working student, I secured good grades which fetched me admission at GGG College. Post this, I got employment at HHH Management Company. In my extracurricular activities, I have always been an active singer and have even won around 2 to 3 competitions at various levels.

Sample Answer Three

I am ABC, a permanent resident of XYZ City. I have done my schooling at XYZ School, and since I scored nicely, I got an admission at prominent RRR College of Education. Post this, I applied for a position at HHH Corporation and secured a place for the post of Junior accountant. Along with this, I am a food lover and love to play tennis.

Sample Answer Four

I am ABC from XYZ City. I did my schooling at XYZ School and after that cleared the entrance exam of GGG College. I scored good grades in my college and got an internship at the prominent JJJ Group of companies for 6 months. Apart from studies, I have been an active painter and have painted several portraits at several competitions.

Sample Answer Five

I am ABC, based in XYZ City. I have completed my schooling at KKK School. I topped my school and got admission to the prestigious UUU College of education wherein I completed my master’s degree. Soon, I cleared the interview for the post of Junior manager and have been currently working there. I have the ability to learn quickly and have an active interest in various sports, majorly football and cricket.

Sample Answer Six

I am ABC a permanent resident of XYZ City. I have completed my schooling at the UUU Group of Schools. I scored nicely in my school and due to this, I got myself admitted to the esteemed OOP College of education. Being a hard-working student, I always studied hard and scored good grades, and earned a first-class college degree. In addition to my studies, I take a keen interest in politics and have also taken part in several debate competitions.

Sample Answer Seven

I am ABC and belongs from XYZ City. I am in this town to take part in the interview process. I have completed my schooling at XYZ School and post that, I got admission into OIO College of Education, due to my good grades and performance. I have always been a hardworking student, and I scored nicely in my college examinations. I got a campus placement into the prestigious JLK Group of Companies and have worked there till last month. I have always been a part of the drama society of my college and took an active interest in basketball.

Sample Answer Eight

I am ABC with my permanent residence in XYZ City. I have done schooling at JKJ School and post that got admission into YUO Management College. I have done two part-time internships of 6 months each during my college days itself and after securing my college degree I got placed into the IJK Manufacturing Company as a junior manager, wherein I worked till the end of last year. I have always been fond of music and have even composed a few albums of mine, wherein I acted as a lead singer.

Sample Answer Nine

I am ABC from XYZ City. I completed my schooling at XYZ School and owing to some good marks I got admission into the esteemed RRR college of management. In my college, I always remained a dedicated and committed student, who passed every examination with flying colors. I got my college degree in November 2020 and got placed into YTU Management Inc. at the post of branch manager. Apart from studies, I have also been a basketball player and have represented the local team of XYZ City in various competitions.

Sample Answer Ten

I am ABC with my permanent residence in XYZ City. I did my schooling at HJK School, XYZ City. After this, I got a diploma in mechanical engineering from YYU Polytechnic and got placement from campus at UIO Group of companies. I am currently working here at the post of senior manager. I have also, played rugby at club level and have been a fitness enthusiast throughout my life.


The way you perform and respond to your first question defines you for the rest of the interview session. Introductions are the first thing that will be asked of you, and a well-sequenced, thoughtfully crafted introduction can work wonders for you, strengthening your candidature and giving you a competitive edge. If you like our articles then don’t forget to share them with your family and friends. Also, do let us know through the comments section below, how much you like our articles.


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