Tell Me About Yourself Interview Question? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

When you appear for an interview session, you and your interviewer maintain an estranged relationship with each other. You might have acquired a few facts about your prospective interviewer but an interviewer knows nothing about you. He or she obviously has a written resume, which most probably has been carefully analyzed, but it is nothing when you define yourself in your own words. Apart from the description, such a question also allows an interviewer to judge and evaluate your confidence level, your level of communication skills, and your fluency of speech. Master this essential question by studying the tips as well as sample answers.

Tell Me About Yourself Interview Question

Relevancy Of this Question

It is no wonder, that this is probably the first question through which an interviewer starts an interview process. As we all know, “The first impression is the last impression” or maybe, “Well begun is half done”, this question holds a lot of relevance and thus requires some serious preparation. However, it is a sheer irony that despite such importance, most of the candidates take this question very lightly, as they feel, we can certainly tell our name and education. But the truth is always far from our presumptions, and one must always lay maximum efforts to prepare for this question, seriously.

Five Tips To Effectively Answer This Question

1) Start With Your Name

It is highly advised, that you start your answer by sharing your name with your employer. Post this, you are expected to share your current designation (if working), your educational qualifications, and the names of your educational institutes.

2) Be Humble

No matter how excellent your academic records are or how valuable your work experience is, you are always advised to maintain a humble tine. Even a single strand of arrogance can ruin your selection chances. Hence, always maintain a soft tone and answer this question in a polite manner.

3) Mention Your Extra-Curricular Activities

No organization wants to hire robots whose primary duty is to just work. No play and only work makes a man dull and boring. No organization wants to hire dull employees. Hence, always include in your resume, your favorite sports, or music or your preferred weekend exercises, etc. In a quest of doing so, never get carried away, rather close this phase of answer within 10-12 words.

4) Mention Total Work Experience

If you are currently employed or have worked somewhere even during an internship or training, just mention the same to your interviewer. Telling such things at the very beginning of an interview session enables an interviewer to create a positive frame of mind and form a positive opinion. This would give you a slight margin of making any error.

5) Try To Incorporate Your Primary Qualities

In case you feel that the length of your answer is getting too short, just try to incorporate a few of your major strengths or qualities, which you feel define you and truly related to you. This way, you will be able to showcase, your complete ability, and depending upon your communication skills, you might impress your interviewer through the very first question.

Ten Best Sample Answers To Study

Sample Answer One

Sure, sir, I am ABC, currently working with XYZ Corporation in the capacity of a sales manager. I graduated from GGH School and completed my MBA in sales from the reputed HHU Management College. I have a collective experience of 5 years in the field and have even won two company awards as best sales personnel. I love to travel and have some fun with my family and friends.

Sample Answer Two

Yes, sir, I am ABC, based in XYZ City, and have traveled here so as to take part in the interview process. I am currently working in the capacity of an accounts manager at the reputed DDF Corporation for accounts management. My total work experience is 4 years, including an experience of 6 months at a manufacturing organization in their accounts section. I love to travel and listen to music. My favorite option is to explore street foods during my weekends.

Sample Answer Three

Sir, I am ABC, from XYZ City, and have been working with a management firm for the past 3 years. I graduated from a reputed college and owing to some exceptional academic performance, I got selected through campus placement and got an opportunity to work with my current employer. I am a hard-working and detail-oriented person, with an extended ability to work long stretched hours without any break or supervision. HIre me and I will prove to be an asset to the organization.

Sample Answer Four

Sure sir. I am ABC from XYZ city and have graduated from GGH College of education with superior grades. Post this, I applied for a job at the prestigious TTY Corporation and got selected on my very first attempt. I worked there for 2 years and feeling for a job change, I applied with your esteemed company. I have a superior grip on the core aspects and the fundamentals, with a piece of good practical knowledge. As a leisure interest, I love to play guitar and basketball.

Sample Answer Five (For Freshers)

Yes, sir, I am ABC, a fresh graduate from TTY College of Education and an alumnus of the GGH Group of schools. I was a national olympiad winner in the field of physics during my school days and have even won several accolades in the field of dancing and music. Further, I am a hard-working individual who loves to persevere and achieve my targets, no matter how adverse the situations are. I would love to work and serve this prestigious company.

Sample Answer Six

I am ABC, a senior marketing manager from XYZ City, who has worked with some of the finest brands out there. I have a collective work experience of over 8 years and have managed to excel in every opportunity that has come my way. I am a professional singer too and have appeared in several musical competitions. Being an optimistic and erudite individual, I am looking forward to working with an organization as valuable as yours.

Sample Answer Seven

I understand the relevance of this question. Sir, I am ABC from UUY City. I completed my schooling at HHJ Modern School and owing to some stellar academic performance I got an admission into the prestigious UUY Group of Education. Post this, I got an opportunity to work as a manager in the field of accounting at a reputed international firm. After having served them for 4 years, I am willing to advance my career and applied with you. In addition to this, I am a professional tennis player and I represent Lions Tennis Club every year.

Sample Answer Eight

I am ABC, a hardworking and committed individual from the hilly areas of YYU City located in the heart of the state. I am currently working with, IIO Group of management as a consultant for the past 4 years. Before this, I had undergone a training session with the PPO Manufacturing organization for a good period of 18 months. I am an excellent writer and in my leisure time, I love to read inspirational and historical books.

Sample Answer Nine

Hello sir, I am ABC a job aspirant from GGH City. I am a working professional with more than 6 years of experience under my belt. I love to travel and dance, playing snooker and pool with my friends, a common weekend hobby. I am a committed and loyal individual, with a go-getter attitude. I would love to work here and be a part of the workforce.

Sample Answer Ten

Sure, sir, I will. I am ABC, I am a college graduate from IYT College of Science. As soon as completed college, I got an opportunity to undergo an internship with a prestigious manufacturing organization as a technical sales personnel. After getting trained there for 8 months, I got a full-time job opportunity at IIO Corporation in a similar capacity. I have a total work experience of 2 years and in order to advance my career, I am looking forward to working with your esteemed organization.


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