Taxi Driver Interview Questions & Answers

In some places, it is bright yellow and in some, it is black, or maybe red. In some worlds, it is a Mercedez and in some, it is an innocent Ford.

What are we talking about?

Well, no rocket science, these are the different versions of taxis that are in existence since time immemorial.

As per a recent survey, taxi operators and aggregators are some of the best places to work as taxi drivers. Not only the lucrative pay but also the chance to roam your city is enough to draw young drivers to this wonderful profession.

Hence, if you have impeccable driving skills and a will to help people commute, opting for this profession is the best choice.

Taxi Driver Interview Questions

21 Best Interview Questions To Study

1. Reckless, Zig-Zag or Unsafe Driving Is Highly Discouraged and Proscribed By Our Organization. Can You Please Share Some Of The Best Tips For Safe Driving?

This is a very important question and there are higher chances that you will be asked this question in your interview session.

Sample Answer

Yes sir, I always drive safe and abide by the different rules, regulations, advisories, and guidelines. Some of the best tips are:

  • Never drink and drive
  • Maintain an appropriate distance on the road from the adjacent vehicles
  • Never Overspeed and keep your car within the limits mentioned in the signboards
  • No matter how quickly you want to reach your destination, never drive on the wrong side
  • Never use mobile phones while driving

2. What Is G. P. S? How Do You Use It While Driving Taxi?

G. P. S stands for Global Positioning System and is commonly used by taxi drivers. You must be aware of its functioning and the associated operating processes.

Sample Answer

Sir, G. P. S is a software, basically a mobile application, which is developed by Google. I use it to:

  • Find the estimated distance to the destination
  • Find the estimated time involved in reaching the destination
  • The various alternative routes

3. Assume A Situation In Which A Passenger Is Neither Using The Seat Belt Nor Following Any Passenger Safety Rule Devised By The Company. How Would You Handle This Situation?

This is a situation-based interview question, which requires you to handle the given situation calmly.

Sample Answer

Sir, following the safety rules, is necessary for the safety of the passengers as well as the other cars on the road. In such a situation, I will request the passengers to please follow the rules. In case, they are ignorant, I will request them calmly to find some other taxi.

4. What Prompted You To Become A Taxi Driver?

Through this question, an interviewer requests you to share the reasons that propelled you to become a taxi driver.

Sample Answer

Sir, since my childhood, I always loved traveling and showed an immense interest in driving cars. However, my father was not able to afford a car, and I remember how much I craved driving. Hence, I decided that upon growing up, I will become a taxi driver, as that will make me drive all day long in my city.

5. Can You Tell Some Common Issues That Irritate The Passengers Riding In A Taxi?

Sample Answer

Sure sir, These are:

  • Playing loud music
  • Taking frequent wrong turns
  • Driving too slow or too fast
  • Chewing gums, drinking, or eating anything while driving

6. Describe A Time When You Showed Dedication, Honesty, and Commitment Towards Your Employer While Being On Duty.

This question checks your personality and you are required to narrate a practical work experience.

Sample Answer

Sir, this happened during my previous employment with XYZ Taxi Drivers Inc. One day, while driving, I immediately saw a blue clutch lying on the backseat of my taxi. Since it was a female purse I started thinking about all the female customers, I served that day.

I thus concluded that it was the first customer of the day. I went about 40 km back and forth to return that purse. This shows my dedication as well as commitment.

7. Share The Three Best Qualities That Every Taxi Driver Must Possess.

This question checks how much you understand your job profile.

Sample Answer

Sure sir, These are:

  • Excellent time management skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Excellent hand and eye coordination

8. Taxi Driver Is An Inferior Position and Is Seen As A Minor Job Position In Most Countries. Comment On This Statement.

This is a psychological interview question, which attacks your job role and makes it appear menial. In an ideal response, just defend your job profile through logical arguments and rationales.

Sample Answer

Sir, in my opinion, no job is low and each job is created because there is a need for it in society. For example, if the role of a sweeper is lowly, then who will sweep the floors? The managers, officers, or the so-called elites. And when they will do the same, won’t they be called inferior.

The taxi driver is a wonderful profession, where we help people to reach their destination in a timebound manner. For me, it is quite supreme and not at all inferior to any other position.

9. Can You Please Share A List Of Five Best Tools That Must Be Kept By The Taxi Drivers In The Cars At All Times?

Keeping and maintaining an appropriate toolkit in the taxis is a mandatory requirement by almost all taxi operators. Hence, there are chances that you will encounter this question during your interview session.

Sample Answer

Sure, sir, These are:

  • Spark plug gauges
  • Oil changing tools and equipment
  • Pliers
  • Screw-drivers
  • Wrenches – Both hand ones and speciality ones

10. How Do You Prefer To Operate – In Team, Working In Association With Other Drivers or As An Individual Driver?

This question gives you a choice between the two alternatives. Since most organizations prefer to operate in a team setup, it is recommended that you also go with working in a “team”.

Sample Answer

Sir, I am a friendly individual who can make friends at the workplace and even establish an excellent rapport with my colleagues and seniors. Hence, I would opt for “teamwork” as my preferred mode of working.

11. Dreams Come Naturally To Humans and We All Want To Live A Certain Life. Can You Tell What is Your Dream Job?

This is a personality evaluating interview question. To give an ideal response, just share those dreams that are realistic and not completely gory.

Sample Answer

Sir, the urge to become successful without any problems and difficulties leads to dreams. I am not a pale dreamer, but would certainly like to work in an organization, which offers me a stable income source, regular work, and some good incentives.

12. Taxis Often Breakdown On Long Routes That Causes Inconvenience To Passengers. What Are The Basic Car Overhauling Skills/ Techniques That You Are Aware Of?

Taxi drivers are expected to know of some of the basic car overhauling techniques so that when cars get to break down during the journey, these can be repaired in the least possible time.

Sample Answer

Sir, I am aware of several basic techniques using which I can remove all the basic problems associated with taxis cars. Some common techniques that I am aware of are:

  • Removing, cleaning, and re-installing the air filter
  • Changing the tires and fixing punctures
  • Cleaning, replacing, and changing the spark plugs
  • Fixing of the silencer and bumper
  • Topping up the coolant and engine oil
  • Fixing the brake and accelerator wires

13. Driving A Car, Day In and Day Out. Carrying Passengers Daily and Travelling On the Roads Is Quite Challenging and Stressful. How Do You Manage Your Stress Levels?

Stress management is a common requirement of all business organizations. Hence, answer this question positively.

Sample Answer

Sir, I feel when you do something daily, be it driving a taxi car or be it teaching in a college as a professor, the monotony generated from it can crush you and make you feel ignorant, bored, and drilled.

This leads to stress, which I manage by engaging in deep-breathing exercises and constantly chanting confidence-boosting mantras as part of a positive pep talk.

14. What Are Your Views On Customer Satisfaction? How Would You Achieve Them?

Every employer wants the taxi drivers to be sophisticated, friendly, and calm in their behavior besides being able to take their passengers to their destinations on time.

Sample Answer

Sir, customers are the very basic reason for the existence of every business organization. These are the undisputed kings and must be honored every time. I would achieve customer satisfaction by:

  • Understanding their specific requirements and meeting them (like opening the window panes, switching on/off the heater or air conditioner, etc.)
  • Keeping my taxi hygienic, clean, and pure
  • Not wasting any time, and trying to reach the destination as quickly as possible
  • Always communicating with my passengers in a professional tone, which lacks arrogance and promotes humility

15. Your Primary Role Would Be To Transport The Inter-City Passengers To Their Destinations. Timely Commute Is Always Preferred As Well As Recommended. Can You Draw A Rough Map Of The City? (You Can Be Given A Paper and A Pen)

This is a tricky interview question through which your knowledge about the different routes is tested. Since every passenger wants to reach his or her destination quickly, there are high chances that the interviewers will ask you this question.

So always prepare for it by gaining a comprehensive understanding of the different taxi routes, especially to the popular destinations. Also, start practicing by making rough maps of your city.

16. Find Yourself In A Situation In Which A Few Miscreant Passengers Are Making A Lot Of Noise and Are Quite Fussy. This Is Causing You Problems In Driving Your Taxi. How Would You React?

This is a situation reaction test (S. R. T) in which you are required to hold your nerves and give a calm and composed response.

Sample Answer

Sir, such situations are quite common and taxi drivers experience these now and then. Such testing times require a lot of patience, and stability using which such situations can be handled and managed.

In such a situation, I will calmly request the passengers to please remain seated and not make much fuss, as it is causing me trouble in driving the car. I will not yell or lose my temper, rather, would try to drive more cautiously, to avoid all the possible incidents of an accident.

17. There Are Times When Despite Giving Our Best, We Are Not Able To Deliver As Per The Expectations of The Management. How Do You Handle Your Workplace Failure?

Success is a destination. It cannot be stored or deposited somewhere for future use as it is a result of hard work, perseverance, and commitment. Workplace failures are weapons of depression that not only crush a person’s confidence but also make them feel insignificant.

Hence, an interviewer is always interested in knowing the various strategies using which you can manage your workplace failures.

Sample Answer

Yes sir, I completely agree with the statement mentioned in the question. However, tough times do not always prevail. These are always followed good times, wherein a person is successful and tends to enjoy his or her time.

With this ideology, I am always able to motivate myself and come out unscathed of the bad phases of life. Further, I regularly practice meditation and yoga, to enhance my mental strength.

18. What Are Some Of Your Major Weaknesses That You Feel Will Hamper Your Working As A Taxi Driver?

Every interviewer asks about your strengths and weaknesses as a part of the personality assessment. Be specific, and try to share those weaknesses that do not conflict with the requirements of the job.

Sample Answer

Sir, nobody is perfect, and this applies to me as well. I have a few shortcomings, however, I feel none of them would hamper my working as a taxi driver. I become arrogant at times and am also not able to give proper responses following the ethical guidelines, which are in place. However, I am on the course to improve my issues and have even joined online personality grooming classes.

19. When Can You Start Working With Us?

Through this question, an interviewer requests you to share a date, on or after which you can start working with the organization.

Sample Answer

Sir, I am currently working with ABC Motors and Taxis Inc. The company has a notice period of 15 days. Hence, I will serve a notice to them today, and after keeping a margin or buffer of two additional days, I can certainly start working on or after (___mention the exact date, post which you are available___).

20. We Offer A Mixed Compensation Comprising A Fixed Component and A Variable Component. What Are Your Salary Expectations?

Most interviewers prefer to ask about the salary expectations during the interview session itself. After all, it is necessary to be on the same page in terms of compensation. To give an ideal response, just browse the industry to which you belong and calculate an average of the different salaries offered to the taxi drivers. Base your answer on this average.

Sample Answer

Sir, In my opinion, a fixed salary of $25,000 per annum and variable compensation of $10 per ride completed would be ideal and will satisfy my expectations. However, I am open to negotiation as I like this organization and want to be a part of the workforce.

21. Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

It is common for the interviewers to conclude an interview session with the help of this question, which marks the end of your big day. Hence, this question also gives you one final opportunity to leave a mark and impress your interviewer. This can be done by asking some relevant counter questions from your interviewer that are related to the business organization, its culture, the promotional aspects, etc. Read out the model questions mentioned below for a better understanding:

Model Questions

  • What are the incentives that are paid to taxi drivers after completing the minimum number of driving hours?
  • Are the maintenance, repairs, and overhauling expenses related to the taxi, borne by the company?
  • Please give me a list of all the paid leaves that are offered by the company to the taxi drivers.


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