Top 21 Uber Interview Questions In 2024 [With Answers]

Uber is a new-age, successful multinational company, which has its operations spread in more than 70 countries. Initially, Uber started as a ride aggregator and now has operations spread to the food delivery business also. Uber currently operates Uber cities and Uber eats as two of its most prominent and successful brands. It is no wonder that Uber holds the number one place in the United States in the category of city rides, grabbing more than 71% of the total market share. Uber eats is not far behind and maintains a 22% share in the tough and competitive food-delivery market.

Working as a cab driver or food delivery boy is a dream for many interested candidates, primarily due to the attached benefits and lucrative salary on offer. Thus, even a small number of job openings, attract a huge number of applications from the interested applicants, making the selection process tough and rigorous. Hence, a candidate must prepare sincerely, and study hard, the frequently asked interview questions.

Uber Interview Questions

21 Best Interview Questions To Study

1. What was The Primary Motive Behind Establishment Of Uber?

This question is directly related to the historical facts as well as the genesis of the business organizations. You are requested to prepare well about the company and its foundational facts.

Sample Answer

Sir, it was the year 2009, when Mr. Garett Camp and a few of his friends found the need for a cost-effective inter-city transportation system. They developed Uber as a cab aggregator, providing affordable rides to its users. The idea clicked and Uber made rapid advances in no time.


Sample Answer

3. Explain The Importance Of Following Ethics and Best Business Etiquettes?

Being a driver/delivery boy, you are directly involved with public dealing, and thus you need to maintain the best business ethics and standards at all times.

Sample Answer

Sir, it holds huge relevance and importance. On the field, we people are the representatives of the company, and our actions would be deemed as the actions of Uber. Thus, I always follow and maintain decency in operations along with maintaining a professional and serious business tone. Professionalism and customer relations go hand-in-hand and I am totally aware of the same.

4. Rate Your Basic Arithmetical Skills On A Scale Of One To Five.

Being a Uber driver or a delivery boy, you will be supposed to handle basic arithmetical calculations, while receiving payments from the customers. In case you are short of money at the end of the day, you will be liable to compensate the organization. Hence, this question is always asked by the interviewers.

Sample Answer

Sir, I am a graduate of a reputed organization and have studied mathematics as a subject till high school. Thus, I am proficient in performing basic mathematical operations and would love to rate myself with a 4.8

5. What Are The Benefits Of Car Pooling?

This question tests your knowledge and understanding of the several services offered by Uber.

Sample Answer

Sir, carpooling is a wonderful concept, devised and designed to protect our degrading natural environment from the ill effects of car emissions. In this concept, a group of persons traveling on a similar route can share a single cab, instead of booking several ones. This is a cost-effective, affordable, and environmentally friendly solution, which is growing rapidly in terms of popularity.

6. Self Driving Cars Would Destroy The Need For Drivers/Delivery Executives. Comment.

This statement aims to put your profession in jeopardy after getting inspired by rapid technological advances and upgrades. This is an important question and a genuine reply can really help you in your selection.

Sample Answer

Sir, In my opinion, this statement is quite futuristic. There is no established technology for self-driving cars and almost all the current proto-types have serious bugs and issues that need a considerable period of time. Still, it will further take some time for the people to be convinced of the same. Hence, in my opinion, it is a technology in its nascent stage and would take some time to take over. Till then, I surely believe my career would be over.

7. How Do You Handle And Manage Any Disgruntled Rider?

Being extensively involved in public dealing, you are certain to receive or attend a few disgruntled riders. You are expected to have a strategy or approach to handle such cases.

Sample Answer

Sir, it is common for cab drivers to experience such cases and if I ever had one, I would, first of all, understand the issues and problems of my rider, using my active listing skills. Post getting a complete understanding of the matter, I would extend an effective resolution using my critical thinking ability. I hope I will be able to close the matter there and then, however, if I still feel that there are conflicts, I would request the rider to have a chat with my senior.

8. The Drivers Working With The Uber Are Permanant Employees Of The Company. True or False.

This question tests your knowledge and understanding of your own profile’s accurate classification and categorization within the business organization.

Sample Answer

Sir, in my opinion, this statement is completely false. The drivers are given the designation of independent contractors and are not entitled to several of the benefits available to the regular employees of the company. However, in hindsight, there are some benefits too, which are available only to drivers and not to the regular employees. Thus, Uber has worked well in this arena and has managed the interest of both types of workforces with precision.

9. Acting As A Cab Driver Is A Low Job. Comment On This Statement.

This statement criticizes your profession and displays your job as a second option for many candidates. However, you need to defend your profession using persuasive corporate-friendly language and state logical reasons for the same.

Sample Answer

Sir, I believe this statement is absolutely false. A cab driver, especially working with Uber, is able to earn a nice and lucrative salary along with several other benefits that are available on completion of pre-determined targets. Thus, it is not a financially weaker profession. Now, coming onto the social aspect, I believe no job is low, and acting as a cab driver is not at all. It is a respected profession, if not fearful, and people are thankful to the cab drivers for helping them out in reaching their destinations.

10. How Ethical Is Demanding A Tip From The Customers Of The Company?

Uber drivers are allowed to collect tips from the riders that are over and above the fare shared. These tips are extended voluntarily by the riders, owing to good behavior, timely delivery, or smooth ride.

Sample Answer

Sir, it is severely unethical to demand tips from the customers. I totally condemn such an act, and will never do so in my entire tenure. A tip is extended by a customer of his own free will, and he or she must not be pressurized or emotionally forced to give a tip.

11. What Can You Offer Us, That Someone Else Cannot?

An interview is a set of questions that are strategically designed so as to evaluate your overall personality and knowledge. This is another personality evaluator, that requires you to share one of your best attributes or qualities, which makes you stand apart from the competition. In case, you need to boost your preparation, feel free to read our exclusive post.

12. What Is A Quality Ride?

Through this question, an interviewer wants to know, what in your opinion is a perfect ride or delivery? “Quality” can be interpreted in multiple ways, but you are required to share your own understanding. Prepare in-depth for this interview question and get acquainted with ten unique ways to answer his question, by reading our exclusive post.

13. Share Your Weaknesses, That Will Hamper Your Work As A Driver.

Through this question, an interviewer wants to know about all those personal things, that affect your performance and act as a bottleneck. As an ideal response just answer truly to this negative question and close your answer in a positive manner. For better understanding, please browse our targeted post.

14. Please Tell About Your Best Boss and Worst Boss.

This is a trending interview question and is rapidly getting popularity. The two bosses mentioned here could be any of your seniors, from your current and/or previous employments, who exercised professional control over your conduct. You are required to give a logical and persuasive answer to this question, as a perfect answer can increase your selection chances considerably. Prepare sincerely for this question by referring to our targeted article.

15. Can You Describe Yourself In One Word?

This is a personality evaluating interview question asked to assess and examine your overall thinking and approach. This is an important interview question and you might be a bit bamboozled at first, thinking about that single word that describes you completely. Hence, never get confused or feel anxious, and prepare hard by reading our exclusive post.

16. What Is Your Major Strength?

An interview session is almost incomplete without a regular, strength-weakness-related interview question. This question marks its appearance in several interview sessions and thus, must be prepared sincerely. For better understanding and preparation, refer to our exclusive post.

17. What Motivates You To Work?

There are always some motivational factors that prompt an individual to work hard at his or her workplace and achieve goals and objectives in a time-bound manner. An interviewer is always interested in knowing the same for evaluation purposes. Thus, prepare sincerely for this interview question and refer to our targeted post.

18. You Will Be Required To Execute Several Rides A Day, Which Is Stressful. So, How Do You Manage Stress?

Being a cab driver or even a delivery executive, you will be required to finish and complete several trips in a single business day. Sometimes you might be required to go to the same location twice or may be thrice. This undoubtedly is stressful, and thus an interviewer wants to know about the strategies that you undertake to manage your stress levels. Give a logical reply and try to be as original as possible. In case you are still confused, please read our special post, for better clarity.

19. There Are Several Other Cab Aggregators. Why Do You Want To Work With Us?

Through this question and interviewer wants to know about your level of seriousness as well as commitment towards the business organization. To frame an ideal response you are expected to browse the official website of the company and note down the important accomplishments, achievements, and some historical facts related to the company. Align all these notings together and couple them with your personal interest in the company. For an in-depth preparation, please read our famous article, which covers this question completely.

20. When Can You Start Working With Us?

This is a common interview question, using which an interviewer wants to know about your expected date of joining the business organization. Immediate starters are always preferred but as an ideal response always give a genuine date, on or after which you can start working with the company. This question in no way guarantees your selection and hence, you must not lose focus by considering the same. For better preparation and understanding, please refer to our exclusive post.

21. Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

It is common for the interviewer to ask this question towards the fag end of an interview session. Through this question, an interviewer wants to know your apprehensions in regards to the organization, its policies, rules, or anything related to the compensation part. It is necessary to attend to this question sincerely as any attempt to avoid or ignore this question might deplete your chances of selection. You can always ask a few questions based on the model questions mentioned below:

Model Questions

  • What are the various allowances and additional benefits offered on completion of minimum number of rides?
  • Is it the policy of the company to give reimbursement of maternity/paternity expenses to its drivers?
  • What are the training and developmental opportunities extended by the company to its drivers/food delivery pilers?


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