What Can You Offer Us That Someone Else Cannot? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

An interview is a set of inter-related questions that have the ability to judge, examine and evaluate your overall personality, attitude and mindset. Through an interview, an interviewer aims to check whether or not you are a perfect match for the organization considering its ethics, culture, and objectives. This is an important interview question and is asked frequently during an interview session.

The nature of this interview question relates to that of a question enquiring about your strengths and in most cases, a perfect answer would also be devised on similar lines. But, there will always be a few changes and tweaks to make it more suitable and relevant to the specific requirements of this interview question. However, considering the frequency as well as tricky nature of this interview question, Prepmycareer holds pride in guiding our readers with several tips and ten unique sample answers.

What Can You Offer Us That Someone Else Cannot

Tips To Effectively Answer This Interview Question

1. Facilitate Comparison Study

This question requires you to tell some of your unique propositions and attributes which are lacking in other candidates. This gives effect to comparison study wherein you are selling your special abilities and skills. Therefore, as an ideal response to this interview question, always frame your answer in such a way that reflects your superiority as well as excellence. But, in a quest of doing so, make sure you never sound arrogant or haughty.

2. Share Your Strengths

On the ground level, this question requires you to share your strengths, not the general ones, but the ones that are most dominating in you, and certainly those, which are unique and possessed by a fewer number of candidates. It is pertinent to note that you must be utterly genuine in your reply, otherwise, any generic answer would be easily caught by the interviewer and he can frame a negative opinion in your regards.

3. Control Your Emotions

The nature of this question is such that you might be tempted to get carried away and respond in such a way that is weird and unusual. Such a wayward response is not at all appreciated by an interviewer and you might lose your edge over other candidates. Hence, always maintain an aura of decency around you and hold your head high enough to answer what is required.

Ten Best Sample Answers To Study

Sample Answer One

Sir, I have a special ability to hold my nerves and work with great caution and concentration even during times of distress and pressure. This is an ability that I am certainly proud of, as most people cripple and buckle under pressure, ending up affecting their performances and productivity levels. I certainly have much more to offer this organization, but this is definitely something unique from my side.

Sample Answer Two

I have observed people working in a hasty and hurried manner. Working on projects requires a great deal of patience as well as information collecting skills, only after which, you can be assured of the success of a project. Sir, I am a detail-oriented person and never ever rush while executing a task. I am having an immense level of concentration, which never affects my productivity.

Sample Answer Three

Sir, prioritization is an important technique that is almost inevitable in today’s working scenario. However, I feel pity to hear from a few colleagues of mine, that they do not have any developed prioritization strategy and do not prioritize their tasks. But, I do have a developed strategy that enables me to execute my goals and objectives in a time-bound manner. This separates me from the crowd and I feel honored to have this skill.

Sample Answer Four

Sir, I have personally observed several colleagues of mine, literally getting themselves involved in useless blarneys and gossips, which affects their productivity levels considerably. But, when it comes to me, I am a person who wants to contribute to my workplace through my skills, patience, and expertise. You will always see, that I am never a part of any useless talks or conversations and always absorbed in my own work.

Sample Answer Five

Employees of an organization make a grave mistake by not learning to improve upon their communication skills, which are of utmost necessity in today’s scenario. However, I am not like them, and as a part of my self-improvement initiative, I have always laid effort into improving my communication skills, as well as my ability to deliver fluent speeches. For this, I have also undergone a six-month online training program.

Sample Answer Six

Sir, there are many people in this world, who are just against new learnings and after a point of time, just refuse to accept innovations and new procedures or methods. But, this is what separates me from the rest of the crowd. I simply, love to learn new things and aspire to become perfect in life through constant learnings and teachings. For this, I always keep myself updated and whenever any technology is released and is related to my profile, I immediately pounce upon it so as to learn it

Sample Answer Seven

Sir, I have seen employees simply crumbling under work pressure, either because they lack the sense of devotion or commitment or simply because they are too negligent towards maintaining a superior physique. However, this is what separates me from the rest of the audience. I will never buckle under pressure, and no matter what the workload is, I would always perform my duties to the best of my abilities and skills. Further, working under pressure situations also requires great physical strength and stamina. I maintain both of them by indulging myself in weight training exercises for 1 hour every day.

Sample Answer Eight

My ability to make informed and diligent business decisions is my unique offering to an organization. No matter what the situation is and no matter how tough the decision is, I would always be able to make a highly accurate business decision, which would always be based upon facts, logic, and rationale. This is my unique proposition and I would be glad to serve my organization using my skills and other special abilities.

Sample Answer Nine

Sir, employees work in an organization and are responsible as well as accountable for a variety of their actions. However, not all are ready to assume any kind of responsibility and after cutting a sorry figure they just start making excuses. However, I am not like this, rather, I am a highly accountable and responsible employee of the organization, who can serve the organization with seriousness and commitment.

Sample Answer Ten

Sir, I feel blessed to have a knack for solving problems and issues arising at my workplace. No matter what type of problem it is, complex or highly complex, I with my natural ability to unravel issues, would be surely able to crack it down and decide it into the simplest of forms. This is the reason why many of my colleagues, as well as my seniors, approach me for a possible solution to their business problems. This is a rare skill and it would be my unique offering to the company.


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