Top 21 Roofer Interview Questions In 2024 [With Answers]

A roofer is a specialized person having professional expertise in maintaining, repairing as well as building roofs of houses. They use a variety of tools in order to execute the job along with a greater sense of maintaining balance and displaying great patience. Roofers work upon a variety of roofs, such as made up of galvanized steel, shingles, or asphalt. They have expertise in making alignments between several shingles or any other material, so as to protect the house from winds, snow, and other extreme weather conditions.

In addition to this, roofers are also responsible for making detailed inspections on the surface of the roof and also prepare cost estimates. Being an extremely important position with excellent earning opportunities, even a small vacancy or opening attracts several job applications. Hence, it is necessary to prepare sincerely for the interview process which can be done by studying the important and frequently asked interview questions.

Roofer Interview Questions

21 Best Interview Questions To Study

1. What Is The Importance Of Vapor Barrier?

This question tests your knowledge and understanding of the various roofing techniques and procedures.

Sample Answer

Sir, a vapor barrier is a roofing technique in which the surface of the roof is covered with coats of impermeable material, so to prevent leakages and also moisture from damaging the building’s walls and strength. This is most effective in cold weather conditions, as it prevents water vapors from seeping through the walls of the houses.

2. Are Asphalt Roofing Materials Made Up Of 100% Asphalt? If Not, Name The Other Elements.

This question tests your knowledge and understanding of the various roofing materials and instruments.

Sample Answer

No sir, Asphalt shingles are not made up of 100% asphalt, rather also consists of:

  • Fiber glass or a paper base which is covered and coated with a thick layer of waterproofing material and
  • Ceramic Granules

3. Name The Three Most Important Roofing Tools.

This question tests your knowledge and understanding of the various roofing materials and instruments.

Sample Answer

Sure sir, In my humble opinion, these are:

  • Air compressor
  • Nail guns required to puncture and affix the shingles and
  • Pry bar

4. Why Is A Flat Roof Covered With Tar and Gravel?

This question tests your core principles of roofing and its various techniques.

Sample Answer

Sir, it is common for roofers to apply a coat or thick layer of tar and gravel upon the surfaces of a flat roof, as it protects it from elements and gives the roof a longer shelf life, as it helps to delay the cracking as well as degradation of the roof’s surface. Further, this layer acts as an excellent source of protection from possible instances of water seepages and moisture.

5. When Do You use Ballast Type Of Gravel and Why?

This question tests your core principles of roofing and its various techniques.

Sample Answer

Sir, ballast is a special type of gravel that is applied to roofing systems that are single-ply. Along with offering protection and increasing the life of roofs, it also helps in the speedy settlement of the roofing materials. This type is used excessively on flat roofs with tar.

6. Share Any Two Benefits Of BUR(Built Up Roof) Flat Gravel.

This question tests your core principles of roofing and its various techniques.

Sample Answer

Sure, sir, these are:

  • Removes and eliminates excess heat from the surface of the roof as it eases the process of water evaporation.
  • Prevents clogging as well as blockage of rain pipes by trapping the waste meterials and debis at a single place.

7. Are You Afraid Of Heights?

A roofer is required to work upon the roofs and terraces of the buildings and other establishments. It is for this reason that, he is required to eliminate his sense of fear from height. Always answer positively to this interview question.

Sample Answer

Not at all, sir. A roofer afraid of height, just can not work to the best of his abilities. I am a person who has absolutely not even a single strand of fear from height. Be assured about it.

8. Name Any Three Strengths or Attributes That A Roofer Must Possess.

This question requires you to share at least three pre-requisites that in your opinion are necessary for a roofer to possess.

Sample Answer

Sure, sir, these are:

Name of attributeReason for its requirement
BalanceRoofers are required to work on slant roofs, working on which require an excellent level of balance due to the presence of steep pitches and slopes.
EnduranceRoofers are required to lift all the way, heavy bundles of shingles, various roofing tools, and also a double-story ladder. All these things require great strength, stamina as well as endurance.
Great Co-ordinationIt is necessary for roofers to have excellent hand-eye coordination and a knack for aligning shingles in a particular pattern. Only through this can a roofer set up and affix shingles at the required places.

9. Roofing Is A Low Job. Comment On This Statement.

This question puts your own profession in a bad light, which you are required to defend.

Sample Answer

Not at all, sir. Each and every profession in this world has a place and importance of its own. Mine is a wonderful profession as it aims to provide a roof upon the heads of people, for which they work hard for almost their entire life.

10. Are You Aware Of Basic Computer Skills?

This is a basic requirement and your answer must be positive.

Sample Answer\

Yes, sir, I do have a good knowledge of basic computer operations and skills.

11. Can You Handle and Work Under Stressful Working Conditions?

This is a common interview question asked by an interviewer to understand your attitude as well as a viewpoint towards working in hectic working conditions. Business organizations operate in a dynamic business environment and handle a lot of pressures, which are ultimately transferred onto their employees. This is a common business requirement and you are required to answer positively. For better preparation and more ideas refer to our set of ten unique sample answers.

12. What Positive Things Do Your Friends Say About You?

This is a question similar to the regular strength-weakness-related question, wherein an interviewer simply wants to know about your major strengths. Through this question, an interviewer would be able to assess as well as examine your overall personality and your key attributes. It is necessary to prepare sincerely for this interview question, as it appears quite frequently in almost all the interview sessions held across the world. Considering the frequency as well as relevance, we have prepared an exclusive post for your guidance, which can be accessed using this link.

13. What Motivates You To Work?

Everyone in this world always has a guiding force that stimulates him or motivates him to work exceptionally well in his workplace. An interviewer is interested in knowing the primary motivational factors that prompt you to work hard and achieve your goals and objectives in a time-bound manner. This question depends on your personal financial conditions, circumstances, and your desires. Hence, never give any generic answer to this question, and be unique as well as original. Boost your preparation by referring to our famous article targeted on this interview question.

14. How Do You Handle Failure At Your Workplace?

Failures are what defines human beings. Even the most successful and celebrated people in this world tasted failures innumerable times. However, only a few people have the ability as well as strength to withstand failure in their life. Through this question, an interviewer wants to know what are your strategies as well as plans to conquer and manage failures at your workplace. Prepare in-depth for this interview question by referring to our famous post, which covers this interview question exhaustively.

15. Tell Me Your Biggest Weakness.

An interview session is almost incomplete without a question asking about your strengths as well as weaknesses. Interviewers are able to understand your personality and attitude through this question in a comprehensive manner, which enables them to make meaningful assessments and frame conclusions. A perfect answer to this question can boost your selection chances considerably. Hence, prepare in-depth for this interview question by referring to our exclusive post covering this question in detail.

16. Are You Comfortable Working In A Team Setup or Prefer Working Individually?

Usually, at a workplace, an employee has the chance to either work in a team setting or work individually. This question requires you to make a choice between the two. However, no matter what option you choose, you will always be counter-attacked by your interviewer. Say, you chose team-setup then there will be apprehensions that you lack self-confidence and simply can not work without any company or supervision. On the other hand, choosing to work individually, would mean that you lack a sense of camaraderie and do not like to maintain a rapport with your colleagues. Hence, considering the confusion we have designed an exclusive post for our readers.

17. What Are Your Salary Expectations?

It is common for interviewers nowadays to enquire about your salary expectations during an interview session itself. As an ideal response to this answer, you are required to share a salary bracket with your interviewer that is based on thorough research and examination of the industry as well as similar professionals. Never share any random figure with your interviewer as quoting any figure which is too low or too high from the average salary would lead to the formation of negative opinions. Boost your preparation by referring to our targeted post.

18. How Do You Prioritize Between Several Business Tasks?

Business organizations have a lot of clients and operate under a lot of competition as well as dynamics. Giving customers their due share of prime importance means that the employee of the organization would have to perform a variety of tasks in a single business day. It is thus, necessary as well as pivotal for them to have a good prioritization technique. Through this question, an interviewer wants to understand your that technique which would help him in making further assessments and evaluations. Refer to our targeted post for better preparation.

19. When Can You Start?

This is a simple question through which an interviewer wants to know about your exact date of starting. There is nothing technical here, but it has been observed that candidates make a mess of it by losing their emotions and becoming too excited. It is pertinent to note that, this question in no way guarantees your selection and hence a candidate must not lose his crucial focus. Prepare in-depth for this interview question by referring to our set of ten best and unique sample answers.

20. Why You Chose Us?

This is a tricky interview question through which an interviewer wants to know about your level of seriousness as well as commitment towards the business organization. The best source to prepare for this interview question is the official website of the organization. Note some important facts, achievements as well as historical information of the organization from there and collate it into a beautiful answer. In case you are confused, please refer to our targeted post covering this interview question in detail.

21. Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

This is the last question which is asked so as to conclude an interview session. Through his question, an interviewer requires a candidate to ask a few questions from him in regards to the organization, its work culture, ethics, various policies, etc. If you are planning to skip this interview question then beware, as this act of yours can deplete your selection chances considerably as you will be considered as a non-serious candidate who is under-prepared. You can always ask a few questions based on the model questions mentioned below:

Model Questions

  • What are the various insurances and allowances extended by the organization to its employees?
  • Is it an organization’s policy to offer overtime allowance as well as paid leaves to its employees?
  • Please share the list of popular training and developmental activities initiated and organized by the company for its employees.


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