Describe Yourself In One Word (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

An interview is a set of inter-related questions that evaluate a person’s personality, behavior, and approach. It is necessary that all these questions are handled and answered in an appropriate way, after thorough preparation and understanding. Efforts must be laid to stick to the core of an answer instead of wandering. An answer that is not crisp or to the point shows your lack of understanding and preparation. This is a personality evaluating question that must be answered after a thorough self-analysis and scrutiny of the self.

Describe Yourself In One Word

Three Tips To Effectively Answer This Question

1) Tell You Major Strength

The best way to answer this question is to share with them your one major strength. After sharing a single word of strength, you are expected to explain this word to your interviewer. This explanation must accompany a logical and well-structured answer that closely resonates and defines your personality in totality.

2) Stick To The Demand Of The Question

This question requires you to explain yourself in a single word. You might be having a lot of wonderful capabilities and strengths in you. But it is high time that you picked and prepared any one strength. Enumerating a long list of strengths is not appropriate for this question as you are expected to respond in a concise and crisp manner.

3) Not One, You can Use ‘Two’ Also

This interview question states that you have to speak a single word. But however, do not follow this question verbatim and try to understand the essence. As an ideal response to this answer, you can use two words also, such as Detail Oriented, Excellent Communication, or Highly Adaptable. The two words used would be counted as one and will not doubt your understanding ability.

Ten Best Sample Answers

Sample Answer One

I would like to say ‘Hardworking’. In my humble opinion, this is the closest word that truly resembles and demonstrates my ability. This also is my biggest strength and along with this, I am looking forward to honing my several other skills also, while working without your prestigious organization.

Sample Answer Two

Sure sir. The one word that describes me is “Detail Oriented”. I am a meticulous person that loves to collect a lot of information before initiating a particular project. This helps me to maintain a high level of accuracy while executing the project and also enhances my ability to finish the task in a time-bound manner.

Sample Answer Three

I would like to state that, ‘Perseverance’ is the word that defines my true personality and attitude. I have a unique ability to continue despite facing difficulties. This makes me worthy of delivering an excellent performance even in times of distress and heavy workload. There are also some situations when an individual has to work for longer periods of time without any break. My ability to persevere helps me a lot in such challenging situations.

Sample Answer Four

My ability to ‘Prioritize’ effectively is the one word that closely resonates and defines my true personality. As we all know, organizations prefer to allot more than one task, that is to be executed during a single workday. In order to finish them in a time-bound manner, it is necessary that employees effectively prioritize. I do so, by arranging the tasks to be executed on the basis of their difficulty level. The toughest being executed initially and followed by some easier tasks.

Sample Answer Five

Absolutely sir. ‘Adaptation’ is the one word that defines me. I have a unique ability to adapt myself according to the different situations arising in one’s workplace. Modification of one’s attitude, behavior, and approach as per the needs and situations, is of prime importance in delivering a stellar performance at one’s workplace. Further, adaptations also allow an employee to work smoothly in a team setting.

Sample Answer Six

The one word that describes me is ‘Communication’. I have the attribute to communicate with all my colleagues, bosses, and seniors effectively and efficiently. Impactful communication skills are effective in assuming leadership responsibilities as this enables you to reach a commanding position, wherein people choose to listen to you. This way, I am able to extend the guidelines and several other important rules with great ease and knowledge.

Sample Answer Seven

I am pretty sure, that word is ‘Patience’. I am always calm and composed no matter how tough or challenging the situation is. This helps me to take better and informed business decisions even in the most difficult times and conditions. Patience is a virtue that is hard to find and people possessing it are poised to reach great heights. I am really honored and lucky to have such an attribute as a natural instinct.

Sample Answer Eight

I am ‘Progressive’, Whatever it is, be it a task at the workplace or it is my career, I have a burning desire inside me to become better every day. This prompts me to work hard and push my limits by achieving the daily targets in an orderly fashion. Progression in career, at tasks executed at a workplace, allows an individual to have the taste of some self-improving abilities, prompting him or her to advance in career and fetch higher salaries.

Sample Answer Nine

The one word that defines me is ‘Loyalty’. It is not a wonder, that once you hire me, I will not leave your organization until my date of retirement. I would leave only when there are a few exceptional or uncontrollable circumstances that are beyond my imagination. I am a very committed and loyal person, willing to work and serve with a single employer. This gives me stability in life and also an employer is saved from the higher attrition costs.

Sample Answer Ten

Not one, I would use two words, those are ‘High Concentration’. I have a unique ability to focus and concentrate highly on a particular task or duty that I am supposed to execute. This gives me two benefits, the first one is that I am able to produce high-quality assignments and the second one is my ability to complete the tasks in a time-bound manner. This is not my natural instinct, rather I have gathered and developed this ability in me, after meditating regularly for at least 20 minutes a day.


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