What Are You Looking For In Your New Job (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

All across the world, interview sessions are held with a common objective that enables an interviewer to understand your approach, mindset, and behavioral aspects in addition to your grip and proficiency in the core segment of your profile. This is a trending interview question and an interviewer lays great emphasis on getting a well-structured and logical answer for the same. Hence, it falls on the part of a candidate, to prepare a reasoned answer which is well explained and communicates the basic idea effectively.

What Are You Looking For In Your New Job

Three Tips To Effectively Answer This Question

1) Organization More Impactful Than Job

In the job market, there are two types of employees. The first category of employees is the ones that prefer the nature of a job more than the organization itself and the other type of employees loves to work with a successful and perfect organization. Whatever your category or type may be, you are required to not go beyond this. Your answers must be based on either appreciating the organization or the nature of the job offered.

2) Mention How Will You Be Benefitted

Joining an organization and executing a particular job enhances your several skills. Self improvisation along with earning money is one of the key requirements of employees and job aspirants. Hence, it is advised that you share with your employer that how you will be able to get benefitted from the organization you have applied for a job with.

3) Finish Answer On A Persuasive Note

Through this question, an interviewer wants to know about the qualities and attributes that you search for in an organization. This gives you a fantastic chance to share with your interviewer some of the unique and special achievements of the company you sought to work with. After appreciating the organization, close your answer on a positive note, by saying that,’ you are interested and willing to be a part of this esteemed organization’

Ten Best Sample Answers To Read and Revise

Sample Answer One

In my honest opinion, the primary thing I am looking for in my job is to use my wide range of skills from sorting, communicating, and managing to skillful execution of duties and time-bound completion of tasks. In addition to this, I am a committed and loyal person, always willing to serve my employer with my persuasion and knowledge.

Sample Answer Two

I am exactly looking for an organization like you that gives me an opportunity to work on overseas projects with minimum supervision. This I believe, would enhance my knowledge and stretch my imagination t new realms which would immensely help me in career progression. Further, I am looking for a secured job with high levels of security. I believe, your organization is the one that satisfies me completely and I am ready to work for this esteemed organization with all my heart and passion.

Sample Answer Three

I am looking for a secured and safe desk job that allows me to enhance my drafting as well as writing skills. Being an accountant, I wish to improvise upon and enhance my accounting knowledge, which I believe, I would be able to do, by working at your esteemed organization as you have a huge client base belonging to diverse business backgrounds. Hence, I am looking to improve my skills, acquire new techniques, and learn the latest innovations from a new job.

Sample Answer Four

Being a career obsessive and progressive person, I always look for promotional opportunities in a job opening. My urge to move ahead in my career urges me to work hard and push my limits, thereby benefitting the organization as well myself. Your organization is a decade-old company with clients spread across 23 nations. I am deeply impressed with your company and want to be part of it.

Sample Answer Five

In my humble opinion, I am looking for an enhanced salary in my new job. I have 5 years of experience in the relevant field and wish to work for your esteemed organization and serve with my skills. As mentioned in the job description, I believe the salary offered b your organization is a good and handsome hike on my current pay, which satisfies my expectations and my preferences.

Sample Answer Six

In a job opening, I basically look for a stable and secured life offering a good work-life balance. After scrutinizing the job description offered by you and analyzing the mu=inute details, I have come to a conclusion that your organization has the ability to offer a handsome salary and even offer an attractive work-life balance. This motivates me to work hard and join your prestigious organization.

Sample Answer Seven

Instead of focusing much on a job I always focus more on the organization. This is because of a bitter experience in the past, in which I was offered a managerial position with a lucrative salary, but even after working for 3 months, I never received a single penny from the organization. Your organization is a big name in the industry and it would not be wrong to say that the organization would soon achieve the pole position. I would really love to be a part of the success story and contribute with my skills and perseverance.

Sample Answer Eight

I believe the best way to analyze a job is to focus on its nature and duties to be performed. Like, the job description offered by your organization to me, has tasks and duties that closely relate to my educational background and past work experience. I would be more than happy to serve an organization that focuses on its employees and follows the principles of goal congruence in a practical manner. After a careful analysis of your institute, I have noticed that this is a wonderful company, that always values and considers the individuals goals of the employees.

Sample Answer Nine

In a job, I always look for promotional opportunities, because I am a career-oriented person and prefer to progress in life. This gives me the ability to move forward in life while fetching higher salaries and earning widespread recognition. After browsing and researching about this organization, I have come to a conclusion, that you offer regular promotional opportunities and always value talent and hard work.

Sample Answer Ten

I always prefer a job that offers the tasks and duties as per one’s knowledge, skills, and work experience. I have come across numerous instances, wherein there have been cases that a person is offered a job that does not relate to his or her work profile. In addition to this, I value job security a lot while searching for a job opportunity. Frequent layoffs do not suit me and I prefer to avoid such institutions. I hope your organization, has the ability to offer job security as well as you do not fire your employees on trivial matters.


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