Have You Ever Been Fired (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

If you feel interviews are easy, just go and browse some of the most tricky questions asked in the interview sessions. This is one of those questions, that can disturb even the most prepared candidate, if he or she has ever been fired or removed from a position. Such is the agony of getting fired from a job, that it would most probably be clearly drawn on your face, easily visible from quite a distance. The worry lines might shrink along with smiles. But, preparing for almost every interview question beforehand, is the best way, to ace an interview session.

Have You Ever Been Fired

Three Tips To Effectively Answer This Question

1) Control Your Emotions

The words, ‘You are fired’ are so intimidating that these can send chills down your spine and if you have encountered such a situation, in reality, you in most probable conditions would become awestruck and nostalgic while appearing for an interview session. But, always remember, the past is gone and would never come back to life. However, we humans can learn from our past mistakes and can improvise our future. You are strictly advised, to not look sad, monotonous or gloomy, after hearing his question. Always try to control your emotions.

2) Just Be Genuine

No matter how worse the reason for your removal was, just share it with your employer. Every one of us has a story, the moral is, how much we learn and improve ourselves based on such awful and obnoxious experiences. If you share a unique and genuine experience of your removal with your interviewer, you likely to gain extra points for showing honesty and uprightness.

3) You Can Say A No Too

The answer to this question can be negative also. If you have never been fired from your workplace, as is the case for around 40% to 50% of the employed individuals then you are not required to concoct any story, in which you are holding a position of sympathy and all the wrong things happened with you. Just say no, and move ahead.

Best Ten Sample Answers To Study

Sample Answer One

Yes, sir, I have been fired once during my first employment. It was largely due to an imperfect working culture in which I was forced to set and adjust. But, I simply refused. There constant instances of harassment and bullying at my previous workplace which severely affected my performance and outcomes. I remember, when the level of such unethical activities crossed too much and I had a heated altercation with one of my seniors, that eventually led to my demise and removal from position.

Sample Answer Two

I believe, ‘fired’ is too fancy a word, at least true in my situation. Yes, sir, I was removed from my position, during my previous employment, as a consequence, I applied with your esteemed organization. My previous employer has suffered huge losses in the last accounting year and they were on a downsizing spree. Unfortunately, I became a victim of the said downsizing and lost my job. However, I believe, this was good to some extent, as I got an opportunity to interview myself with such a prestigious and successful organization.

Sample Answer Three

Well, I was not fired from my previous position, rather, I resigned amicably. Actually, I am a career-motivated person, who wants to scale great heights in my career which is possible only when I get regular promotions and pay hikes. But my previous employer was too stubborn to extend me any promotional opportunity. Hence, I decided to make a move and applied with your organization, which follows the principles of goal congruence deeply and sincerely.

Sample Answer Four

Yes sir, to be honest, I was fired from my previous position. That was largely due to my mistake, as I was just not able to cope with the ever-increasing burden, put upon me by the organization. I was supposed to work for a good part of 16 hours without any considerable break, like a machine. This caused me serious illness and I was suggested complete bed rest by my doctor for at least 2 weeks. When I requested a medical leave, they denied it and fired me, remarking me as a non-serious employee possessing a casual attitude. This was really pathetic and cruel.

Sample Answer Five

I am not here to make any excuse and would reply to this question in a genuine manner. During my previous employment, I was involved with the wrong group of employees, which ultimately led to my downfall. I was caught, having alcohol and other prohibited beverages during my office time in my official cabin. This news spread like a wildfire and I was ultimately stripped of my position. It was necessary for a person like me, and now I am a changed man. Be assured, that I have changed myself and now I am a very committed and loyal individual.

Sample Answer Six

No sir. I have not encountered such a situation ever during my lifetime. I hope to work and act professionally, even the way forward, and hope to never get fired from a workplace.

Sample Answer Seven

Yes, sir, I was fired from my workplace when I was a fresher and joined ABC Corporation as my first employer. I was too naive to decide right and wrong for myself and fell into the trap of pity office politics. I was made a scapegoat for the unethical activity committed by another employee. But being the youngest on the floor, I was accused by a strong group of employees sharing a strong camaraderie. Thus, I was fired immediately from the company.

Sample Answer Eight

It was during the first internship that I was fired. As per the terms of the internship, I was an intern supposed to work in the office, with a desk being allotted to me, but to my dismay, I was forced to go on the fields regularly and give effect to door to door selling of goods and services offered by the company. This was seriously hurting my education a lot and I requested my employer to abide by the rules of the internship. He got angry and fired me in anger.

Sample Answer Nine

No sir, I feel happy and fortunate enough to never have encountered such an embarrassing situation throughout my professional career. I am looking forward to maintaining a similar level of expertise and professionalism. I hope to work for you and contribute.

Sample Answer Ten

It was during my previous employment, that I was fired and stripped of my duties. It was entirely my fault, to involve myself in unethical practices. I became greedy and started acquiring the clients of the company, only to serve them in private. When this came into the limelight, I was immediately expelled from my position. I have learned from my mistake, and I assure you that I am a changed man now. Be assured and hire me without dwelling much into my past. I am a person with excellent technical knowledge and could serve you, with all my passion and zeal.


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