Top 21 Common Interview Questions And Answers For Students in 2024

Growing up in kinder-garden school or to pre-school we all face a lot of interview or questions that need to be answered from our elders, teachers or professors and family in some cases. It is the life of a student that they face a lot of questions that could be related to anything but mostly related to the studies. Interviewing students are very much different as compared to the corporate world interview. As most of them face it for the very first time so they need to be aware of many things that they might have never heard of.

Common Interview Questions And Answers For Students

Common Interview Questions And Answers For Students

Here are some very common interview questions asked to the students during an interview:

Question 1- Tell me everything about yourself

Answer- My name is Michael Curry and I am twenty-years-old. I have been in the science field since I finished middle school and I found it very interesting. I come from a very decent family background where everyone is a self-made entrepreneur. I have gained many work experiences such as worked for some of the non-governmental organisations to help the poor and was an active donor in my housing society.

Question 2- Why did you choose this particular school or university?

Answer- There is a lot of reason behind the question as to why I was sent to this particular University. The first and the common reason was that the university is very close to my home town so it becomes easy for me to travel every day and come to the university on time. The other reason is that the university is highly reputed and has been well-established in the field of engineering. Just to add, it was one of my dreams to be a part of such a reputed university which is located near my home town.

Question 3- What types of assignment or projects did you complete during your school days?

Answer- The school was very active in all the extra-curricular activities starting from sports to quiz every month. There was a project named ‘Best PowerPoint Presentation’ which was not only interschool but there were national-level judges who would score us based on our PowerPoint presentation. I did participate in the competition but could not fetch the score that I was expecting it to be.

Question 4- How do you manage your time to meet any project deadlines?

Answer- As we are kept busy in all the extra-curricular activities from the university it sometimes happens when we fail to submit assignments on time. But, that is quite rare for me however late or tired I am I still start that particular time with the project so that I am not late by when the deadline comes near. I also make a list every day of what should I prioritise first this is only related to my academics.

Question 5- What are your hobbies and why are they special to you?

Answer- Ever since growing from lower school I have had many hobbies and gained a lot of interest in many of them. Now, I keep my hobbies straight I do a lot of exercises. Other than academics, I put a lot of time focusing on my personal health whenever I am free I try to go out and play or sometimes hit the gymnasium for few hours. Doing such things during my free time helps reduces my tension.

Question 6- What is your favourite subject and since when did you grow interested in that?

Answer- My favourite subject was always marketing or business in school. I came to know about this when there was an activity that was assigned to us by our professor. The activity was ‘how to talk to a customer about a product’ where I did pretty well with no practice. It was at that moment I realised that I was good at marketing and that is my favourite subject.

Question 10- Could you tell me about your dream job?

Answer- I was always good in marketing and financial subjects or fields in my school days. Ever since my school days, I always wanted to become a sole entrepreneur come out with my own business ideas in front of the world. Of course, it will be a unique business idea but with a great strategy to attract people to my business.

Question 11- What is your favourite sport?

Answer- My favourite sport is playing and watching football. We all know that football is the best and the most loved game in the world. Interestingly, I fall under those crazy fans where I love watching football waking late at night or even if the match is scheduled early morning.

Question 12- What do you expect from this school before enrolling on it?

Answer- I know how reputed school this is I have seen so many advertisements about all the placements or students achieving good positions or scholarships from this school. I am expecting that the working environment or the school environment would be very unique to any other school and the same with the teaching process.

Question 13- How would other people describe you?

Answer- I have always been a decent kid ever since my childhood days and I am exactly the same to date. People would describe me as a very silent kid and that is what I behave in front of my relatives, families, friends that is what my nature has always been.

Question 14- How do you tackle stressful situations?

Answer- Most of us face very bad situations and it is the same with me often. When I have a very hard time in my daily routine I tend to watch motivational videos or songs that make me feel better. Watching motivational videos always touches my heart whenever I am stressed it makes me feel different every time I listen to them.

Question 15- Did you ever have troubling talking to any of your school staffs?

Answer- Yes, there are very rare cases where I had to face such a situation while I was in the university. I lost a very important project of staff in the university and I could not remember where did I misplace it for several days. But, as it was lost it was a very hard time for me to reveal it to the staff to whom the project belonged.

Question 16- Where is your dream destination?

Answer- I have many dream places but there is only one where I am very fond of visiting ever since I was a child. One day if I ever have the chance then I would love to visit the NASA space station. Yes, it is not the place that you were hoping for but, it is because I always wanted to check their working environment and how the people there work each day.

Question 17- What are you a leader or a follower?

Answer- I am both of them as there are many times where I lead and I tend to follow other individual or people. In case, where I feel that I am confident enough to handle the situation that has been given to be I tend to show leadership qualities. But, if I don’t feel confident enough then I tend to follow other people.

Question 18- What type of person do you have a hard time working with?

Answer- I feel uncomfortable working with very stubborn people. There are many times where I was given team assignment with stubborn individuals. It is because they have a very different mentality they do not listen to other people in the group. These type of people think that they are correct and make others feel they are incorrect in some decision or any kind of work.

Question 19- Are you very active in social media?

Answer- Yes, as being a part of the 21st Century we all have smartphones and need them to be connected socially to other people or friends. Yes, I am quite active socially I like talking or interacting with other people also know what other people are going through in their daily life. I have five to six different social media handles and I am quite active in all of them.

Question 20- What book are you reading at the moment?

Answer- I mostly read educational books during my free time and have gained the habit when I was very young. Currently, I am reading the book named ‘The Tipping Point’ the book has been written by Malcolm Gladwell he is also one of my favourite authors. I personally like the way he writes and expresses his feelings through his writings and that is amazing.

Question 21- How do you choose your friends’ circle?

Answer- Having a lot of friends is amazing but friends who always have your back are the precious ones. This I have kept very simple I choose my friends or friends circle based on my behaviour also there should be someone who will be there when I face trouble in any hard situation.

Download the list of questions in .PDF format, to practice with them later, or to use them on your interview template (if you want to crack Interview):

Common Interview Questions


Students tend to face a very hard time answering simple and daily-life related interview questions. It is always best to have high confidence and keep a positive thought while you are being interviewed by the interviewer. I hope that you found the article very useful then do share, comment and leave your precious feedback.


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