Top 21 Network Engineer Interview Questions In 2024 (With Answers)

Most of us do not know what or who is a Network Engineer also what are their job and why are they important in society. Engineer are of many types and Network Engineer is a professional in all sorts of technology he or she is very highly skilled in controlling and maintaining the connectivity of the networks such as data, calls, voice calls, videos or wireless networks. The main goal of a network engineer is to provide secure network infrastructure and good performance to the users so that they do not have any problem.

Network Engineer Interview Questions

Some Interview Questions Faced By Network Engineer Are Given Below

It is not easy to become a part of the engineering world every engineer part needs a lot of hard work and patience throughout their career. The work of a Network Engineer is very delicate and needs to be done with the best work possible. Below are some of the Network Engineer Interview Questions with answers.

Question 1- What do you mean by a backbone network?

Answer– Backbone network is also known and called a core network. This type of network connects the dots between networks and the providing path for the exchange of other information that comes out of LANs or some other subnetworks.

Question 2- What is LAN and the full form of it?

Answer– The full form of LAN is Local Area Network. As the name suggests Local so it normally refers to the connection between the computers or laptops or any other network devices that are all connected together in a very small physical location.

Question 3- What do you exactly mean by the word ‘Node’?

Answer- The word ‘node’ is used in the telecommunication world networks. A node is a redistribution of a point or it could even be a communication endpoint. A node can be any device such as a computer or laptops which is a part of the network. In this case, two or more nodes are needed to form and have a good network.

Question 4- Why are routers used?

Answer– Routers are another type of network connector that connects two or more networks segments within an area. Routers are in some way very intelligent network devices that stores details or information in their own routing tables. And with all the information that it gathers, it takes out the best way to transfer important data.

Question 5- What is a point to point link in the Network Engineering world?

Answer– These are one type of network which is also related to the telecommunication world. the point to point link refers to those type of communication that have the connections between the endpoints and nodes.

Question 6- What do you mean by FTP in computer engineer?

Answer– FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. The FTP is a set of rules that any device such as a computer or laptop follows for the transferring of any type of files from one type of system to the internet. These type of systems are used by some of the high-class business people to transfer important files from one device to another device. You could even transfer some files from your computer to the websites very easily.

Question 7- What do you mean by subnet mask in the network in this field?

Answer– A subnet mask is also known and called a subnetwork. It is a very logical subdivision of an IP network that we use online. This is the practice of dividing any network into two or more than five networks and that is why it is called the subnet mask.

Question 8- What do you mean by NP and give the full form of it?

Answer– The full form of NP is Network Topology. Now, the Network Topology refers to that layout or the exterior of the computer network where the system shows other close devices and cables that are physically laid out. It also commands and controls all the radio networks and computer networks that are searched from your device.

Question 9- What do you mean by VPN and give the full form of it?

Answer– A VPN is also called a Virtual Private Network. A VPN gives the user or any individual who is using a computer online privacy by creating a private network separating from the public internet connections. This system also enables all the user who is using VPN to access resources or information from other unknown networks.

Question 10- Give a short brief about NAT

Answer– The full form of NAT is Network Address Translation which is very widely used in the current network engineering era. This is a method of mapping an or any IP address space into another modifying network to bring in more information from the IP header and then transmit it across the routing device.

Question 11- What do you mean by RIP in network engineering?

Answer– RIP is the short form of Routing Information Protocol. It is one of the oldest distance-vector routing protocols in the world.

Question 12- Mention some of the different ways of keeping a computer secure.

Answer– There are many ways where you can keep your computer safe from any unknown devices or networks that may harm and steal our personal information for different use. Some of the ways where you can secure your computer or laptop are as follows:

  • Install and ready the firewall performance
  • You should update the passwords of every site and social media accounts
  • You should create a Virtual Private Network
  • Shut down the computer or laptop when it is not in use
  • Make sure you encrypt your files

Question 13- What do you mean by NIC in the network engineering world?

Answer– The full form of NIC is Networked Interfaced Card. It is a card or sometimes it is also called a hardware component that helps connect from one computer or laptop to some other computer or laptop network this is done without any wire connected to the computers.

Question 14- What is the importance of having WAN?

Answer– WAN is known as Wide Area Network. Having a WAN network in a computer provides direct communication between the satellites offices or two or more geographical locations. WANs are only meant or built to make the bridge to great distances and it can be amazing in having any type of communication online. It is one of the best strategies to use effective communication in any corporate offices.

Question 15- What is Fault Tolerance System?

Answer– This is such a system where it calculates the ability of any device or a system. It is a property to enable any system to continue operating or do its work properly.

Question 16- What is the full form of NOS and give a short brief about it?

Answer– The full name of NOS is Network Operating System. This type of operating system is a very special and unique operating system for a network device it can be used for many cases around the world.  Now, some of the examples of NOS are routers, firewalls and many more.

Question 17- Give a short brief about DoS?

Answer– DoS is also known as Denial-of-Attack service. Such type of service is an attempt to block or prevent users who are being to access the internet or any other networks without any permission required. These type of attacks can come from an unknown source and in different forms and they are mostly done by a group of people from the other side.

Question 18- Why do we need to have address sharing in a computer?

Answer– If one uses the address sharing system then the system translates instead of routing. It also shares the address to provide an inherent security advantage for your computer or laptop. The host on the internet or online can only see the public IP address of the external interface.

Question 19- What are the uses of firewalls in a computer?

Answer– Firewalls are very important to have a secure computer or laptop. It is a security device that is installed in the computer hardware or software which helps protect any type of network by filtering out the traffic signals and blocking all the disturbing outsiders to protect your private data present in the computer.

Question 20- What do you mean by a star topology in network engineering?

Answer– Sometimes a star topology is also known and called a star network. This system is an implementation of a spoke-hub distribution that are present in the paradigm in the computer networks. In such a type of network, the main host is connected to the main or the central hub in the system.

Question 21- What exactly are gateways in a computer?

Answer– A gateway is hardware but not a software device that acts as the name says ‘gate’ between any two networks that are from your computer to the other attached network. It can be a router, firewall, and controls all the flow of in and out in a computer network.

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Network Engineer Interview Questions


Technology is growing fast just like the population in the world so it is very important we should update ourselves every day. Network engineers do face a hard time with such fields and making a career out of it. I hope that the above questions will help the engineers who are willing to take as a network field in their upcoming career. Please do share the article, comment below and don’t forget to leave your precious feedback.


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