Top 21 Receptionist Interview Questions in 2024 (With Answers)

Many of us surely have visited a hotel, restaurant or anywhere where you get to see a person sitting in front with a table and chair welcoming you. The receptionist is an employee who takes the supporting position in any workplace such as office, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, bars, resorts and a few more. The most interesting part of the job of a receptionist is that their job is performed in the waiting area such as front office desk of an organisation.

Yes, the work might sound easy to many people out there but it not for sure. Receptionist has to take care of so many situations at the same time and of course, it depends on what type of reception one individual has been placed into.

Receptionist Interview Questions

Here Are Some Receptionist Interview Questions With Answers

The job of a receptionist is quite hard and the same is with their training process and the final interview for placement in any company or office or hotels. They need to prepare themselves with all sort of questions and answers related to their field yes that might not be always easy for the individual.

Question 1- Tell me about your background including your qualifications.

Answer- My name is Sandra Lee and I have completed my higher studies at the University of Canada and completed my degree two years back. I am from Canada itself and as for the job in question I have finished my high school diploma also along with that did courses on some computer application software. So, I guess that is more than enough for the position in your company.

Question 2- What made you attract our company?

Answer– There is plenty of reason why I am here before you. I have always wanted to work under such a highly reputed multi-national company ever since I was pursuing my qualifications. Also, you have branches all over the country and world so I am looking forward to seeing my placements in different countries.

Question 3- Tell us something about your job experience in this field?

Answer– I have completed my qualifications two years back and ever since I have joined five different companies as a receptionist. I have gained a lot of experience I have learned how to tackle four to five different situations at the same time, talk to customers practically and over the phone and developed good front desk skills. I am looking forward to doing the same and more in this company.

Question 4- Why do you think the work of a receptionist is so important?

Answer– I feel that the work of any receptionist around the world is not easy as it sounds. It is one of the most fulfilling position in the company or office that one has to be in. Providing excellent customer service, handling the difficult situation and facing hard questions all at the same time is not faced by any other jobs in the world. The main motive is to make our customer satisfied and happy with the service and products.

Question 5- Can you tackle rough situations?

Answer- Yes, working in this field for more than five years I have experienced tough situations many times. Additionally, I would like to give all the credit to the University they had taught us to face such situations we were given such situations to practise. Of course, my work experience helped me a lot in tackling rough situations almost every day.

Question 6- What office equipments do you need to be a good receptionist?

Answer– Our jobs will surely not be quite easy out there when we face a lot of customers, calls, fax, prints at the same time. I will be needing a computer or laptop, printers, scanners, fax machine, graph plotters, telephones, wireless telephone, cash counters and thumb scanners. I guess all of these should work working at your company.

Question 7- Why do we need good customer service from your side?

Answer– Customers will probably see me first when they enter the company so it is obvious they will ask me questions that they have in their mind. It is my duty to fulfil what they need and what they came here for to make them satisfied. It all depends on me how the customer service of the company would be.

Question 8- What are your technical skills in this field?

Answer– I did some additional courses on how to manage people, compute skills and app development. These courses will help me to manage a little harder database and I know how to use the CRM software very well.

Question 9- Are you a quick learner and problem solver?

Answer– As it is my job to tackle different situations from different people I have the capability to learn quickly and solve any problem which I think I can solve. Yes, I will surely not be able to solve all problems but a major of them will be quite easy for me to handle. Listening is very important to learn quickly and I listen well when my customers are speaking.

Question 10- Do you like interacting with unknown people?

Answer– Yes, not all people are the same there are varieties of people that I had come across earlier. I enjoy talking to people who know a little about their background and assisting them gives me great joy and happiness.

Question 11- Can you handle multiple situations?

Answer– Yes, I can handle multiple situations at the same time as I had to practise such a situation while I was in the process of completing my graduation. At that point in time, there were many hard situations given to me and was asked to handle correctly.

Question 12- How do you keep your daily routine well organised?

Answer– Being a receptionist we have to keep our routine straight and fixed always. I make a list of what to keep priority in my work and I follow it very strictly and keep myself organised.

Question 13- What type of software do you frequently use?

Answer– I frequently use Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, Excel Sheet and I am familiar with all of these. This software helps complete the simple and daily work for a receptionist very easy and these are what I am capable of.

Question 14- Do you prefer working alone or working in a team?

Answer– I am very much comfortable working with a team as it distributes all the work among us and makes it work faster.

Question 15- What are the basic tasks of a receptionist or a front desk job?

Answer– The main task that includes for a receptionist is tackling with hard situations, suggest people what they are looking for, handle calls and emails online.

Question 16- What are the skills that are very important for a receptionist?

Answer– The major skills that are important for a receptionist and I have are good communication skills, handling the rough situation, leadership qualities and be humble and gentle while talking to the customers.

Question 17- How do you handle stubborn or annoying customers while in your job timings?

Answer– Sometimes it is not at all easy to handle such type of customers while in working hours. But, below are some of the tips where I can handle such type of people very easily:

  • Listen to the complaint of the individual very carefully
  • Let him finish first with what he has to say
  • Try to bring up a solution of how could the problem be solved easily and hassle-free
  • Make him satisfied with our product and services

Question 18- What do you do when you do not have an answer to a question asked by any customer?

Answer– When I don’t have an answer that has been asked by the customer in front of me I simply ask him or her to wait or sit for a while. Then I contact the higher authorities or the person that the customer is looking for so that I make it easy for me to handle and make the situation clear for the customer who is waiting.

Question 19- How do you manage a heavy workload?

Answer– Sometimes it becomes very difficult to handle some situations alone where it needs teamwork. But, when I face a heavy workload I think and take everything real slow and understand better what is actually being asked of me. Doing this helps me come out with better solutions and overcome my rough situation.

Question 20- What are your typing speed and the mistake you make?

Answer– I have not yet assessed my typing skills and mistakes that I make while writing on the computer. But, I once did an online typing test where I found out that I was doing really well and there was very less mistake while I wrote the entire sentences that were asked from me to write.

Question 21- How do you manage and take control of confidential information received from unknown sources?

Answer– I make a separate profile and give a reminder on any confidential information that needs to be said to the high authorities. It becomes easy for me to tell the higher authorities without forgetting anything.

Download the list of questions in .PDF format, to practice with them later, or to use them on your interview template (if you want to crack Interview):

Receptionist Interview Questions


To be a receptionist you face questions on various types from the interviewer and most of them are very easy to answer if you have gone through the questions above. I hope that you found the article very important please do share comment and leave your feedback.


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