Top 21 Desktop Support Executive Interview Questions In 2024 [With Answers]

Oh, Technology!! you are a beast. How smoothly have you automated the processes and made the businesses dependent upon you? Even the tinder swindlers are amazed!!

Yes, that is indeed true. Technology, most commonly known as Information technology rules today’s corporate world. There is specialized software for even the minutest of business functions, which is powered by the hardware.

Thus, in order to protect, maintain and improvise the performance of these I. T. assets, a desktop support executive is hired. Being in a prominent position s/he gets a good salary and lucrative incentives. Hence, if you are having an upcoming interview session for the position of desktop support executive, just work hard and read out all the frequently asked interview questions mentioned below.

Desktop Support Interview Questions

21 Best Interview Questions To Study

1. What Are The Different Types Of Topologies That Are Used While Connecting The Computer Systems Together? Briefly Explain Them and State A Major Advantage For Each Of The Topology.

Being a desktop support executive, you will be required to repair, maintain and install the different types of topologies used in the business organization. Hence, always read about this topic before appearing for an interview.

Sample Answers

Sure, sir, These are:

Types of TopologyExplanationMajor Advantage
Mesh topologyThe two devices are connected using a dedicated link, which transmits data between these two connected devices only.
It helps to easily identify the faults and reasons for interruptions.
Star topologyThe several devices are connected to a central location, which is also known as a hub. The individual devices do not directly communicate with each other, rather this communication happens through this hub.Easier installation and less expensive as fewer number cables are required
Bus topologyThe different devices are connected using the main cable through drop lines.Easier installation as all the devices are connected using a single backbone cable
Ring topologyIn a ring topology, each device is connected with each other in such a way that, each device has two other devices on either side.Easier to manage due to the availability of only two links that have to be looked after
Hybrid topologyAs the name suggests, it is a combination of two or more topologies that are mentioned above.It provides the benefit of scalability to an organization

2. What Is The Role Of An Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)? Share The Different ARPs.

This question tests your understanding of the different types of ARPs and their meaning.

Sample Answers

Sir, the role of an ARP is to find the physical address, which is done by examining the IP address. There are three different types of ARPs, which are:

  • Reverse address resolution protocol (RARP)
  • Internet control message protocol (ICMP)
  • Internet group message protocol (IGMP)

3. What Are The Different Protocols That Are Used By The Application Layer For Making Interactions With The User?

This question tests your core domain knowledge in regards to the different layers of the TCP/IP model.

Sample Answers

Sir, the application layer is the topmost layer and is used to interact with the user of an application. It uses different protocols, such as

  • HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
  • DNS (Domain Name System)
  • SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply)
  • TELNET (Terminal Network)
  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
  • SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)

4. Share The Three Data Transmission Modes and Also Explain Them Briefly.

A desktop support executive is required to handle all the issues that occur while transmitting data. Hence, you got to be aware of all the data transmission modes.

Sample Answers

Sir, the three different data transmission modes are:

  • Simplex: This is a one-directional model in which data is transmitted from one device to another. The device, sending data packets cannot receive the data back.
  • Half-duplex mode: This is a bi-directional mode, wherein the device sending data packets can also receive the data packets back. However, this can happen only at different intervals of time.
  • Full-duplex mode: This is a bi-directional mode and a particular device can send as well as receive the data at all times.

5. What Is Your Understanding Of The Client Server Architecture?

This question tests your understanding of the different types of computer architectures.

Sample Answers

Sir, a client-server architecture is a cost-effective technique in which a central computer (known as the hub) connects several client computers. In this, different cables from the hub go out and connect the several client computers.

Further, all the communications between the client computers take place via this central hub. If a particular client computer wants to interact with another computer, then it will be required to transmit data to the hub, which will then further transmit the data to the destination computer.

6. Name The Different Basic Components Of A Computer Network.

This question tests your understanding in regards to the computer network and its components.

Sample Answers

Sir, the various basic components are Hub, Switch, Router, Server, Cables, Modems, Clients, etc.

This question checks your understanding of the concept of network downtime/ network outage and its possible causes.

Sample Answers

Sir, network interruptions are a common mess and are experienced by several business organizations across the world. It refers to a network outage that halts all the network-dependent business processes. It occurs due to a variety of technical issues, such as:

  • Failure/ Malfunctioning of the device or any associated technology
  • Materialization of potential cyber-attacks
  • ISP outages
  • Natural disasters and calamities, etc.

8. We Have A Developed Performance Appraisal System For Our Employees and We Constanty Monitor The Progress. How Open Are You To Receiving Criticisms At The Workplace?

Most business organizations assess the performance of their employees through established benchmarks and performance appraisal systems. This ultimately leads to negative feedback and criticisms, which must be handled positively.

Sample Answers

Sir, I completely understand that most employees feel offended or feel bad after receiving negative criticisms or feedback. However, I share a different ideology and do not agree with this thinking.

In my humble opinion, criticisms are a way to improve the work performance as they show you the mirror and tell you about all your mistakes, which are hampering your work progress. Hence, I always take them positively and never feel bad in any manner.

9. Describe About A Time When You Showed Commitment and Dedication At Your Workplace.

Every company hires employees that are knowledgeable as well as possess some positive traits.

Sample Answers

Sir, I remember a situation, when our company was undergoing a massive technological change. We were shifting our base from the traditional hard-disk storage systems to cloud-based systems. This migration was not at all easy and all the technical employees of the company were deployed in this process.

I was also assigned to this process of change, and worked for almost 12 hours a day, just to ensure that my employer organization is able to transit smoothly. This shows my dedication as well as a commitment to the company changes.

10. What Are The Different Types Of Viruses That Compromise The Security Of The Computer Systems and Can Lead To Breach and Data Theft?

This question tests your knowledge of the various types of viruses existing in the computer system.

Sample Answers

Sure, Sir, I would like to list these five viruses:

Name of the virusesExplanation
Resident VirusSuch viruses reside in the RAM of the computer systems and attach themselves with the files of the anti-virus software.
Overwrite VirusThis virus infects the files, folders, and programs and overwrites the information contained in it
Web Scripting VirusThis virus enters the system via malicious files and folders that are downloaded from an infected website.
Boot Sector VirusThis virus enters the system through email attachments or a USB drive and infects the boot system by damaging it
HijackerThis is a browser-based virus and automatically redirects web users to malicious websites.

11. Cloud Storage Is In Vogue and Several Oganizations Are Getting Inclined Towards It. However, It Has Some Serious Issues and Problems. Can You List Any Three Of Them?

This question checks your understanding of the various issues existing in the cloud system.

Sample Answers

Sure, sir, These are:

  • Issues with data privacy, as it has been observed that in some cases the data has been leaked
  • Lack of automatic backup facility
  • Reduces control over the company’s own data due to the intervention of a third-party

12. What Are Some Of The Common Duties That Every Desktop Support Executive Has To Perform At The Workplace?

This question tests how much you understand about your job role.

Sample Answers

Sure, sir, These are:

  • Resolving all the issues pertaining to the computer systems, network systems, hardware, software, and other technical problems
  • Configuration of the computer systems of the organization
  • Keeping the computer systems updated and maintaining a work log

13. Can You Share The Names Of Some Of The Best Remote Desktop Support Software, Which Are Widely Used In Our Industry?

This question checks your level of acquaintance with the prevailing software technology.

Sample Answers

Sure. sir, These are:

  • Anydesk
  • Dameware Remote Support
  • LogMeIn Rescue
  • Zoho Assist
  • Teamviewer

14. How Do You Join The Two LAN Networks Together?

This question checks your practical working knowledge.

Sample Answers

Sir, the two LAN networks, no matter how big they are, can be joined using the internet that is provided by the Router. A router is the perfect networking component that will join the multiple computer networks with each other.

15. Being A Technical Job, This Will Require You To Audit The Network Systems and The Functioning Of The Overall I. T Assets Of The Company. It Is An Extensive Job and You Will Be Required To Put A Lot Of Effort Daily. How Do You Manage Your Consequent Workplace Stress?

Corporate employees have to reach their office on time daily. Execute their tasks daily. Submit their progress reports daily. And finally, move back to their residences daily. This abundance of “daily” is nothing but discipline, which must be exhibited by every corporate employee at the workplace.

However, not all can sustain these daily things, and finally, succumb to monotony. This leads to stress, which is followed by a dip in performance. Hence, through this question, an interviewer wants to know what are the various techniques using which you are able to manage your workplace stress.

Deep breathing, meditation, yoga, positive pep talk, attending online counseling, etc. are some of the most common ways to manage your workplace stress.

16. We Hire Special Employees Who Always Stand By Us Through Our Thick and Thin. What Can You Offer Us That Someone Else Cannot?

With a rapid rise in the number of job applications, the interviewers are now forced to innovate and better the level of their interview questions. This gives rise to this question, which is an advanced version of the regular interview question, “What are your strengths?”

To prepare a perfect response for this interview question, it is necessary to:

  • Scrutinize your own personality and list out all your major strengths
  • Read and gain a comprehensive understanding of the job description issued to you by the hiring manager

Your answer must contain the strengths that are not in conflict with the requirements of the job role as well as your own personality.

17. When Can You Start Working With Us?

Not every job seeker is available on an immediate basis and might need some time to migrate or make a fresh joining. Thus, interviewers during the interview session always ask you about the date on ar ofter which you can begin working for the company. Be genuine while answering and always keep a margin or buffer of at least 2 working days.

18. We Are A Leader In Our Field and Have Business Spread In Several Countries. This Is Largely Possible Because Of Our Superior, Diligent and Adept Workforce, Which Always Delivers Quality. How Do You Interpret This Term “Quality”?

This is a word-based interview question, which requires you to interpret the meaning of the word “quality”. All humans have an intellect, which is distinct from others. This makes us perceive similar things differently. This question requires you to give your own version of the interpretation of the word “quality”. Hence, just be original and avoid all the generic answers.

19. I Hope You Have Seen Our Offering In The Job Description. However, May I Know About Your Salary Expectations?

It is a common affair for the interviewers to enquire about your salary expectations during the interview process itself. In order to give a perfect response, it is necessary to research the industry to which you belong and determine the mean salary offered to the other desktop support specialists, who share a work experience similar to you. It is recommended that you always base your reply on this mean salary.

20. We Are Not Perfect and Always Have Some Weaknesses. May I Know About Your Weaknesses That Will Impact Your Working At Our Company?

Undoubtedly, this is a negative interview question and will certainly create a negative opinion in your regard. However, there is no way to escape this question. If you are planning to skip this question or maybe thinking of answering it diplomatically, then you are wrong, as by doing this, you will seriously deplete your selection chances.

Hence, always attempt this question, and answer all the weaknesses that relate to you but do not conflict with the requirements of the job.

21. Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

Be it the interview session of a desktop support specialist or a customer support executive, every session comes to an end through this interview question. Hence, this question gives you one last chance to impress your interviewer and end your big day on a high. To prepare a perfect reply to this question, just ask some relevant counter-questions, which represent your doubts and apprehensions in regards to the job opening and the organization. For better understanding, Prepmycareer presents you some of the best sample questions mentioned hereunder:

Sample Questions

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