Top 11 Best Job Search Apps for 2024

With the advent of new technologies, it has become simpler to earn some side passive income. The increment of the population is highly affecting the job market. It is difficult to find a good-paying job in today’s world.

Everyone in their houses has got a smartphone now. People are taking good advantage of the new technology. You can perform almost anything using such little devices. From learning cooking to connecting with a friend who lives in another country. Some people are even using their smartphones to earn some cash. 

With the increase in population, the job market has become very competitive. But technology has proved to be the bright side of people’s lives. 

Best Job Search Apps

Top Job Search Apps

 1. Naukri has got lakhs of job opportunities for all job seekers. helps to keep an individual ahead in searching for a job. The number of jobs gets updated every five seconds. It provides an abundance of opportunities for full-time as well as part-time job seekers. 

There is a unique feature in this app that allows you to have 5 job alerts. It sends you notifications about different industries like IIT, data science, e-commerce, accounting, medical. is innovative, informative, and evolving beautifully. There are numerous job filters in it such as work from home to match your comfort and the dynamic job market. 

2. Indeed

Indeed is a huge job board with lakhs of opportunities. Indeed, a job search website was instigated in the year 2004. From then onwards Indeed has been helping millions of job seekers to get good-paying jobs. Today an individual can search for a job based on their location, what professions they are into, part-time jobs, full-time jobs, etc. 

Indeed is an American company. Millions of jobs can be searched on different posts. It is a user-friendly job search app. It guides you while filling up the forms. Besides that, it also gives updates for new jobs arrivals, time to time updates for your submitted forms, etc. 

3. Linkedin 

Linkedin is the best employment search engine. Every big company, famous CEO, entrepreneur, etc has got an account on it. You can connect with your favorite businessman or entrepreneur (for example Elon Musk) on Linkedin. 

Linkedin is a social media for all job seekers and professionals. It is essential to keep adding professionals to your account to give it a boost. You can get the latest news about business, tech, investments, and updates about startups. New job updates are always there. Anyone can apply through the main company’s portals. Linkedin is free. But it has got more features in its premium account. 


AngelList is an American-based company that focuses on startups. All the newbie job seekers can find millions of job opportunities on this website. AngelList job search app was launched in 2010. 

If you fancy startups and you are in the investment field. Then AngelList gives you a platform to invest in startups. You can also get jobs in new startups of tech, finance, etc. This platform is used by more than 1,40,000 startups. It provides transparency by giving details of equity options and salary ranges. AngelList is a free website. You can apply to any post in your field. It provides a feature that can help you talk directly with the head of the startup. 

5. Upwork

Upwork is an American-based freelancing platform. It was founded in 2015. If you have any skills which you want to sell. Then Upwork is your platform to go to. 

There are niches such as content writing, copywriting, web development, web designer, digital marketing, etc are available on Upwork. Many employers, Companies, or startups hire such individuals for their work. The average pay on Upwork is $20 per hour. You can also bid on any project in your field. The account opening is free. And it is simple to complete the profile. You can upgrade your profile to freelancing plus to stand out. 

6. Monster Job Search App

Monster is a significant job board that lets you find innumerable numbers of Jobs in your field. It was launched in 1994. And people have been getting jobs in this field for a long time now. 

Monster job search app is user-oriented and meets the purpose. Resumes are uploaded easily. It provides a modern technique. You can swipe right if you are interested in the job and left if you want to pass. The user-friendly app lets you know when a client checks your profile. You can switch on the notification button if you never want to miss any new updates. 

7. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is an American-based, major job board. It is beneficial for both checking the company’s review and searching for jobs. You can research the company and apply it to those that best suit your interests. Albeit of not applying to any job openings, you can learn a lot of things from the app. You can learn about the work culture of the company, the employer review, salary, interviews, and other important information. 

Glassdoor has a broad spectrum of job analysis and is very handy to use. Profile opening is simple. You can easily upload a resume and apply to new openings in your fields. 

8. Snagajob

Snagajob is a job board launched in 2000. It is an American-based job search app. It is an online marketplace that focuses on hourly rates. This platform has more than 80,000 companies looking for eligible candidates. 

You can either open your accounts using the Facebook details. Or you can also go through the filling application procedures. Jobs on Snagajob can be filtered based on the pay, locations, industries, etc. Opening accounts is free. Applying to any job in your field is fuss-free. 

9. JobAware

JobAware is a job searching platform that brings jobs from indeed. Job seekers can only find this app on ios devices. It uses the Linkedin connection, contact information as to its data. You can find jobs based on your location. It has got billions of people finding their dream jobs using this app.

10. Hirect

Hirect is one of the top job searching apps. It is a chat-based hiring space. It is planned specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises and startups. Job seekers can directly connect with the startup’s leaders. 

You can find more than 70,000 startups searching for new talents. This talent is most suitable for freshers from every field. It can help freshers to get a good-paying job in any startup. The startups of Hirect are verified and genuine. And Job seekers get faster replies than any other job search app. It can help any new talent to kickstart their dream career in any field.  

11. Freshersworld

Freshersworld is a significant job board, helping every individual find a suitable job that suits their profile. It is available only in India. It’s suitable for both the government and private sector. You can filter jobs based on private or government, location, pay scale, field, etc. 

This job searching app has a special feature of bookmarks. You can bookmark your favorite job and receive notifications daily. It also provides tips and tricks for building an attractive resume. 

You can find several internships, IT jobs, and many more.


The above are the 11 best job search apps available on the online market. Freshers to Professionals can get a good-paying job using any of the options above. You can easily apply for any job in your field and wait for the call. It can take from 1 week to a month to get selected for any company.


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