How to Write a Great LinkedIn Summary? (With 2024 Relevant Examples)

Every year millions of people get a interview call due to their linkedin presence. Many of them even get astounding job offers due to their impressive linkedin profile. Linkedin has become a great platform for networking and finding jobs. Today getting a job is a tough row to hoe but a platform like linkedin which is solely based on helping people make professional connections helps you to easily reach people like HR and employers from top companies.Your linked summary being brief should include as many details as possible details to make it compelling and appealing. This will help you have a great edge in your job quest.

How to Write a Great LinkedIn Summary

Tips to write a great summary

Linked summary has a character limit of 2000. This is pretty enough to sum up all your skills, experience and achievements. There is no need to use all the allowed space. People love it when it covers all the major points and is still compact. However, many people tend to use all that character space and still have some majors left to be included. So, it is really clear that writing a linkedin summary requires proper planning to make it satisfying and appealing for you as well as the viewer.


This is the part of where you get a chance to add a personalised touch to your summary. Keep it short snd simple yet impactul. You can include your name, college name, qualifications,etc. This is the part where you gain the viewer’s trust before jumping into your accomplishments.

Some people don’t elaborate much in this section. However, it is the best section to nail if you are fresher to any field.

2. Giving numbers could be good.

Giving some numerical data in your summary could a really good move to make more compelling. While you include any numerical data, Try to add any documents related to the data in your profile. This increases the authenticity of the data and credibility of your profile.

3. Achievements

This is a section that can make you stand out in linkedin. You can mention any awards, title you received in past or during your current/previous jobs.

4. Key skills and experience

This is the most important section in your summary. Try to be as relevant and good in this section as you can. Your skills and experience are your treasure that will help you draw attention and grab a interview.

5. SEO (Search engine optimization)

If you want a job you need to be seen by people on linkedin. SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of making your summary optimised for appearing in search results. This is done by including some of the keywords to rank you profile in the linkedin search algorithm.

6. Keep it to the point.

Many linkedin users get off tracked from the point while writing their summary. They either try to give too much personal touch or they just keep on bragging over just a single skill or experience. This makes it look too unprofessional and would hamper your image in the eyes of a recruiter. So, avoid doing that and be brief, to the point and effective.

Examples of some linkedin summary

Example one

Hii, I am XYZ. I have been always fascinated by information of how things work. I have Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from PQR university. Problem solving skills have been an integral part of me. I know the importance of team building in a company. I have 8 years of experience in the field of automation and design. I have been a part of product design team at Philips for 5 years and lead a manufacturing unit for over 2 years.

I did a project with a team on Electric All terrain vehicle and also participated in SAE Baja competition 2020 and secured 10th Rank. The project required designing, costing, manufacturing, communication and problem solving skills.

I have sound knowledge and experience of Structural analysis, Client management, Cost efficient composites, mechanical design, destructive analysis and Control systems.

Example two

Hello, I am XYZ. I have amassed 6 years of experience in product management. I have worked with companies like HCL, Amazon and Accenture.

My recent achievements are-

  • Managed the supply chain for the latest product of a mechanical based company.
  • Managed the logistic unit and worked on business development for a consultancy firm.
  • Worked as a product manager for a tech based startup and reached a milestone of million.

I have eloquent communication skills and great knowledge of business research and development.

Example three

I am XYZ. I am a Computer Science engineer and have a 5 years of experience in field of Data Science. Data is the fuel of modern world and helps businesses grow beyond imagination.

I have worked as a senior Data manager at Safehouse Group of companies. I worked on scrapping and analysing data for product improvement and development.

I also worked as a Chief of Data Science at IP consultancy firm. I gained vast knowledge of various analytical tools and softwares. Played a major role in business development and customer management.

Competencies: Data Science, Machine learning, Cloud computing, Python/ R programming, SQL


There are more than 55 million companies listed on linkedin. It is the best place to generate lead. Your linkedin profile is the first thing that your recruiter searches for even if you didn’t apply through linkedin. A linkedin profile is the best place to showcase your skills, achivements, create a professional portfolio and your summary is the focal point of your whole profile. So, try to make your summary as compelling, impressive and impactful as possible.

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