How To Write An Amazing Resume Summary Statement? (With 2024 Relevant Examples)

Have you ever read books? If yes, have you ever noticed the titles of the books, printed on the cover page? If the answer is again a yes, you must have noticed how catchy and how attractive these titles are. As per a recent study, the books with the most impressive or catchy titles, have the highest chances of selling more than a million copies as compared to books with a not-so-attractive title. I assume you have got a hint by now, about the next line. While applying for a job, obviously you are not selling a book, but certainly selling your own skills and academic qualifications to your employer.

The first document, that an interviewer or your human resource manager sees, is your resume. Hence, it is our sole aim to make this document highly attractive, engaging, and informational. A resume summary plays an excellent role in executing these tasks.

How To Write An Amazing Resume Summary Statement

What Is A Resume Summary?

Like every summary, a resume summary is a brief but catchy explanation of your academic achievements, key skills, and major attributes. It appears at the top of a resume and allows you to put on display your strongest fort right away. This is the first paragraph that a reader sees and is tactically placed just under the name and contact details of a candidate. It helps an interviewer to remain engaged and attached to the resume. It also increases the chances of getting your resume being read out in full.

Advantages Of Using A Resume Summary

Using and adding a resume summary in a resume is optional and voluntary. Though it is highly recommended and is used widely across the world by almost all the candidates, because of the following advantages:

1. Easy Scrutiny

A resume summary enables the reader of a resume to scrutinize and examine a resume pretty quickly and then judge whether or not this particular candidate is suitable for the role offered or the vacancy advertised. Hence, when a candidate lists and writes his or her strongest attributes and skills in a resume summary, there are higher chances of getting shortlisted for an interview.

2. Reduces Complexity and Bulkiness

Usually, a resume covers and lists almost everything that a candidate has to offer. Starting from year zero to the present year, a candidate must have worked in a variety of different institutions executing different tasks and duties. A resume covers almost everything, which makes it look bulky and verbose, making it difficult for a reader to comprehend and analyze. By using a resume summary, a candidate can focus only on the key and most important work experiences of him or her, thereby making the resume less complex and bulky.

3. Frames An Early Opinion

By using and placing a resume summary just below the contact details, it enables an interviewer or a human resource manager to frame an early opinion about the candidate. If the opinion is positive and the interviewer feels that the candidate is a perfect match for the vacancy, then there are high chances that the interviewer will shortlist you without even reading or moving any further.

Five Best Samples Of Resume Summary

In case you are confused or not sure what to write in a resume summary, refer to the expertly created samples of resume summary that are mentioned below:

Sample One

Committed and hard working individual with more than 5 years of direct selling experience with a business organization, aiming to scale heights in the diverse fields of sales, like advertising, marketing and campaigning.

Sample Two

Organized, loyal and honest employee with more then 6 years of administration experience at a reputed e-commerce business organization possesses a knack for solving problems and managing versatile tasks at the workplace.

Sample Three

Hardworking, customer-oriented and loyal employee with an ability to satisfy customers of a business organization with excellent communication as well as interpersonal skills. Have an ability to handle even tough business tasks and events with a similar work experience of more then 4 years.

Sample Four

Qualified chartered accountant having accounting and administration experience of more then 8 years at prominent business organizations. Have an unmatched ability to detect frauds and errors with a knack for performing audits, inspections and surveys.

Sample Five

Being a detail-orented, customer-centric employee with an achiever attitude aims to contribute and serve with skills, hard work and precision at any reputed business organization. Have a similar work experience of more then 6 years and have even performed a variety of business tasks.


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