Why Do You Want This Job? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

If one is talented, skillful and serious in making a career, one will observe there are several opportunities waiting to be capitalized. A few among them are really lucrative and requires a tough interview procedure to be cracked in order to secure them. This is an extremely popular interview question, and is asked by almost all the organizations in the world. Hence, a proper preparation is pivotal and extremely necessary.

Why Do You Want This Job

Why Do They Ask You This Question?

An interviewer is given a basic task that is, evaluation of the candidate. Questions are framed and a sequence is set, in order to generate maximum responses from the candidate necessary for evaluation. Through this question, an interviewer would be in a position to understand:

  1. Your seriousness or commitment towards this particular vacancy
  2. Your perception towards the duties and tasks mentioned in the job description
  3. Your main attractions in this job
  4. What do you expect to receive from this job?
  5. Are you fine with the compensation offered?
  6. The level of satisfaction, that you would receive upon joining the organization
  7. Your perception of the company and its work culture.

3 Best Tips To Answer This Question

1) Praise The Job and Not The Company

The most common mistake of the candidates while attempting this question is that, they start praising the company, instead of mentioning the peculiar attractions of the job itself. This happens, due to the absence of active listening skills and lack of ability to completely comprehend an interview question. Hence, it is advisable, that you emphasize, what you like in a particular job. Further, praising a company is also not wrong, but your answer must be primarily based on the job description.

2) Mention Key Skills and Attractions

You would most probably be issued a job description by your employer. You are advised to read that descrition properly, and analyze whether it matches:

  • Your skillset
  • Your educational background
  • Your style of working
  • Your work ethics

If the answer is yes, than you must frame a question that revolves around the above mentioned aspects. In your response, just share them with your employer.

3) Be Logical

An interviewer demands and expects a reasoned answer from you, which is based on explainable logic and wisdom. Merely saying, that, ‘you like this job’ or ‘you want to do this job’ would not help you in any way. This would simply imply, that you are trying to skip this question and are under-prepared. Hence, prepare a well-structured and logical answer that impresses an interviewer and displays your personality as a whole.

10 Best Sample Answers

Sample Answer One

I believe that a job must have the potential to advance your career and give you valuable work exposure. A job opening with a prestigious organization like you satisfies all my requirements completely. In addition to this, the job description perfectly matched my skill set, and further enticed me to apply for the vacancy. I wish, to contribute to the organization with my skills, knowledge, and attitude.

Sample Answer Two

Doing a job, related to my field, providing lucrative compensation, and at an institution as big as yours is a dream come true. There is no doubt whatsoever, in my mind and I wish to join your esteemed institution and enhance my skills. I believe, doing a job in your company, would help me a lot in career progression and at the same time, I will be able to learn several trades, that will make me proficient in my role.

Sample Answer Three

The work-life balance offered in this job is amazing and enticing. The companies policy of not exploiting any employee. is very nice and attracts me to be a part of the workforce. The job description matches my field and work experience, which further makes me a perfect match for this vacancy. I have always dreamed of working at your company, and today that dream is about to become true.

Sample Answer Four

In my humble opinion, this job has everything, that a professional can even dream for. An attractive compensation, grooming tasks, lucrative incentives, and an adorable work culture. My education and 3 years of job experience, perfectly match the duties to be performed in this job which makes my application for this job more effective. Looking forward to soon working with you and contribute with all my zeal.

Sample Answer Five

Sir, I have gone through the job description issued by the company extensively. The tasks offered to allow an employee to formulate his opinions, share one’s viewpoints, and work with minimum supervision. I have always aspired for such a level of freedom throughout my career. But finally, I think, I have got a job, which will provide me liberty in expressing my thoughts and enhance my decision-making ability considerably. Choosing this job is absolutely a no-brainer for me.

Sample Answer Six

One of the best parts, that I personally adored in this job is, that, I will be working under the guidance of Mr. XYZ, who is a veteran professional, extremely smart, clever, and master strategist. To work under his guidance and supervision will be a dream come true for me, and I believe I can enhance my skills and various job-related aspects to a great extent. Further, the duties to be performed are discretionary and unbiased. This suits my style of working and I am up for it.

Sample Answer Seven

To be frank, I have always aspired to work in a job profile that grooms an employee and makes him or her more disciplined and detail-oriented. The duties mentioned in the job description involve lots of decision-making and decisive skills. The company’s culture, of providing as much information as you want before initiating a task coupled with minimum guidelines, matches my preferences and working procedures. I also believe I can easily fit into the company’s work culture.

Sample Answer Eight

I have always dreamed of working on overseas projects or branches of an organization. After going through the job description, I understand that there will be frequent requirements for an employee to move in and out of the country. This would surely help me to improve my skills, enhance my abilities, and groom my interpersonal skills considerably. Hence, I applied for a job at your organization and wish to work with all my hard work and zeal.

Sample Answer Nine (For Freshers)

This would be my first time, that I have applied for a job. This restricts my ability to share any practical working reason for joining this job, but I can surely say that my educational qualifications and certification courses, match the job description issued by the HR manager. Along with this, I am getting a handsome starting salary, which would only augment, as my skills and experience increase. All these factors prompted me to do a job and contribute to your organization.

Sample Answer Ten

The nature of this job requires frequent conferences, on-site team meetings, long zoom conversations, and business travels. Being a challenging and tough person, I love to perform all these tasks and was looking for a job change having the ability to provide me all these exposures. I found this job, and it absolutely matched my preferences. The incentives attached to this job are also adorable, and I would be a happy person to get absorbed in this role.


An interview is a set of questions that is carefully drafted and designed keeping in mind, the level, education and skills of the candidate. Hence, one must not panic or become over-anxious while attending an interview. One must prepare hard, by referring to all the frequently asked questions. If you like our articles then don’t forget to share them with your family and friends. Also, do let us know through the comments section below, how much you like our articles.


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