How to Know If a Job Interview Went Well? (With 2024 Relevant Examples)

The one thing that makes people anxious at the end of an interview is the result. A candidate’s mind constantly ponders upon what the employer must be thinking of him, whether or not he was successful in making a good impression in front of the employer, will the employer hire him or not, all these things leave a kind of uncertainty at the end of the job interview. There may be interviews where the employer gives feedback of how he thought the interview went or how he found you as a candidate or some information regarding your application status, but that is not the case with most of the interviews. So, how to know if a job interview went well? In this article, we will discuss multiple signs by which you can look out if your interview went well or not.

How to Know If a Job Interview Went Well

Signs That a Job Interview Went Well

1. The duration of the interview

When the interviewer invests their time in knowing more about you as a person and as a potential candidate for the job and your interview goes on longer than you expected it to be then this is a sign that your job interview went pretty well. The recruiters never waste their time on a candidate who doesn’t seem a potential employee of the company. So, if the length of the interview exceeds your expectations, then take that as a sign.

2. You start talking details

The employer starts discussing details with you when he sees you as a potential candidate. These details could include maybe a detailed explanation about the working environment and the culture of the company or even a workplace tour, they start giving you details regarding the next steps in the interview process. They can even add feedback sentences like, “We will get back to you.” Or “We will reach out to you.” Or “We will be contacting you through an e-mail in a short time.” These are some signs that he is impressed with you and is interested in hiring you for the job.

3. The interviewer starts talking about your future with the company

It is a sign that your interview went well if the employer sees you as a candidate who is going to stay for a long period of time in the company. When an employer sees you as a potential candidate who can stay in the business for long-term, he starts talking to you about your future plans associated with the company, he can put some questions in front of you like, “How will you make a positive change in this company?”, “What are your long-term goals and what makes this position fit into your long-term plans?” When you give an answer that shows you are planning to stay in the company for the long term, the employer might consider you as an ideal candidate for the job.

4. You are being introduced to other employees

Be attentive during the whole interview, and notice how many people are brought in to meet you or notice how many people you are being introduced to. It’s a good sign when you are getting to meet other members of the company. This will show that they consider you a potential candidate and wants you to meet and interact with other employees belonging to the same team. Other people could be anyone who is part of the company like other decision-makers, colleagues, and team members, or the head whom you will be working under.

5. Non-verbal Signs

When an interviewer is intrigued by your potential, his expressions say it all. These expressions act as a non-verbal sign displaying positive affirmations that the interview is going well and you are getting successful in impressing the employer. These signs could include, the employer nodding in an agreement and understanding after you give an answer to a certain question, also when the employer is listening to you with a focus and taking interest in conversating with you, it is a positive sign that he will be considering you as a potential candidate.

6. The employer starts talking about perks

The employer considers you a potential candidate and is really impressed by your performance in the interview when he starts talking about the benefits that you will be receiving, the opportunities you will be getting on the job, and describes different perks and incentives of the job. In essence, they are selling the job to you. It is one of the biggest signs that your job interview went more than well when the employer starts discussing what they have to offer to you.  

7. Verbal Signs

Employers portray their interest in you as a potential candidate by asking questions like, “Are you considering other job positions?”, “Are you interviewing for any other companies?” This is a verbal sign that shows that the employer really considers you a potential candidate and is curious in knowing about their competitors. Other verbal signs could be the employers responding to your answers like, “Your experience will really be helpful in our organization” or “That’s actually a great answer” or “Your skills could bring a lot to this role.” When the employer seems excited and enthusiastic while talking to you, it is a good sign that the interview went well.

8. You receive a follow-up mail

When an employer reaches you out through mail by saying that you are being invited for the next steps of the interview process or for a second interview, it is a sign that the first interview session was successful enough to land on to the second one. Remember, there are chances that even other candidates received the follow-up mail regarding the second interview, so keep your preparation thorough enough to stand out in this interview as well.

9. You are being asked some unexpected questions

The hiring managers ask puzzling questions and tricky questions only to the candidates whom they feel can fill the vacant position as they really want to gauge your approach to the solution of the question so that they can know more about you as a potential employee. The recruiter may or may not be looking for the right answer, but the way you answer it does matter to him. For example, the employer may ask you several behavioral-based questions, just to see your approach on how to deal with such situations. So, while answering the question showcase your skills, and if it happens to you, it is a sign that the job interview went well.

10. You feel relieved at the end of the interview

At last, when your interview comes to an end, and if have a strong feeling that the interview has gone well, then we would say to trust your gut feeling as it is always right. When you have relief at the end of the interview, it means you did your best during the whole process. Interviews are meant to be challenging as the hiring managers want to hire the best candidate possible from all many applicants, so they can be hard on you sometimes, but if the flow of conversation throughout the interview remained positive and you felt a good vibe, then your job interview surely went well.

These were some signs that can help you determine if the interview went well or not. Some other signs that may also demonstrate the employer’s interest in you as a potential candidate can be when a hiring manager seems to enjoy the conversation, or he starts discussing your salary expectations and asks some particular questions regarding your previous job and the transition. The employer can also ask you questions related to other job prospects.

Apart from all these signs, being the right candidate for any job, you should be confident enough to feel like you are going to ace that interview, no matter what and for that, you will require a lot of preparation and you will need to do a lot of homework to be able to get hired for the desired job position. So, we would suggest you read our other articles that can help you with your preparation.  


It is completely okay to wonder if you made a good impression in the job interview, but make sure you give your 100% in the interview to be stress-free in such situations as when the interview will go well then you will be confident enough to take a sigh of relief at the end of it. When your job interview will go well, then you will feel like that the interview felt more like a conversation and you will also feel a rapport with the interviewer. If you still feel stressed or anxious, we would suggest you ask the employer at the end of the interview about the next steps or even write a follow-up mail to know about the next steps in the hiring process. If you get a response to the mail that means the job interview did go well. Don’t forget to express gratitude in the follow-up mail.  

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