Can You Work Under Pressure? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

In today’s world, there is a lot of competition for places. The circumstances in which the businesses operate are highly competitive and dynamic. We find almost all the businesses ranging from a micro-enterprise to a big business conglomerate, facing unprecedented situations and tough challenges. These business pressures are passed onto the employees and they have to toil hard and work overtime in order to give their employer an edge over the rival organizations.

It is a common practice of the interviewers to ask such questions. Through this question an interviewer is in a better place to evaluate your:

  1. Problem solving skills
  2. Decision making abilities before, during, or after a project
  3. Time management ability
  4. Composure during tough situations
  5. Ability to deal with failures

It is highly advisable and recommended to prepare a proper answer for this question, as an impressive answer to this question can make or break your career. When well prepared, you can give a well-structured answer to the above question, thereby impressing your interviewer to a large extent.

Can You Work Under Pressure

10 Samples To Answer Pressure Related Question

One must always start an answer to this question by saying a big ‘yes’, as answering in negative can deplete your chances of selection considerably. Further, couple it with a pre-planned and well-reasoned answer to draw the attention of an interviewer on your presentation skills.

Study the sample answers mentioned below which will give you a thorough understanding of how to tackle this question in an effective way:

Sample Answer One

Respected Sir, I have the ability and skills to handle work pressure. In my opinion, if one can do proper planning of the work situation, then one can stand out and can perform one’s task quite easily, without putting extra burden on oneself. One must properly evaluate the deadline allocated to the task and effectively plan to complete the task well before the deadline, thereby leaving some extra time for unprecedented situations and unforeseen events.

Hence, with proper planning, one can manage one’s pressure effectively. Through this, I can assure you, that I have the ability to handle pressure situations effectively.

Sample Answer Two

Sir, I am very well aware of the circumstances in which the businesses operate. The work pressures are inescapable in today’s world, and I am very well prepared for the same. In my opinion, the best way to manage stress is strategic thinking. Constantly evolving one’s ability to think, evaluate and contemplate the possible outcome, stands one out from your fellow colleagues.

Hence, ti think out of the box, is the best way to manage your stress level. Through this, I assure you, that pressure would not affect my performance.

Sample Answer Three

Learned Interviewer, We all know how stressful our lives are. There are challenges and hurdles at every walk of life, which we must overcome with our full appetite and confidence. Giving one’s best in every work situation offered to one is the best way to handle work pressure.

If one is confident that one is giving his hundred percent on the work field and one can do nothing more than that, then this feeling boosts morale and gives immense levels of satisfaction helping to vanish stress to a large extent. By maintaining a positive attitude, I can assure you, that I have the ability to handle work pressure.

Sample Answer Four

Sir, I have always been a person who loves challenges and wishes to work under pressure situations. I can handle stressful events better than anyone because I am able to handle my nerves in an orderly fashion when compared with the others.

Further, I am very calm and composed during such challenging situations and always look or focus on the possible solutions to the problem, rather than focusing on the problems. This way, I am able to handle pressure effectively and efficiently.

Sample Answer Five

Sir, I believe that pressure situations always teach something valuable and beneficial which you will cherish for a long time in your career. It can provide you with some reliable learning experience, that you can use for career progression and eventually grow.

Hence, In my opinion, the best way to handle stress is to get used to it and collect more of those learning experiences. By doing this one can improve oneself and advance one’s career.

Sample Answer Six

Sir, Pressure or not, my ethics, performance, and efficiency remains the same. I don’t think there is something known as pressure, rather it is just some extra work which has come up due to stiff competition that our businesses safe.

If one starts counting pressure situations then I think one can spend his whole day into it. So in my humble opinion, I lack the ability to differentiate between a normal and pressure situation and try to handle both of them in the same way. This increases my performance and eventually benefits my employer’s organization.

Sample Answer Seven

Sir, I can work under pressure. I believe there are several things, that leave a negative impact and positive impact on you at the same time. Their ratio could differ and would be decided by your attitude and viewpoint towards the problem. Stress is one of those things. I consider stress to be a situation in which, I will learn so many things which would ultimately help me in career advancement.

This changes my outlook towards stressful situations and helps me to remain calm and composed during such challenging periods. Pressure and challenging situations give you a superior decision-making ability, wherein you can make your decisions and choices with more confidence and assurance.

Sample Answer Eight

Respected Sir, It is common for people to make a lot of mistakes while working in a stressful situation. I am no different but I have made a commitment to myself, not to repeat the same mistakes again, whether it be a pressure situation or a normal situation. Pressure is something that is more virtual and exists only in your mind.

If one can handle stress effectively and train his mind beforehand for handling pressure situations, then, in my opinion, one can achieve the impossible. Further, it can teach you a variety of skills for free, like effective time management and a knack for solving problems in an instant.

Sample Answer Nine

Yes, Sir, I am competent and composed enough to work in pressure situations. Handling pressure brings sincerity and the ability to find out new ways, to complete the assigned task efficiently within the deadline. For this, I am ready to put in my extra efforts and can even work overtime. I always read motivational quotes and poems to keep stress away from me.

I also read a few handbooks, which always teach me how to remain calm and composed while handling pressure situations. Through this, I can assure you, that I have the ability to handle work pressure in the best way, which even gives me an edge over others.

Sample Answer Ten

Pressure is a wonderful thing, that has the ability to teach you so many good things in a very short period of time. All you have too to do is absorb the pressure and never give up. Once, you make pressure situations your friend instead of treating them like a foe. you will see so many changes in yourself. You will be able to manage your time effectively, acquire commendable decision-making skills and maintain a problem-solving attitude.

These help a lot in career advancement. I being an ambitious person, wants to scale new heights, working under pressure situations. I never try to escape them, but rather face them with a whole heart.


Stress is everywhere. In today’s world, everyone wants to compete with the other and get ahead of him. Be it a workplace or a situation in personal life, handling stress has become a part of life, and whoever handles it better, can win the race. It is a favorite interviewer question and if prepared well can give you an edge over the other candidates. Hence, following the above sample answers becomes inevitable.

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