What 3 Words Would Your Friends Use To Describe You? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

For some, this interview question is a simple one, as one obviously knows about oneself. And, hence in their opinion, no preparation is required for questions of these types. But for some, it is a really tricky question that needs a lot of preparation and self-introspection. Interviewers ask you such types of questions in order to understand your personality traits better and want to make sure you possess the ideas and thought process that the organization is looking for.

There are several questions that want you to tell them, about your educational qualifications, work experience, and your opinion but the employer itself. But it is a unique question and requires you to tell the opinion and viewpoint of a third person about yourself. And this third person is none other than your friends.

A reply to this question, helps an interviewer to evaluate your:

  1. Personality
  2. Self-awareness
  3. Cognizance skills
  4. Ability to make decisions
  5. Calmness and composure
  6. Self-perception

Thus, it is pivotal to reply with a well-structured and well-thought answer. Interviewers are just not interested in your best friend’s honest opinion, they just want you to handle the situation in a better way, which would eventually disclose your body language and ability to handle pressure.

What 3 Words Would Your Friends Use To Describe You

Five Expert Tips To Handle This Question

1) Always Choose Words That Are Fitting and Suitable

You have applied for a job and sitting in front of an interviewer. You are not in a bar or in the middle of a date. So choose your three magical words considerably and after putting in a lot of self-evaluation. It is advisable, that the words chosen must relate to the job description and the workplace.

2) Describe Your Personality

The words chosen by you must describe you completely as a person. They ask you this question in order to evaluate your personality, so fulfill their expectations and deliver to the interviewer what he or she wants.

3) Be Sincere and Truthful

The words must be chosen after careful scrutiny of oneself. Using any words arbitrarily, or just using the common words, won’t increase your chances of selection, rather you would be termed as a commoner. Hence, it is always advisable to prepare a report after self introspecting yourself, and write down on a piece of paper your strengths and qualities.

Choose any three and couple them with real life scenarios. This would be enough to ace your answer to this question.

4) Give A Clear and Straight Forward Answer

It is never advisable to beat about the bush and give an ambiguous or vague answer. Your answer must be clear and based on proven logic. Always try to respond in a way, that will give an impression, that if you are hired, you will be beneficial to the company and won’t just be another employee. Rather, you are special and are in possession of some considerable qualities, which stands you out from the rest.

5) Give Due Consideration To Job Description

Consider the job description released by your employer to be your bible. Always read it thoroughly and try to understand:

  • The duties which you are expected to perform
  • The skills you are expected to possess and
  • The responsibilities you are expected to fulfill

After getting a clear idea of the same, you will be in a position to extract the qualities, traits, and skills the employer is expecting. Try making short notes of the same and prepare three of the best qualities, that you possess and even expected by your employer.

This would enable you to prepare a reasoned answer, thereby impressing your employer and increasing your chances of selection manifolds.

5 Sample Answers To Master This Question

Sample Answer One

My best friends always say that :

a) I am a super punctual person, as I always reached my class before time. I wish to replicate the same punctuality of mine, for this company too, by reaching the office before time and using the extra time, to settle myself down.

b) I have leadership qualities in me. There was an incident in our high school, when volunteering students were required to stay back, in order to complete, a mathematics assignment. I was the first one who raised my hand.

c) I have solutions for every problem. This is something that most of my friends say about me. Whenever they are in trouble or want to take a decision in any particular situation, they just ping me. By the grace of God, each of my suggestions just fits perfectly fine for them. It is an important skill, that comes in handy while being in employment too. I wish, to continue my Midas touch.

Sample Answer Two

a) I had a mate in my high school, he always used to say that, you are very intelligent, as I was always able to solve knotty mathematics problems in less than time than the others.

b) I had a close college friend. She always told me that, I can be the torchbearer. She said so because I always used to take initiative in my class, for things that were tough and required considerable effort and time. I am happy to develop this habit, right in my adolescence which will be useful for me, my entire life.

c) It was during my college days, that I met a person named James. Though we were together for a short while, he used to judge me every now and then. He said a beautiful thing about me, which I remember to date. He said that you are a very kind person who is always ready to help others. I admire this comment of him and can relate completely to it.

Sample Answer Three

a) Be it, my college friends or childhood friends, I always tend to hear from them, that I am a very good interpreter. I am able to decipher the text pretty easily and with utmost comfort. Thus, allowing me to generate a better interpretation and draw a better conclusion.

b) My college friends always say, that I am very honest. There was once an event going on in my college, wherein there was a purse lying under the tree. I immediately returned it to the college principal and it was up for display in the lost and found department. Post that I was made the head of this department.

c) My best friend says that I am always very energetic and ready to perform all the challenges put in front of me.

Sample Answer Four

a) I always hear from my friends that, I am a very good reader. I am able to read out loud and in a deep voice, without stuttering for even a second.

b) My friends always say that I am a good team player. They take references from the plays in which we used to take part. I never took the acknowledgment from the crowd after a successful ending and used to stand in the corner. I always pushed my juniors, my mates, to do better.

c) My friends say that I am a very organized person and give importance to even the minutest of things. I always note things down and make an organized note sheet of all the relevant things consequently helping me in decision making and analysis.

Sample Answer Five

a) My best friend always told me that, I have the ability to give clear and long speeches without using any of the fillers. I have always enjoyed my good presence of mind and I hope to use the same in your organization as well.

b) A childhood friend of mine always said that you are very funny and take all things lightly. I am lucky to haveing developed this habit of mine right during my childhood days as now I am able to manage my stress better than my peers.

c) My college friends always said that I am very trustworthy. Owing to this quality of mine, almost all my friends used to share their secrets with me. I am still a confidante for many.


Describing oneself in three words is as tricky as a maze. But, this is a favorite question of the interviewer and you would see the same in most of the processes taking place across the globe. Being relevant, to the point and honest are the best pointers to be kept in mind while preparing an answer for this question. This question can put on display your entire personality in front of an interviewer thereby opening yourself completely.

If you are able to impress your interviewer through this question then there are fair chances that your candidature will be accepted. If you like our articles then don’t forget to share them with your family and friends. Also if you like our articles, then do let us know how helpful these are through the comments section below.


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