Top 21 Diversity Interview Questions In 2024 [With Answers]

This world has moved forward from all the cultural barriers of racism, ethnic preference, and race priority. A prime example of this can be seen in the business organizations operating across the world. Their workforce is not limited to the people of a particular region but accommodates employees from different religions, castes, creeds, and ethnicities. This represents diversity and sets up the cultural environment of a company. Thus, there will always be questions related to diversity in your interview sessions, and hence, you must prepare for them seriously and sincerely. Below is a collection of the best diversity-related interview questions for your reference.

Diversity Interview Questions

21 Best Interview Questions To Study

1. Diversity In Workforce Leads To Conflicts and Creates Differences. How Much You Agree With This Statement.

Sample Answer

Sir, I completely disagree with this statement. A diverse workforce not only creates an atmosphere of excitement and curiosity but also enables the overall development of the employees, as they are able to understand as well as respect the culture followed by the other person. To work in harmony or dissonance is the personal choice of every employee, and it has nothing to do with diversity.

2. Managers Must Group People Belonging To Same Religion For Better Productivity. Comment On This Statement.

Sample Answer

Sir, I completely disagree with this statement. Every employee working in a business organization is talented, skillful, and has some unique capabilities, which formed the primary basis for his or her selection. A particular religion will never increase productivity, however, the ability of the employees to form and create bonds will certainly do. The act of grouping people of the same religion does not guarantee better efficiency, especially if those people lack the ability to develop a good rapport.

3. How Can You Counsel Your Homophobic Colleagues At The Workplace?

Sample Answers

Sir, Homophobic employees condemn an employee on the basis of his sexual preferences, especially when a male partner chooses another male. This is pathetic and violates not only the right to choose but also the right to lead a peaceful life. I totally condemn it, and would always tell them to respect the choice of other’s people as everybody has his own choice and preferences. You live your life and let them live theirs.

4. Describe A Situation In Which You Worked With Racist Employee(s).

Sample Answer

Racism is a menace, and it not only crushes the confidence level of the victim but also makes him or her feel useless and incompatible. I remember, when I was doing my internship, how a bunch of teenagers used to racially abuse another intern working with us. I always stood for that person and confronted those bullies. Since it was an internship for 3 months, we never took any legal or federal help.

5. What Is Your Strategy To Develop Strong Bonds With Your Culturally Diverse Workforce?

Sample Answer

Sir, It is exciting and thrilling to know about people belonging to a different religion or creed. I always rely on extensive communication to develop a rapport with them and create a bonding or understanding. In my opinion, I am the initiator and always approach my colleagues first to break the ice.

6. The Behavior, Approach and Intent Of A Person Is Largely Determined By His or Her Caste and Creed. How Much You Agree With This Statement?

Sample Answer

Sir, I completely disagree with this statement as it promotes the mindset of a stereotype. A person belonging to Religion A is more hardworking than the people belonging to Religion B, is nothing but a backward ideology. Every person is decided on the basis of merit, and we have so many innumerable examples when a person who was stereotyped and assumed irrelevant, has done great things in life.

7. What Is The Best Part Of Working In A Diverse Workforce?

Sample Answer

Sir, In my opinion, a diverse workforce always leads to a creative flow of ideas, which not only improves the quality of processes but also reduces the lead time for performing those tasks. The diversity in the workforce brings together the different human minds that are nurtured in different places and have observed things with different perceptions. This promotes creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

8. How Would You Handle A Sexist Colleague Of Yours?

Sample Answer

It is pity, that sexism still exists, and women colleagues are considered as less worthy than their male counterparts. However, I totally condemn it and would never accept this fact. God created us equal and gave us different roles as men and women. When he never undermined women, then who are men to defy him. I would not accept the sexist attitude of my colleagues, and will always stand by my choice, be it by extending a written complaint or maybe working individually.

9. How Will You Handle A Complaint Of Racial Discrimination Brought To You By Your Sub-ordinate?

Sample Answer

Everybody in this world wants to be superior to the other, not by proving a high intellect, but by different means, with the color of the skin being one of them. This is bizarre, yet prevalent across the world. If I will ever receive such a complaint I would take immediate action and would start a thorough investigation at my level. If need be, considering the gravity of the matter, I would bring that to the notice of my seniors and also the authorities.

10. What is Your Understanding Of The Term “Cultural Insensitivity”?

Sample Answer

Sir, cultural insensitivity refers to the act of not accepting the culture and beliefs followed by another person. This happens when a person considers his culture to be superior and better than the other. In my opinion, this is just another way to show dominance and superiority over a person who is more skillful, intelligent, and plainly better than you.

11. Assume A Situation In Which Your Team Members Engage Into Ableist Conversations. How Will You React?

Sample Answer

No mountain can stop a mountaineer from hiking it, no matter how many difficulties the mountain presents. No ocean can prevent a deep diver from exploring it, no matter how many hurdles it creates. Similarly, no disability can prevent a hardworking person from achieving his goals and objectives. The ableist can only create hurdles, but can never stop him or her. I would always confront them and would counsel them. However, if they will persist with their unethical acts, I would report them.

12. How Challenging Is Performing In A Workforce Having Employees From Different Backgrounds?

Sample Answer

Sir, in my opinion, it is not at all challenging. The higher the level of diversity, the more is the comfort level for me. This is primarily because people from different backgrounds respect each other which enhances the overall working experience and employee satisfaction.

13. Please Explain “Equity” and “Inclusion” From The Context of Diversity At Workplace.

Sample Answer

Sure sir, “Equity” refers to the abolishment of prejudices and a haughty attitude. Equity, when practiced at the workplace, treats every employee equally and gives no entitlement, that is no one is better than the other on the basis of his or her religion, caste, or creed. “Inclusion” works in tandem with equity and it means that all the employees working in the company are important and have the same responsibilities for uplifting the profits of the company like others.

14. With Which Caste/Creed/Religion Of People, Are You Most Comfortable Working With?

Sample Answer

Sir, I am comfortable with everyone who is good-natured, is hardworking, and is committed to achieving the goals and objectives. I have no preference for any Caste/Creed/Religion or Ethnicity.

15. A Diverse Workforce Creates Cultural Barriers. Comment On This Statement.

Sample Answer

Sir, cultural barriers refer to the hurdles created especially in the field of communication. It is believed that when employees belong to different countries, say from non-English countries, then their accent and pronunciation are difficult for the native English speakers to understand and comprehend. The vice versa is also true. I agree with this statement, however, it exists only for a few months, and after some time everybody is able to adjust.

16. What Is An Egalitarian Approach and How It Can Benefit Business Organizations?

Sample Answer

Sir, Egalitarian is a belief that all the people working in a business organization, no matter they are male or female, and belong to different religions, castes, creeds, and ethnicities, are EQUAL. The only difference is their merit, skillset, and intelligence level. Following an egalitarian approach, a business organization can develop a sense of belongingness and make its employees more committed to their processes. This would ultimately improve the satisfaction levels and improve their efficiency.

17. Assume That You Are Working With An Employee From A Third World Country Who Is Better and Superior To You. How Will You Protect Yourself From Inferiority Complex?

Sample Answer

Sir, The feeling of envy is the breeding ground for the heinous inferiority complex. It is so bad that it can certainly rob you of your peace of mind and can suddenly make you discontent with everything you possess. Hence, it must be controlled and regulated forthwith, if need be, using external help. In such a scenario, I would always explain to myself, that, “It is Ok, that my senior is from a third world country. But what matters more is why he is there. That is because he has that unmatched ability and skillset to be there. Moreover, he has pipped thousands of applicants for that position, which makes him special and, worthy of respect.”

18. What Does A Diverse Workforce Brings For An Enterprise?

Sample Answer

Sir, In my humble opinion, The following elements are brought by a diverse workforce:

  • Better creativity in handling the business tasks
  • Availability of different perceptions and views, while solving a complex business problem
  • Respect towards each other, and a feeling of belongingness among the employees

19. Assume You Have A Female Boss From An Under-Developed Country. How Comfortable Are You In Taking Orders From Her?

Sample Answer

Sir, I have no issues in taking orders from a woman, no matter if she is from an underdeveloped or highly developed country. What matters, is her quality of approach and behavior towards her subordinates. I will find myself utmost comfortable in such a situation.

20. Describe About A Time When You Respected The Preference Of Your Colleague, Who Belonged To Another Culture.

Sample Answer

Sir, this happened during my previous tenure when I was working with two Chinese counterparts. They used to carry their traditional seafood for lunch, which I was not at all comfortable with. Yet, I shared a common table with them, and slowly, I became comfortable.

21. How Will You Ensure That You Are Not Racially Biased Towards A Particular Community While Hiring?

Sample Answer

Sir, my criteria for the selection of candidates is purely merit-based. I do not consider or have a look upon the cultural preferences of the applicants, as they play a non-existent role in making a hiring decision. If a candidate is able to fulfill the requirements of the job, is highly intelligent, and has performed exceptionally well in the interview process, then he or she will always get my nod, no matter to which religion, caste, or creed he or she belongs.

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