Top 21 Electrical Engineer Interview Questions In 2024 [With Answers]

Electrical engineering being one of the most popular branches of engineering always enjoys good demand and popularity. There are numerous organizations worldwide employing electrical engineers in various job profiles and roles. Such a demand for the profession naturally gives an electrical engineer the ability to earn fat paychecks and huge incentives.

Electrical Engineer Interview Questions

Organizations Employing Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineering is a popular course, highly respectable and recognized among the community. There are several major employers of electrical engineers, some prominent ones are listed below:

SectorProminent companies
Information TechnologyGoogle, Apple, IBM, Microsoft, HP, HCL, etc
AviationLockheed Martin, Boeing, etc
AutomobileTesla, Hyundai, Suzuki, General Electric, Renault, etc
Oil and GasShell oil company, Saudi Aramco, Exxon, PetroChina, etc

Top Three Job Roles For Electrical Engineers In 2021

As discussed above, the demand for electrical engineers is huge. But there are certain industries where an electrical engineer can earn an above-median salary due to the scope and specialized roles available in those industries. The top three roles are briefly explained below:

1) Computer Hardware Engineer

The role of a computer hardware engineer is to develop computer equipment such as:

  • Circuit
  • Routers
  • Boards
  • Processors
  • Chips
  • Memory devices, etc

2) Control Engineers

The primary role of control engineers is related to the designing and developing of robotic machines that are automated and run via voice commands. Robotics are considered to be a thing of the future. Working with future devices and playing your role in technology advancement along with earning huge salaries is enticing and lucrative.

3) Aerospace Engineer

The entire aerospace and defense sector of a country falls onto the shoulders of an electrical engineer. Both these sectors count on electrical engineers for:

  • Development of flight control systems
  • Test the working and serviceability of the defense systems
  • Processing signals and ensure the proper functioning of signal generating equipment
  • Dealing with advanced electronics and systems

Top 21 Interview Questions

1) Tell Us Something About Yourself?

Almost all the interview processes, be it for any role, start with the introduction part. In order to end your estranged relationship with the interviewer, you must answer this question in a confident way without the use of any fillers, as there is nothing technical about this question.

Sample Answer

Thanks for giving me an opportunity. I am ABC, based in XYZ City. I completed my schooling at YYU Modern School and owing to my good grades, I got admission to popular TTY Electrical Engineering College. I love to read books related to robotics and love water sports. Working for your organization has always been my dream and first priority.

2) How Do You Explain Electric Traction?

There will be around 60-70% questions, testing your knowledge on your core profile. This is also a question related to your educational curriculum and must be answered after a thorough revision of your engineering course.

Sample Answer

In simple words, electric traction means using electrical power for various traction systems such as Railways, Trolleys, and Trams. We use electrical motors for this purpose. Nowadays magnetic tractions are also being used, which is the basic ideology behind bullet trains.

3) Why Humans Feel Electric Shock?

This question tests your knowledge about basic applications of physics.

Sample Answer

To our misfortune, our human body is not a good conductor of electricity like silver, copper, gold, aluminum, and most other metals. Our body does not less the current to pass, and this causes us to feel shocks. However, wearing rubber footwear can help us to prevent getting electrocuted.

4) What Is The SI Unit Of Luminous Intensity?

The basics of physics such various SI units, three laws of newton and scalar/vector quantities must be on your tips.

Sample Answer

It is candela sir. It shows the power of a light source. A normal wax candles burns with the luminous intensity of 1 candela or 1 cd.

5) Are You Aware Of Armature Reaction?

This question tests your core skills of electrical engineering.

Sample Answer

An armature means the rotation of coils of an electric motor or dynamo. An armature reaction shows the effects of such rotation on the main field. An armature conductor has the capacity to produce armature fields when current is passed through them.

6) Is There Any Fantasy Transformer? If Yes, Please Tell Us

This question tests your core skills of electrical engineering.

Sample Answer

A fantasy transformer or an ideal transformer, is the one, in which there are zero losses. The input value is similar to the output value. But this is highly theoretical as practically, there will be some losses, no matter how efficient the transformer material or conducting procedure is.

7) Do You Engage In Extra-curricular Activities Or Only Keep Studying?

We have heard, No play and only work make a person dull. No company wants to hire a candidate who is only interested in education and is weak in physical attributes, quick-wits, personality, and communication skills. Hence, answer this in a positive manner and name a few of your major hobbies.

Sample Answer

Absolutely not sir. I am not a dull person, rather I believe I am charming and possess an adorable personality. I have always been interested in sports along with playing an active role in the drama society of our school. Taking part in state-level competitions was a common habit of mine, along with maintaining an adorable educational flow.

8) Tell Us About Elastic Potential Energy?

This questions tests your knowledge about various forms of energy.

Sample Answer

Elastic Potential energy is the energy present in any substance due to its condition. Such as Rubberband when stretched returns to its normal shape when force is removed or compressed spring, retains its normal shape when pressure is released. It is a type of potential energy amongst others.

9) Explain The Third Law of Motion?

It is highly expected that you would be asked such basic questions, in order to evaluate how efficient is your foundation.

Sample Answer

The third law of motion simply states that, for every action there will be an equal and opposite reaction. There are various practical examples to this such as, swimming, flying of a bird, movement of rockets and jets and shooting an arrow using a bow.

10) Are You Aware Of ACSR Cable?

This question would test your understanding of the various equipment used in electrical terminology.

Sample Answer

ACSR stands for Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced. It has a high capacity and low resistance. It is made of highly pure aluminum and is lightweight and corrosion-free. It is widely used as overhead power lines for the transmission and distribution of electricity.

11) Describe The Relationship Between Current And Electrons?

This question tests your core electrical engineering concepts.

Sample Answer

There is an inverse relationship between the flow of current and the flow of electrons. In a circuit, the current always flows from the negative to the positive terminal. whereas electrons flow in opposite direction i.e. positive to the negative terminal.

12) What Are The Factors On Which Resistance Depends? Name All and Explain Any One.

This question tests your core electrical engineering concepts.

Sample Answer

Sir, there are four factors on which resistance depends, namely,

  • Length of the wire
  • The cross-section area of the wire
  • Temperature and
  • The type of material used

As the temperature increases, the resistance also increases. They both maintain a direct relationship. Hence, we see fire during summers in power cables and lines.

13) How Do You Utilize Time?

Time management is an important skill, that is always on the hunt of employers. In order to know your perception towards time, they ask you such type of questions.

Sample Answer

A famous scientist once said time is an illusion. But, in my opinion, time is very much real and if you are able to utilize it in an efficient manner, you can complete all your goals. I always maintain a diary of the tasks to be done on the next day, in order to efficiently use my 24 hours. I follow a strictly written timetable and always try to be disciplined.

14) How Do You Measure Current And Smallest Current?

This question would test your understanding of the various equipment used in electrical terminology.

Sample Answer

In order to measure current we use, Ammeter. But in order to measure even the slightest and minutest current we use, Galvanometer.

15) Explain Kirchoff’s Voltage Law In One Line.

This question tests your core electrical engineering concepts.

Sample Answer

In any circuit, the total voltage gain or drop is always zero.

16) Which Material Is Used In Electrical Bulbs?

This questions tests your basic foundational knowledge and clarity of basic concepts.

Sample Answer

In the filament of electrical bulbs, we use Tungsten because it has the highest melting point roughly, 3400 degree celcious.

17) How Do You Handle Work Pressure Situations?

With increased operations and a strict race to secure maximum market share, organizations have loads of work that needs more than usual time to complete. They want their employees to be flexible and work for long hours.

Sample Answer

I completely understand the requirement of working for long hours of time. I am ready for it and have been used to it in the past. In order to work in pressure situations, I exercise daily that builds my stamina, and always perform breathing exercises to handle stress-related issues. Further, I always take regular small breaks in order to refresh my mind and start working again with increased energy and enthusiasm.

18) Explain Briefly Ferranti Effect.

This questions tests your understanding of basic electrical engineering concepts.

Sample Answer

It is a voltage phenomenon, which states that the voltage at the open end of a transmission line is always more than the receiving end. We can reduce the Ferranti effect by installing shunt compensation devices at the receiving end. It absorbs the extra power and reduces voltage.

19) What Is Your Biggest Strength?

This is a question to evaluate your personality and mindset. This question must be answered after a thorough self-analysis. A structured and logical response is highly impressive and can boost your selection chances.

Sample Answer

I believe I am a person who has the ability to make quick decisions in difficult times. The decisions are taken in a hasty manner but they are calculative and carefully sought after. I have the ability to exercise precautions in a short period of time, thereby increasing the quality and effectiveness of my decisions. I wish to replicate the same while working for your prestigious institution.

20) Why You Chose Electrical Engineering?

This question tests your loyalty towards your profession and your commitment towards the same.

Sample Answer

Since my childhood days, I was always fascinated with the working of a dam, running of trains, and working of an electric motor. This generated my interest in electricity and electrical devices. Further, while growing I have always been attracted to physics and its practical applications. Further, electrical engineering is a smart profession, always in demand with huge earning opportunities. All this enabled me to choose electricity as my first career choice.

21) Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

It is a common habit of the interviewers to ask such a question at the end of an interview session. Skipping or responding to this question negatively would leave a bad impression on the employer and it will seem that you were unattentive or unengaged in the entire interview session. It is always advisable to ask a few questions related to your job profile such as:

  • What is the work culture of the organization?
  • Will I be allotted a separate cabin?
  • What are the work timings?
  • Will I be compensated for travel expenses on overseas or outdoor projects?
  • What are the leave criteria offered by the company?

Download the list of questions in .PDF format, to practice with them later, or to use them on your interview template (if you want to crack Interview):

Electrical Engineer Interview Questions 1


Due to a steady improvement in technology and modern techniques, the demand for electrical engineers is expected to rise in manifolds in the coming future. If you have relevant skills and interests, then opting for this course is highly recommended. As with every sough-after role, the interview process is tricky and can be aced only after thorough preparation. If you like our articles then don’t forget to share them with your family and friends. Also, do let us know through the comments section below, how much you like our articles.


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