Top 21 Electrician Interview Questions In 2024 [With Answers]

In almost all the households, offices or commercial places, there is a need for proper wiring, switch boxes and electricity. Without light, everything is dull and wane, moreover it would seem that we are in stone age. The role of an electrician is to ensure that every user of electricity has proper lightning and connections at his or her place of use. The demand for this trade job is so huge, that almost 2 out of every 5 households need the services of an electrician. If you are a looking for a stress-free, stable income source, and have relevant skills and interests then becoming an electrician is not a bad idea.

Electrician Interview Questions

Best 21 Interview Questions

1) How Do You Measure Even The Smallest Current?

This question tests your knowledge about the various devices used to measure current.

Sample Answer

Sir, current is measured by a device called an ammeter. But sometimes the current is so faint and minute, that it is not caught by an ammeter. Therefore, we use a galvanometer to measure it.

2) What Is AC and DC In Electricity?

This question tests your knowledge about the various forms in which electricity travels.

Sample Answer

Sir, AC stands for Alternating current. In this form, the current flows back and forth, creating a wave-like structure. The electricity that we use domestically in our houses, follows this principle or mechanism. DC stands for direct current. In this form of electricity flow, the current or charge flows unilaterally, that is, only in one direction. The best example of this is battery-powered circuits or electrified railway lines.

3) What Are The Various Units Of Magnetic Field?

This question tests your knowledge of the various principles of the magnetic field.

Sample Answer

Sir, a wire carrying current has the capacity to create a magnetic field around it. Its units are:

  • Tesla
  • Weber/meter
  • Newton/ampere meter

4) Are You Aware Of Chase Cutting?

This question tests your knowledge of the various activities to be performed practically.

Sample Answer

Sometimes, while making or repairing the house, people forget to install a switch box, light, or simply a powerpoint. In order to install it later on, the wires have to be clipped onto the wall, which looks bad and not clean. Hence, we cut chases in a brick and mortar wall, to hide the wires under it. Post that, we cover the chase with cement and paint it with matching colors.

5) Who Gave The Concept Of Charge?

This is a factual question testing your knowledge and understanding of physics.

Sample Answer

Sir, it was given by famous scientist Sir Benjamin Franklin.

6) What Is An Electrical Fuse Made Up Of?

This question tests your knowledge of the various electrical components and devices.

Sample Answer

Sir, an electrical fuse is made up of an alloy of Copper, Tin and Lead. The alloy so formed has a low melting point thus protecting our electrical devices from possible damages of fire and short circuit.

7) What Material Is Used In Filament Of A Bulb?

This question tests your knowledge of the various electrical components and devices.

Sample Answer

Sir, Tungsten is used in the filament of a bulb as it has the highest melting point among all the metals. Bulbs tend to produce a lot of heat while they are on, a material like tungsten needs at least 3422 degrees Celsius to melt it.

8) What Material Are Switches Made Up Of?

This question tests your knowledge of the monomers and polymers.

Sample Answer

Sir, electrical switches are made up of two monomers, Phenol (carbolic acid) and Formaldehyde. These two monomers upon mixing are transformed into a polymer, Bakelite. This material is used to manufacture switches.

9) How Will You Handle A Disgruntled Client?

This question tests your knowledge of the practical working procedures.

Sample Answer

A dissatisfied customer is common in almost all professions and businesses. If I will ever encounter such a situation, I will first actively listen to the problem of the client and then after conducting a deep analysis suggest a resolution to him or her. I will be patient and well-mannered throughout my conduct.

10) Is Electrician A Menial Job?

This question tests your understanding of the job and your mindset towards your own profession.

Sample Answer

Not at all, sir. I highly rate my profession and I think I can earn good money out of it. Further helping someone by solving their need for power and lightning is a good job. I am extremely proud of my profession and do not consider it menial in any sort of way.

11) What Are Conductors of Electricity?

This question tests your knowledge of the basic principles of physics and metals.

Sample Answer

Conductors are materials or items, that allow current to pass through them. All metals are good conductors of electricity except Iron and mercury. Among nonmetals, graphite is a good conductor of electricity.

12) What Is Ohm’s Law?

This question tests some basic fundamentals and theories in relation to the flow of current and resistance.

Sample Answer

As per Ohm’s law,

  • The higher the voltage or potential difference the higher would be the current. This means voltage and flow of current maintains a direct relationship with each other.
  • The higher the resistance the lesser would be the flow of current. Thus, resistance and flow of current maintain an inverse relationship with each other.
  • In order to obtain, the total resistance in a circuit, we must add all the individual resistances installed or appearing in a circuit.

13) How Do You Manage Heavy Work Loads?

Due to the huge demand for electricians and budgetary constraints of the organizations, you will most probably be required to work under a high workload undertaking several repair calls a day. Hence, answer this question in a positive manner.

Sample Answer

I completely understand the need for working long hours a day in order to handle numerous complaints. I am ready and up for the challenge. For this, I always manage my time effectively by maintaining a diary of tasks to be performed. In addition to this, I always keep myself physically fit and energetic by indulging myself in physical and weight training exercises. This maintains my stamina, flexibility, and body strength.

14) What Is Resistance In Relation To Electricity? Explain Any Two Factors In Brief.

This question tests your knowledge in relation to current and its flow.

Sample Answer

Electrical resistance simply means to slow down the flow of current in a particular wire or device. The resistance of current depends upon four factors, I will pick two, which are:

  • Length: The resistance of a wire increases as the length of a wire increases, thus the flow of current maintains an inverse relationship with the length of the material.
  • Cross-Sectional Area: The resistance of a wire decreases as the cross-sectional area increases, thus the flow of current maintains a direct relationship with the cross-sectional area.

15) What Are The Pre-Requisites For The Current To Flow In A Circuit?

This question tests your knowledge in relation to flow of current and the concept of voltage.

Sample Answer

In order to make the current flow in a circuit, the circuit in consideration must be complete and must not have any fault or breakage. Further, there is a need for a power source that will create potential differences or voltage. A current in a complete circuit will always flow from high potential difference to low potential difference.

16) What Protective Gears Are Needed By An Electrician?

This question tests how important are electrician gears such as rubber gloves, rubber footwear and helmet for you.

Sample Answer

Gears like rubber gloves, protective eyeshades, and rubber footwear are necessary for the personal health and safety of an electrician. I am completely aware of them and it is my priority and habit to wear all these gears while discharging my duties.

17) What Is Your Biggest Strength?

This is a general interview question that tests your self-awareness. This question must be answered after conducting a deep self-introspection and personal scrutiny.

Sample Answer

In my humble opinion, I have the quality of being detail-oriented or extra cautious while performing my duties. I am a person who gives attention to even the minutest details and would never take anything for granted. I always lay special care whenever I am performing my duties, which makes this my biggest strength.

18) Why Do You Chose Us?

This question tests your seriousness and willingness to work with a particular organization.

Sample Answer

Being a prominent organization in the field with an established business brand and trust among the people, the customer base this organization possesses is quite big, loyal, and impressive. In addition to this, the salary and incentives offered by the company are very lucrative and working hours are quite flexible, satisfying all my needs, expectations, and desires.

19) What Do You Mean By Tube Light Choke?

This question tests your awareness about the parts of various common lightning equipment.

Sample Answer

The chokes installed in tube lights are nothing but inductors having the ability to induce high voltages once the light is switched on. The gas-filled inside the tube light gets ionized due to this and gives us a glowing effect.

20) In Which Direction Does The Current Flow? Also, Explain Its Relevance To Electrons.

This question tests your basics of electricity and current.

Sample Answer

Current in a circuit flows from negative terminal to positive terminal. But, electrons in a circuit move in opposite directions, that is, from positive to negative terminal because they are negatively charged particles. Hence, it has been established that the direction in which current flows in a circuit is opposite to the direction in which electrons flow in a circuit.

21) Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

Be it the role of an electrician or plumber, be it a finance manager or software developer, at the end of every interview session, you will be asked to shoot a few questions towards your interviewer which are related to the job profile and the organization you have applied at. Skipping this question or answering it in a diplomatic way, would imply that you were not serious in your interview session.

Model Questions

  • What is the company’s policy in relation to overtime?
  • Do you have separate restrooms for electricians?
  • Do you reimburse the travel expenses incurred in case of field visits?
  • What all protective gears are provided by the company?
  • What employee benefits are extended by the organization?
  • Does employee benefits cover special insurances for families in relation to the death or serious illness of the employee?

Download the list of questions in .PDF format, to practice with them later, or to use them on your interview template (if you want to crack Interview):

Electrician Interview Questions


The job of an electrician is highly technical and requires a great deal of expertise and knowledge. The various concepts of current and charge must be crystal clear to you, in order to ensure your personal as well as client’s safety. The interview too is technical but can be aced with proper preparation. If you like our articles then don’t forget to share them with your family and friends. Also, do let us know through the comments section below, how much you like our articles.


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