Top 21 Dishwasher Interview Questions In 2024 [with Answers]

The success of the hospitality and food industry depends upon the satisfaction a particular company is able to offer its customers. Be it a restaurant, hotel, bar, or any other place where food and beverages are served, they need a specialized person to wash and clean their dishes and other utensils. This way a dishwasher not only maintains the hygiene of the place but also helps in providing a supreme dining experience to the customers and guests of the place, albeit indirectly.

Dishwasher Interview Questions

21 Best Interview Questions

1) How Effective Are You In Cleaning Utensils?

The primary role of a dishwasher is to clean dishes and utensils. You are expected to completely clean the utensils without any spots or leftovers. Any slight mark, patch, or even a dot is not liked by any guest or customer. Hence, answer positively.

Sample Answer

I believe, properly cleaned utensils are not only hygienic but they even increase the taste of the food. Cleaning being my role and duty, I can sure you that I am an expert in it. I have the ability to clean and wash even the most dirty, hard stained utensils. I have a knack of wiping them off, so that they just shine and glitter like gold.

2) Are You A Person Who Just Waste Resources Provided By The Organization?

Every organization provides water, detergent, or dishwashing powder along with cleaning wipes, etc in order to effectively clean and wash the utensils. Since these materials are provided by the company for free, this just does not mean they are used in a heedless and careless manner.

Sample Answer

Not at all sir. I am a pretty economical person who is committed and loyal to the organization I am working for. I will never waste any of the resources provided by the company, rather will use them in a very careful and diligent manner. I am here to contribute to my company with my skills and labor, and not to lead them into a loss.

3) How Fast You Are?

In big restaurants, hotels, and fast-food chains, there is a huge inflow of customers/guests who come to grab a piece of the meal. The demand sometimes is so huge that you might have to work very fast maintaining quality and effectiveness.

Sample Answer

Since I working in the same profession for the past 18 months, cleaning utensils day in and day out, my speed to wipe, dry, and clean the utensils has increased manifolds. I can work very fast once I get hold of my cleaning area. I have the ability to clean almost 100 dishes every hour. I have developed adorable hand-eye coordination that helps me to wash the utensils pretty quickly and efficiently too.

4) What Are The Gears Of A Dishwasher?

A dishwasher in order to promote hygiene and safety of his own has to wear a few gears while cleaning utensils. One must be aware of the same and must assure the interviewer that one will always wear them at all times while working.

Sample Answer

Yes sir, there are several gears of a dishwasher which must be worn by him or her while cleaning dishes and utensils. These are:

  • Latex hand gloves, that give you a good grip
  • Head pouch, to protect germs and bacteria from entering into utensils
  • Long dishwashing gown and
  • Polythene slides on your shoes/footwear, to prevent the cleaning area from getting infested with dirt, dust, or any possible virus/bacteria.

5) How Will You Stop Possible Loss of Curtilery?

Theft and pilferage of small utensils such as spoons, forks or knives is pretty common in big hotels and restaurants. Hence, an interviewer might ask you such a question in order to check your integrity and honesty.

Sample Answer

I completely understand the losses an organization incurs due to the loss of items such as spoons, forks, knives, or maybe plates. On the personal front, I would never indulge myself in such things, and I will always work with integrity and honesty. Moreover, I vehemently oppose such robberies and if I ever see any of my colleagues doing so, I would report it straight to the manager, no matter how close he or she is to me.

6) Have You Ever Had Any Back Problem?

It is a question relevant to the profile of the job, as a dishwasher has to bend, pick utensils and lift a numerous times.

Sample Answer

In my entire life, I have never had any back problem of any sort. I totally understand the relevance of this question. I do a lot of exercises and work out in order to strengthen my back and even put my glute muscles in perfect shape, giving me enhanced agility and flexibility.

7) How Important Is Sanitization For You?

Sanitizing workplaces is an important issue. You are expected to frequently sanitize your cleaning area along with utensils.

Sample Answer

The entire world ranging from Asia to Africa to America are in the deadly jaws of this brutal virus. One of the best ways to save oneself from its clutches is sanitization. I am a big admirer and follower of sanitizing my workplace. I lay great effort and consider it the most important task of my daily routine.

8) Do You Consider Dishwashing A Menial Job?

This question tests your mindset and attitude towards the job or role you are performing.

Sample Answer

Not at all. In my humble opinion, no job is low. There is a requirement for every profession in this world ranging from dishwashers to middle-level managers to CEOs, in order to keep life running and kicking. I never feel that my job is menial or low, rather I feel proud and privileged to serve people who have visited a place to spend some nice moments at dinner or maybe lunch.

9) Can You Work Under Pressure?

Big organization experience huge pressures and demand at their peak times. Answer this question in a positive manner in order to boost your chances of selection.

Sample Answer

I have the ability and willingness to work under pressure situations. Since I am cleaning utensils for the past several months, I have developed a good speed too. I possess good stamina and I am physically pretty strong to work for long stretched hours without any break in between. I am ready and up for the challenge.

10) What Will You Do When You Break An Expensive Utensil?

Loss of utensils due to spoilage and breakage is pretty common in food industry. Workers are expected to take special care of the same.

Sample Answer

I always wear my hand gloves that have the ability to provide you a good grip and balance while holding and cleaning the utensils. With me, it would be a rare sight, that you will see such things. I always work with utmost care and concentration. I assure you that I will never break any utensil no matter how fragile or brittle it is.

11) Have You Ever Washed Utensils Bare Handed?

In order to maintain, a high level of hygiene you are expected to wear latex rubber gloves while cleaning utensils.

Sample Answer

Never sir. I always wear a pair of hand gloves of superior quality, whenever I am on duty and cleaning utensils. This not only gives me a good grip but also protects the utensils from possible germs and bacteria. At your organization also, I would follow such ethical practices and maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards.

12) Are You Willing To Perform Clerical Duties?

An organization might expect you to note the number and quantity of the various items of upholstery along with performing your primary duties. Hence, always answer this question positively.

Sample Answer

Yes sir. I am a dedicated and committed employee who will perform all the duties my employer organization has conferred upon me. I have performed and am willing to perform clerical duties at my workplace.

13) Are You Aware Of Sorting?

There are various items of upholstery such as spoons, plates, forks, knives, glasses, etc which must be organized and sorted in a proper manner so that the stewards or waiters can carry them easily without wasting time in finding a particular item.

Sample Answer

Yes, sir, I am completely aware of the same. It is my duty to sort various kitchenware at their proper or designated places so that they are available easily. Proper sorting helps in providing superior customer service especially during rush or peak hours.

14) Apart From Utensils What Other Things You Are Supposed To Clean?

The role of a dishwasher is broad and apart from utensils he or she may be required to clean so many other things, pertaining to kitchen and his or her cleaning area.

Sample Answer

The role of a dishwasher is not only limited to cleaning utensils, rather one is supposed to clean:

  • Kitchen slabs and floors
  • Cook station
  • Storage areas for grains, foods, and other items
  • Dining area, etc.

15) Do You Wash Delicate Items Separately?

Delicate items such as china dishes, cutting and chopping boards, mixers and grinders must be washed separately. Hence, answer in a positive manner.

Sample Answer

Yes sir absolutely. I will never mix the delicate upholstery with the rough ones. Moreover, I completely wash glasses and ceramic crockery separately because it is more brittle and fragile. .

16) Do You Know How To Use A Dishwasher?

In certain big organizations, you will be required to clean dishes using a dishwasher, You are xpected to have complete operating knowledge in regards to a dishwasher.

Sample Answer

Yes, sir, I am completely aware of the working and operating procedures of a dishwasher. I have even used big commercial dishwashers and have hands-on experience on the same. I assure you that I have the ability to operate dishwashers no matter how technical or complex their functioning is.

17) Are You Interested In Working In Rotational Shifts?

Big organizations having high level of operations, might require you to work in rotational shifts.

Sample Answer

Yes, sir, I am completely familiar and fine while working in rotational shifts. I have a good physical strength that allows me to work both in the day as well as the night as per the convenience of my employer organization.

18) How Beneficial Is Working In Teams?

In big companies pertaining to almost all the fields, employees are grouped into teams and allotted specialized roles. In a hotel industry too, you are supposed to work in a team setting.

Sample Answer

There are various benefits of working in a team. On the employee front, you are always motivated which improves your efficiency. On the organization front, working in teams leads to faster completion of tasks in a time-bound manner. This improves the effectiveness of the operations considerably. I am very much willing to work under a team setup.

19) Why Do You Chose Us?

It is a common interview question wherein an employer tests the seriousness, credibility, and loyalty of a candidate towards the organization he or she has applied at.

Sample Answer

Being a decade-old organization, with a huge customer base and franchisees spread in the entire country, it would be a dream come true if I am selected for the advertised vacancy. The state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern automated cleaning machines would be really exciting to work upon. I am lip-smacking and craving to work for your prestigious institution.

20) What Is Your Biggest Strength?

This is a common interview question that tests your self-awareness. You are expected to answer this question after a detailed and thorough self-introspection.

Sample Answer

I believe my ability to persevere is my biggest strength. I have a unique ability to continue in all the conditions and circumstances in spite of difficulties. You will never find me making excuses or taking leaves on petty issues.

21) Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

It is a common habit of the interviewers to ask such question at the fag end of an interview session. You are expected to ask at least 2 to 3 questions from your interviewer related to your organization, cleaning area or your job profile. Your model questions can be:

  • What are the various overtime allowances offered by the organization to its workers?
  • Do you have separate restrooms for workers?
  • What are the expected work timings during peak hours?
  • What are the employee benefits extended by the organization?
  • Do you provide gears/dress to a dishwasher? If not, Is there any allowance for the same?
  • Are refreshments provided by the company to its employees?

Download the list of questions in .PDF format, to practice with them later, or to use them on your interview template (if you want to crack Interview):

Dishwasher Interview Questions 1


Dishwashers are the backbone of any institution offering food and beverages to its customers. They play an active role, in maintaining the hygiene, health, and sanitization of a particular organization. The pay is bright and demand is huge. If you don’t feel like studying anymore then you can consider this as a career option. If you like our articles then don’t forget to share them with your family and friends. Also, do let us know through the comments section below, how much you like our articles.


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