How to Quit Your Job in 2024? (With 2024 Relevant Examples)

Being decisive about what you really want in your life is really important to have a bright future. There can be so many times when you might feel in your current job that this not somewhere you belong, or you might be feeling that you are witnessing no growth in your current job, and you may have your own plans to do something good and big that involves your overall development financially as well as your actual self. So, If you have a gut feeling that you should no longer be a part of something that is not contributing to your success, so take an action upon what your gut is feeling, and if you are sure about that this is not where you want to be this year, and you see yourself doing something much better then your decision to quit that job is absolutely O.K.A.Y.

“So many amazing opportunities arise when a chapter of our life ends. When we resign from a job that we aren’t happy in or even get fired, it’s actually a blessing because better experiences are waiting to happen.” – Miya Yamanouchi

Quitting your job to discover your true self, or be at a better place is not easy, it takes courage, but it is indeed the right thing to do if your existing job is limiting the opportunities for you. There are some good reasons to change your career and switch your job in 2021. Let us discuss some of them in detail.

How to Quit Your Job

Some Good Reasons to Quit Your Job

Knowing when exactly to quit the job is an important decision to make; You are in charge of the decision you make, you are in charge of your own destiny to create the future that you dream of. Analyze all the below-mentioned reasons to take a wise decision where you are a hundred percent sure of what to do.

Your job should be the reason you get out of bed every day

You should be doing a job that you thrive to do. The company you work in should be fulfilling all your wants professionally. The company you work in should have a positive work environment where they are open to taking suggestions and ideas from their employees as well. The organization should be full of people who are ready to support you and understand you. You should have a sense of compassion for your job because when you love your job, it’s like you are working for zero days a year and still earning a great amount. So, if that isn’t the case, then you should probably quit that job.

Personal Growth and Development

Your job should offer you ample opportunities to grow instead of you doing the same old job every day without witnessing any sort of personal growth and development in yourself. If your job is not providing you with such opportunities to better yourself each day, then this is a sign that you are at the wrong place and you should probably quit that job.

Be paid according to your work

It is so important to have financial stability from the job that you do that if you feel like you are doing too much work for too small pay, or you feel like you are being underpaid with respect to the quality of the work that you provide then it is better to find a place where you are paid in accordance to the quality and the quantity of the work that you are doing.

Work-Life Balance

We cannot stress the importance of having a good work-life balance enough. If you are in a state where you find yourself continuously working, or your mind revolves around thinking about your work even at your home, then it sounds like a strong reason to quit that job. Your job should provide your security and serenity, too much stress in the job is not good for your overall growth and development.

You have found what you are passionate about for

Humans are dynamic and so are human interests as they keep on changing with the variety of skills and opportunities that comes across an individual that makes him want to do something better which can pay him greater. We can always learn new skills and work on our existing ones, and that is the reason why so many people choose to quit their existing job and pursue something that they are passionate about. So, if you have something or some area in your life that you are passionate about, then it is time for you to have a job switch.  

For example, You are doing a job as a marketing manager in a company, but with the world digitalizing, you develop a passion for building a mark in the digital marketing industry, so this a good reason to switch your career as the field will surely witness a great amount of growth in the future.

How to Quit your Job?

There are so many ways in which you can resign from your job. We will be discussing some of the professional and formal ways to do the same.

1. Talk about it to your manager

Before talking to anyone else about the resignation, talk to the manager. Discuss it with him. If you are comfortable or on good terms with the manager then share your reason to quit the job. This way he will help with the ease in the resignation process and they will get ample amount of time to find a replacement for you. Always be ready to answer the questions that the manager may ask, and also be ready for the counteroffer that he will make to make your stay. Keep you calm and listen to each and everything that the manager has to say to you. Take the criticism constructively. Good relations with the manager can help you in a long term in building business connections and network.

2. Write a letter stating your resignation

This is a professional way to communicate your plan to quit the job to the employer. While writing the letter, go through the professional templates of writing a letter of resignation. You may have to face a situation where your manager provides you a counteroffer to make you want to stay at the job and the decision will be yours, so be sure about whatever decision you take.

This letter is a legal document, and it is more than just an act of professionalism. We can also call this letter a notice letter. Make your you thank the employer for every opportunity that he has ever given to you, for the experience you had with the company as this will help you to quit your job on a good note. Keep the content of the letter relevant and brief, avoid adding unnecessary details. You can even write a mail but prioritize writing a letter instead of it as it is a more formal way to convey a message.

3. Wrap up the work on your plate

Before leaving, give a 21 days’ notice period to the employer in which you can complete the work that is left to do and the employer can find the candidate for replacement. You can even help them in finding the appropriate candidate for the job and teach the hired candidate the duties. This is a professional way to act.

4. Ask for a letter of recommendation

You will need a reference when you switch jobs. Ask your managers and co-workers to be your reference for your future jobs. Thank them for the experience that you have had during the timespan of working with them. The letter will act as a valuable asset as an attachment with your future job applications. This will be key to enter other companies in the industry.


This year has given an insight into the importance of the work-life balance and has added a whole new meaning to our life as even most of our work shifted from remote jobs to work from home. So many professionals decided to quit their job for some or other reasons. If you are someone who was thinking to quit their job, we hope this article helps you make a good decision and gives you a direction of how you can do it.

You should really give a lot of thought before quitting your existing job as you need to make it clear that you are financially stable before quitting, or if you already have a backup offer, or a job ready to apply for as you may have people in your life who depend on you. It is good enough if you have made your mind and have brainstormed options to earn before quitting the job. By quitting that job, you will be taking a very big step in your professional life that will completely change the way of your living, so we wish you all the best for that. We hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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