Top 21 Essential Rules Interview Questions in 2024 [with Answers]

An interview is full of surprises, some of which could make an interviewee extremely nervous. The fact is, usually, an interviewer makes up his mind about the candidate in the first few minutes itself. Therefore, taking care of a few essential and common things may help you perform better.

Essential Rules Interview Questions

Tell us about Yourself

Often the first question in a lot of interviews, but this acts as a room setter. Giving a unique and interesting answer while not taking too long helps impress the interviewer.

Sample Answer:
I have had a keen interest in writing since my childhood. I continued to pursue it through my education. I have interned at multiple writing agencies throughout my college years. Post it, I worked for __ firm for 2 years where I delivered content and learned other aspects of the job including but not limited to marketing, social media management, and teamwork. After looking at your posting, I was elated and felt that I could definitely do a good job here and contribute to the company.

Why should we hire you?

Sample Answer:
When I came across your job posting, I went through every detail. I checked with myself and confirmed that I possess all the skills and experience required for the role. Along with it, I’m an articulate person who can handle criticism well. I’m strong-headed and can manage strict deadlines easily. This is why I feel, I’d be a good addition to your company.

What are your greatest strengths?

A very likely question at the interview tests if you are prepared while checking your relevant strengths.

Sample Answer:
My greatest strength is the writing skill that I’ve developed over the years of writing and improving. Along with it, I’m good at communication and team management.

What are your weaknesses?

Very similar to the above, you should relay your relevant weaknesses while mentioning how you are coping with them.

Sample Answer:
I might be a little too critical about the quality of work. While that is useful for me to produce quality work, it might come off as annoying and unwanted to others. However, I have been trying to tone it down and understand other’s perspectives. I have also been trying to relay the criticism wrapped like a piece of friendly advice.

Why did you apply for the job here?

Sample Answer:
I am someone who likes working in an organized surrounding with a proper system. I came across your work culture in a magazine and was impressed. I felt as if this was my calling. I knew that a person like me would be a good suit for your company and therefore, I immediately applied for the job.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Sample Answer:
I want to excel at my job so that I can even provide guidance to others. I wish to be an excellent writer who is known for quality work.

What do you know about our organization?

Sample Answer:
I did my research with your company since I was interested in working here. I was amused by the fact that the company is just 8 years old, and yet, it has managed to grow such a name for itself. All the evolution and development the company has gone through is commendable. I came across the interview of the MD and CEO, who mentioned that this is a company that believes in working according to a system while giving creative freedom to all its employees.

Describe an event of conflict you faced.

In such a question, refrain from blaming and name-calling. Focus on relaying your experience and how you handled it well.

Sample Answer:
At my previous job, I had a colleague who was not well with the deadlines. I’m someone who likes to keep things in line so, I tried to talk to him about the issue. However, we had a conflict where he felt that the deadlines were too strict and unmanageable for him. I calmed down and listened to his problems. I suggested some tips, to be better at it. He cooled down as well and considered my advice.

What is your decision-making process like?

Sample Answers:
The first step is to check how much time I have to think about it. If it is a short time, I just ponder upon the pros and cons of my decision while gathering any data around it. Then, I proceed with what seems more beneficial. In long-term decisions, I take my time, gather information, analyze them, and then reach a conclusion.

What are your hobbies?

Sample Answer:
I like to travel sometimes. I like the process of meeting people and observing them. It gives me a lot of insight into life in general. Also, it is a great stressbuster.

Can you handle the pressure?

Sample Answer:
Pressure might indeed bring some stress, however, throughout my career, some of the best works have been created in that situation. When I’m under pressure, I take a moment to calm myself down and approach the task calmly. It helps to get things done the better way.

What is your biggest accomplishment?

Sample Answer:
During my previous job, once I faced a situation where I was the one left in charge of all the work. My team was down due to various reasons and there was just one person other than me to work. The deadlines were in two days and a lot of work to complete. We sat down, made a strict timetable, and worked endlessly. We were able to deliver the work on time and to our surprise, the client was very much happy with the work.

How would you deal with a situation where you have conflicts with your colleagues?

Sample Answer:
While it is true that human emotions come in the way during a conflict, it is better to rethink before saying anything. I feel words hold a lot of power, and they better be spoken well in a heated situation. When facing a conflict, I try to put myself in the other person’s shoes to understand what he/she might be feeling. Then I proceed to calmly address it. Often, the person also calms down and we come to a common ground.

How do you deal with a difficult client?

Sample Answer:
Difficult clients are fueled with higher expectations or anxiety about not getting quality work. Reassurance while making them feel heard helps the most. I try to hear them out before speaking then I proceed to make them understand that they will be delivered the best of the work to their expectation, and they need nod panic. This mostly works where they calm down and understand.

What were your grades in college?

Sample Answer:
I got __ CGPA in my graduation. (Proceed to give a valid reason if your scores were too low or if they ask you for more details.)

How do you handle stress?

Sample Answer:
Stress is just a surge of emotions. Instead of stressing out, I try to give myself a moment to catch up and then proceed to make a list of what I need to get done and how.

How will you contribute to our company?

Sample Answer:
Being an organized person, I aim at doing things right within the allowed time. I communicate well with everyone which would improve the work I have. The best way to contribute to the company is to do my best at my responsibilities.

What kind of environment makes you most productive?

Sample Answer:
I’m a person who can adjust well so the environment won’t be an issue. However, being in a clear and organized setup helps me perform my best. I also prefer having my creative freedom to explore and deliver the best to my capabilities.

What is better- working as a team or as an individual?

Sample Answer:
As a person who can manage both, there is not a single choice I have. Both have their pros and cons and both might be required in varying situations. Many brains working together might be an advantage or a disadvantage, both. I would like to work in a setup that is suitable for the present situation handling.

What are your salary expectations?

This question is a tricky one as it might fetch you a lesser pay if you quote too little or get you filtered out if you quote too much. Try to talk around the question and give a range.

Sample Answer:
I feel that this job is the right choice for me. Therefore, I assume we could come to a conclusion easily. My expectations just lie in the range of my experience and qualification. Yet, if asked to provide a number, I would say anywhere between _ to _.

Do you have any questions for us?

Often, interviewees who go through the process of trying to know more, leave a better impression.

Sample Answer:
Yes. I would like to know the benefits that are extended to the employees of your company.

Being mentally prepared for the interview while trying to stay comfortable helps the most. Some essential guidelines combined with your strict preparation will definitely help you ace at it. We hope the list was useful to you. In case you enjoyed reading, do share it further.

Download the list of questions in .PDF format, to practice with them later, or to use them on your interview template (for Essential Rules interviews):

Essential Rules Interview Questions


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