What Should You Bring to a Job Interview? – All You Want to Know in 2024

Job’ is a goal every person desires to achieve in their respective field. Since we go to school and till we complete our college it all adds up to achieve a good-paying job. A job where growth and learning chances are more than just monetarily options. We all thrive most of our life to get a good-paying job with a good working environment which can make our career and give us a good living too. Indeed we work hard for it, we study, we initiate several activities, gather practice knowledge, etc.

In the game of Ludo, after playing the entire game, that last need for number 1 on dice takes you to victory, likewise here in life after thriving for graduation and qualification that one interview round decides whether you are making it or not. Hence the interview is said to be a very crucial part and usually, people are scared of this interview part.

Relax! Let me tell you one fact. The interview round wasn’t as difficult nor anxious as people had circulated a negative hype.

Anyways, there are many things to talk about during the interview round but now, we are here to talk about one of the neglected but important questions for the interview, that is, ‘What should you bring to the job interview?’

So now let’s assume you have applied for a job and you also received a call back from the applied venture, first of all, take a moment to congratulate yourself. You must have worked too hard to get here.

Without a further adieu let’s look at a list of things you should carry while you’re in person interview.

What Should You Bring to a Job Interview

1. Folder

It’s an interview of course we are going to have and carry various amounts of papers and paperwork which is needed to acknowledge it to the interviewer. So in the very first place, you need a folder where you can segregate and store all your papers and paperwork.

This is a simple first task that helps you to organize your material which also gets observed by the interviewer and you also don’t mess up while searching for any documents asked to present.

2. Copies of your résumé

As we all are aware that the résumé / c.v is the most prioritized thing for an interview. It is the essential and first thing to keep in your folder. Make sure you carry at least 3 to 4 copies of your résumé / c.v in your file or folder.

Also, try to make a separate folder or a folio to keep your résumé / c.v as it will prevent it from getting bent or wrinkled and also be easy to access.

3. Pen and Paper

This may sound silly or a common-sense point but it’s very basic and also a mostly forgotten or ignored thing among most of us. While having an interview it’s a good idea to take notes of points, questions, or insights your interviewers ask and you feel it is crucial or unheard before, so you can be prepared for them and also add them into feedback form or mail and use those points for follow up as well.

Also owning yourself pen and paper express that you are organized and think forward.

4. Business card

If by my means you are thinking that carrying business cards is old school or grandpa-chic on this list, then it’s completely human to think so. But let me tell you this, that carrying our business card is a good idea.

You never know if your interviewer or anyone asks for it anytime. It also portrays that you are well prepared and professional.

5. List of questions for the interviewer

We have heard or read many times that it is necessary to have some questions for the interviewer too from the interviewee’s side, as it portrays you are serious about the job and also have researched about the respective organization.

6. Accomplishment sheets and Certificates

As we discussed earlier we thrive hard in school, high school, and college. Apart from just academics, the achievements we have achieved by participating in extracurricular activities or taking any initiatives are also counted.

Make sure you carry your valuable certificates and accomplishment sheets along with you.

7. Identification

Again, it may seem a point of basic sense but it’s worth mentioning because it is a basic small thing and that’s the reason why people forget while gathering every material for an interview.

Carry your identification card or any identification proof for eg. a PAN card, visa or a passport, etc along with you, if in case they asked it must be in your file.

8. Direction for your interview spot

After we carry all the important required things. Here comes the most ignored thing i.e ‘direction to reach your interview destination’. If you find this funny then you would have laughed, well it is a bit funny but serious at the same time.

Sometimes we are not familiar with the place of the interview so search and keep your plan to reach there. So you won’t be late for your interview and also be stress-free of getting late.

9. Mouth freshener or Breath mints

It’s a personal interview, you will be in front of your employer talking about your contribution to the organization and imagine a slight bad breath odor from your mouth.

Terrible to imagine, right? So take precautions before you enter the office, carry floss with you, check your teeth so you will not regret having chicken tater tots stuck in your teeth. Also, make sure if you have chewing gum, throw it away before entering the office, don’t try to keep and hide it.

10. Smile

At last, the thing which one must carry not only for an interview but everywhere, every point of their life and that is ‘smile’. You must have a pleasant natural smile on your face, that makes the surroundings positive.

Make sure you carry a soft and sweet smile even while entering the room and also while leaving the room, irrespective of how you have performed the interview.


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