How to Find a Summer Job Working Abroad – All You Want to Know in 2024

Summer jobs are the best way to escape from your daily monotonous routine life and explore yourself in different areas. It gives you an experience and chance to try out new skills and earn in the process. A summer job in abroad could sometimes be the most impressing part in  your resume. It is the testimony to your active spirit. It also give you a chance to follow your hobby and passion.

How to Find a Summer Job Working Abroad

How to Find a Summer Job?

This is the most important and toughest part of the process. To get a job. As these summer jobs abroad don’t need any specific high level skill, a person with normal skills and interest could apply for these jobs. However it could be hard to find jobs through your personal network when you are searching for summer jobs in abroad. Things you could do before getting the job:

1. prepare a good resume and highlight your passion towards your career and the skill they are looking for. Give them a valid reason to hire you. Send those resumes to potential people who could hire you. In the end its all about networking.

2. Join a summer jobs abroad program. There are many such programs in Canada, America, China, etc. Choose one as per your needs and comforts. Many people search for these jobs all by themselves which could be very much tiring and demotivating if you didn’t get one. These programs use their network and connections to help you to grab a job easily. However, it could be bit competitive to get into these programs.

Most of the summer job programs have a fee that you should pay while joining. However, this fee is further recovered from your job salary.

3. Join summer camp. Many summer camps have schemes that include volunteer work in abroad. These could be a good experience to work as you grow your skills and try out skills. They even sometimes provide you with some internship opportunities that could be very imposing in your resume/CV. Summer camps also help you to figure out your interests to find a perfect job.

4. This is the most important. Apply for a visa as soon as you are sure that you want to get a job abroad. Many people lose their chance to work abroad because they are unable to provide visa on time. So, to avoid such mishap try getting a visa as soon as possible.

Some Common Types of Summer Jobs

1. Au-pairing abroad

This is the most oldest summer job field that many people apply for. There are many people out there looking for people to au-pair to look after their children especially during summers when schools are closed. You could get a pretty good income while working as a au-pair.

2. Teaching English abroad

Summers are the part where many students try to gain some extra skills. Try to learn new languages. If you are good in English, there are many students looking forward to learn English whom you can teach. This goes with any language you are speak fluently.

3. Working as a holiday planner

Summers and winters are a period of holidays. You could join any travel or holiday planning company where you can use your interpersonal skills to put on a great package.

Benefits of Summer Jobs Abroad

  1. You get a break from all your academic responsibilities.
  2. You get a chance to switch industry and experience a new work environment.
  3. Some summer job programs even cover your travel and accommodation expenses.
  4. You get a chance to increase your network and make new friends.
  5. You get skills and experience that will be good for your professional as well as academic life.


Summer jobs are the best way to get away from all your life’s problems. This not all about earning money. Its about exploring yourself. So, no matter how much you are paid you should work for a job that you are interested in and could help you know more about your skills and interests. Like you could join hospitality services to check your management skills. You could work as a volunteer for a good cause to check if you can convince people through your interpersonal skills. It is important that you enjoy the process enjoy the process

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