Top 15 Best Jobs For College Students

Being in college has its own charm, lure and fascination and with all these things playing together for the first time in the life of college students, they are in hunt for some quick-part time money. Though, college students can work full time too, but it brings with it, its own set of responsibilities and time management. Hence, many prefer to work for part-time, but many work full-time too. They are the ones, with extended financial responsibilities and poor financial background.

Best Jobs For College Students

Points To Keep In Mind While Choosing A Job

Some of the finest jobs for college students could be the ones which:

  1. Enhances knowledge of your core-domain
  2. Gives you some practical and wide exposures
  3. Will come of your use, when in future, you will attend full time jobs
  4. Provides Certificates/Letters of recommendation
  5. Provides reasonable stipends and
  6. Allows flexible working hours

The toughest thing which a part time college student has to manage is his time. Time management plays a key role in the life a college student as a proper balance between Time and Study is vital and almost inevitable. After all, this job/internship will only act as a catalyst in securing your high paying dream job.

15 Best Jobs For College Students

1) Part Time Teacher

After attending your college, the best way to earn money could be, by imparting education. Thanks to the digital revolution, finding work related to teaching has now became relatively easy and painless. There are a plethora of opportunities offered by hundreds of education technology companies not only domestically but also internationally. Even the starting pay is too good for a college student, which in turn will increase with experience and quality. Pay varies from subject to subject where in Maths, Physics and Chemistry fetch high remuneration.

2) Transaction Processing Associate

With a tremendous increase in the levels of population and booming economy, the demands for loans and advances, have reached new heights. A college student striving to maintain a balance between Study and Money, can look out for a job/internship offered by various leading lending institutions. With abundance of NBFCs and Banks in our country followed by the new kids in the block i.e. Fintech companies, opportunities are in abundance. The work too is less complex and not much time consuming.

Day to day tasks of a Transaction Processing Associate:

  1. Entering data into the accounting software followed by the organization, namely MS Excel, Tally, Busy etc,
  2. Managing Loan forms
  3. Managing Receipts
  4. Managing Equated Monthly Installments
  5. Managing KYC requirements

The pay is less, and you must not expect an immediate hike. However, doing jobs/internships at these institutions will not only add valureto your resume but will also give you some ground to negotiate your future full time salary.

3) Industrial Internship

An industrial internship offered by manufacturing enterprises is profoundly practical and provides ample of exposures. Here, you can contribute actively to the success of the projects by carrying out project assignments and at the same time can rely on the guidance provided by your seniors. During an industrial internship you will learn the following skills:

TeamworkNow a days, almost all the organizations in the world are using culture of teamwork. Employees are grouped with a common task, and one amongst them is asked to lead. Learning the skill of teamwork at a younger age, will prove hugely beneficial at later stages.
NetworkingIn the world of working, it’s all about who you know. While working for giant industries, you will be surrounded by the industry professionals. The professionals that you will encounter during an internship can be your future colleagues or can help you in securing your first full time job.
TransitionA student’s life and the life of a working professional can be considered as two faces of a coin. Both of the things are apart like North pole and South pole. For a smooth future transition into an organization, after the end of your academic life, this skill is of utmost important.

4) Catering Staff/Line Cook/Commis

Pursuing Hotel Management or interested in big hotels? If yes, securing an internship as a Catering staff can prove to be really beneficial. There are thousands of hotels or restaurants, operating in the country worldwide ranging from 5 star hotel giants to a popular neighborhood dine in place. To get an internship/part-time job at these institutes, you will have to send an Email to their HR department and await response. The vacancies are in good numbers with a decent pay out. In most of the cases it has been observed that, a student, who joined as a Trainee, gets absorbed within the organization. The various opportunities available are:

  1. Cake decorator
  2. Chocolate line assistant
  3. Line Cook
  4. Junior/Trainee chef
  5. Greeting guests with warm, friendly and positive attitude
  6. Housekeeping
  7. Taking food and beverages order
  8. Steward

5) Sales Associate at a Real Estate Company

With a boom in population, the demand for houses, shops or commercial establishments have reached at their all time high. Often, these demands are met by real estate companies employing smart and efficient real estate agents who travel, convince and close the real estate deals. It is a practical job demanding good levels of negotiating and expert level of convincing skills. A college student looking for sales exposure can reach out to these real estate companies. He will not only learn the clandestine trade secrets but will also become street smart.

6) Yoga Teacher or Guide

Over the years, the popularity of Yoga has increased leaps and bounds. Dating back to almost 5000 years, yoga is popular not only in India but also in the west, thanks to some of our Indian ancestors like Sri Aurobinda and Swami Vivekananda who carried the yoga scriptures such as Bhagvad Gita and Upanishads to the west. With such a tremendous increase in Yoga followers all over the world, the demand for yoga instructors has also increased. The one bridging this gap is paid handsomely.

7) Wedding – Photography and Anchoring

People love to capture beautiful moments of their life. Weddings being the most joyous, lively and vibrant event of one’s life, requires the services of wedding photographers and anchors to make their event, even more memorable.


A wedding photographer, takes and finalizes photographs of wedding events after performing following preliminary duties:

Discussing requirements with couples at three stages:
  1. Before wedding(pre wedding shoot)
  2. During the wedding and
  3. After the wedding
  4. Editing images as per the couple’s requirements.


The primary role of an anchor hired at a wedding venue is to keep the audience:

  1. Encouraged
  2. Excited/Lively and
  3. Reduce their boredom and dullness using a fluent, effective and impressing speech.

The choice of words, will largely influence your work of being an anchor. Various dance performances and live singing events are being organized in a wedding party now a days, your work will also include, to host these shows.

Organizations Event Management Companies select wedding photographers and anchors who demonstrate:

  1. Creativity
  2. Photography skills
  3. Knowledge of various photographic styles(poses)
  4. Expertise in at least one editing software and
  5. Good communication skills

8) Part Time Driver or Rider

Students love to drive cars, bikes and scooters. With the advent of technology, it is now possible to even become a part time driver by joining any aggregator. Not only cars, but also two wheelers are being used now a days for the purposes of paid commuting.

The pay depends on the number of rides a driver/rider performs. You can even get incentives in addition to your decided variable pay after breaching a pre decided mark of number of rides to be performed in say a month or 75 days.

9) Physical Instructor At a Gym

Body building, Lean muscle mass, Healthy lifestyle are some of the many things that we hear everyday. Almost each one of us, likes go to gym either to shed those extra calories or to tone the muscles. With a gym, in almost every street, one can join an internship as a fitness instructor at one’s local gym, or if you possess skills and expertise, a prominent one. The serving time is really flexible with a decent pay.

11) Researcher

From the era of World War II, conducting researches, thorough analyses, generating reports and data juggling have been of utmost importance. There are several research based companies ranging from Medicine to Consumer Behavior and from Sports to Engineering, actively conducting researches and publishing their valuable reports. These companies offer internship opportunities to candidates having relevant skills and interest. The pay is fixed and the number of hours are limited.

12) Investment Advisor Trainee

People tend to save money and make investments for securing their future. And with the need for investment options, there came a plethora of avenues wherein one can invest money. Now a days, there are thousands of products offering Fixed or Guaranteed as well as Market Linked returns on their financial products. Stock brokers, Asset management companies, Mutual Funds, Banks are among the organizations helping, guiding and influencing a client’s investment decision.

These organizations, hire interns for a special service, wherein one has to suggest their clients (both existing and prospective) about a wise and stable investment avenue after considering their requirements. This type of part time job with a prominent institution will not only add a lot of value to your curriculum vitae but will also make you financially smart.

13) Content Writer

With the advent of technology, one thing which could arguably be considered as the most successful product, is Internet. The way internet has revolutionized and changed our world is incredible. This coupled with the invention of smart phones, has left the entire human community flabbergasted and astonished. Almost each one of us, now possess, this little bar shaped device with an active internet pack and with our thumbs, we just keep browsing and browsing. Thanks to abundance of content available on the internet. A solution to almost your every question or problem could be easily found on the internet. Such sudden urge of content has led to a quantum increase in the demand for content writers.

One according to one’s preference, can opt for his subject of interest and start browsing for a similar content writing internship. The pay level varies and depends on your grasp on the topic. It could either be piece based or fixed pay, and in some cases a combination of both.

14) Bartender

There are various hotels, restaurants, shops and even some marriage events or parties, offering alcoholic beverages and drinks. One having relevant interest, can also look out for the job of a bartender at these places. It is a smart way of earning money but be informed, that such experience will not help your cause in future in any way. The work timings are in night coupled with a handsome pay.

15) Part Time Commentator At a Sports Event

Sports is people’s best leisure time activity. People love to engage in sports ranging from Football, Cricket to Chess, Carrom board at a professional or a more organized level. There are several competitions held for almost every sport from time to time, there numbers reach zenith, during summers. They are constantly in the hunt for some fluent, smart commentators with a pleasing and lovely personality.

The pay is decent if not high, and is paid on per event basis. It has been observed in some cases, that these organizations enter into a contract for say 5 matches or 2 series.


Earning money and becoming self reliant from an early age along with studies is an ultra-fine and meticulous idea. This will make you cunning, shrewd, worldly and will of course evolve you as a human being. Sitting as a couch potato and spending your leisure time in watching TV or extra sleeping, would not help your cause and you can eventually lose out in the heat of competition. After all, It is always better to have something extra apart from studies to express and impress. If you like our articles, don’t forget to share them with your friends and family members. Also, do let us know, how you felt upon reading our article in the comments section below.


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