Why Do You Want to Work For Our School District? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

Whenever searching for a job or appearing for an interview there are some questions that can be answered similarly in all scenarios while there are others that vary from situation to situation and require some background knowledge. Here one such question that requires through knowledge and good preparation and that needs to be answered differently every time.

Why Do You Want to Work For Our School District

Pre-interview Research Tips

  1. Internet is your buddy- Internet surfing is the best way to do some background research. You can get a detailed idea about the place where you are seeking the job. Internet can also help you connect with the people already working at that place which can give beneficial results.
  2. Geography and demography of the place- Before going for an interview it is really important to research about the geography of the place where you will be working. Knowledge about nearby locations, places and of course the people will not only help you during the interview process but familiarisation yourself with the place will also be beneficial when you start living and working there.
  3. Ask your friends- If any of your friend’s are working or have worked there you should definitely seek their help and opinions. Your friends can also connect you to their acquittances who might be working.
  4. Know your institution- One of the most important aspect of your pre-interview research is having the complete information about the place you are seeking the job in. You need to understand the aims and future plans of the school. It will help you find a relation with the institution, way before you join it.
  5. Know your job- It is important to know everything about your job- the duties and the activities you will be expected to carry out. The salary is undeniably and important part but knowing the job expectations play a really important role.
  6. Know yourself- Lastly, but most importantly the best way to make a difference in an interview is working with your skills. You should present yourself to the interview board the way you perceive yourself and not the way they want you to be. You should be comfortable in your own skin and not try to act like someone you are not in order to impress the interviewer.

Top 10 School District Interview Questions and Answers

After you are done with the research work and prepared yourself for the School District interview, here are a few must-try answers that can give an edge in the interview-

  1. How Did You Come to Know About the School?                                                                                              

You can say that you came across an alumnus who you were really inspired with, you felt that the institution was making a difference in the field of education therefore, you were very encouraged to join it.                                                                                                           

You can also answer it by saying that you came across the achievements of the school on the internet which inspired you to apply for a job in the institution. If the institution is located in a rural area and is doing exceptionally good, then these answers are a must try.    

  1. You lived here in your childhood?

Another way to answer it is by saying that you have lived in this place during your childhood, as you were forced to shift to another town/city because of the absence of a good education institute. You can say that the establishment of a school like will give a better future to the children in the area therefore, you want to contribute to making a contribution in this transitional process.  

  1. How is the socio-economic condition of the district?

If the district you are going into is socially backward and the children do not have access to good education. You can try saying that you have been always wanted to work for the betterment of those in need and education is the best way to secure someone’s future. You wanted to work here because you came to know about the poor condition of the education infrastructure and thought that even if a little effort from you can improve the life of many.   

  1. Describe your expertise?

It is always important to describe your skill sets and also the contribution that you will make towards the school. You can talk about your friendly nature that will make the students feel comfortable around you. You can also talk about your teaching skills such as your explanation skills or your command over a particular subject. Never boast about your skills just be honest with your interviewer.  

  1. How can you be beneficial for the students?

Use it to empathise with the children and try to find a connect with them. Say that you love students as you believe them to be the future of any country. You can say that you are an active listener and will ensure to cater to every reasonable demand of theirs. You will prioritize mental health and healthy work environment that will put less pressure on them. Talking about the overall development of the students can also help.

  1. Do you connect yourself with the place?

Another thing you can do is try find a connection with the place. If the institution was your school once, try using that point in the answer by saying that you once studied here and now want to give something back to the institution. You can even say that your parents were a part of the school, like a teacher and you want to keep that legacy going. You can also connect to the area where the school is located, which has been elaborated in the points above.

  1. Talk about the school.

Talking about the institution and speaking highly of some its achievements can also be used to impress the interview board as they will get an idea that you have actually worked on knowing about the institution. This can leave a lasting impact on the interviewers as they will see a genuineness in you which can possibly leave a positive impact on them.

  1. Talk about your background and challenges.

Talking about your own experiences and the issues you personally would have faced when you were a student. Try talking about how there were certain subjects that you wished you were taught better, or the teachers were lenient with you. Thus, you will try to be the teacher you always wanted to have and work towards making a better student-teacher relationship.

You can also talk about your socio-economic problems or other issues that you might have faced during your childhood. The way education and the support of your teachers helped you break all the barriers, and you became the person that you are today.

  1. What will you get from the school?

It is extremely important to consider what you can give to the institution and how will you prove to be an asset for them. But the fact is the interviewers are always interested in knowing how joining an institution benefit you. Speak about the impacts it will have on you and the ways in which it will reshape you both professionally and personally.  

  1. Experiences of others

You can also say that you have friends working in the same institution who speak highly of it and you were very intrigued by their experiences and that is one of the many reasons that you wished to apply for the job. This should be the last phrase of your answer and you should never start by answering that you want to work there because your friends work there. This can possibly send a negative message.

Here are a few answers that you should refrain from-

  • Your spouse works in the same area- This is an answer that shows you are not serious towards the job and just want to apply for the job for the sake of staying close to family. This gives a wrong impression to the employer, therefore be avoided at all costs.
  • It is nearby your home- Saying that you are looking for the job just because it is nearby your home is another blunder that many make while answering this question, it should also be avoided. You can instead say that you have been living in the nearby area, hence, were intrigued by the work of the institution.
  • You need a part time job­- It is a job that you are looking for while working on your masters or other thesis can also leave a bad impression on the employers. They can consider recruiting others job seeks who they think will be more dedicated towards it.
  • Better salary- You should never say that you want to join this institute because it is paying better as compared to other places. No doubt that an individually is motivated towards a high paying job but it should never be an evident reason while answering to your interviewers as it sends a negative impression to the employers.


This article just provides you with prospective answers that you can try while answering the question. It is in no way guideline as to how you should approach the interview. Just keep in mind to be honest to your employers and only give away as much information as needed. The framing of your answers is the most important part of the interview process. That is why you should begin by giving the most important part first and then slowly divulge to other related information.  

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